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Thursday, October 31

    met up with audrey,cindy and linda y'day.funny,i think that there's this magnetic force from Martini's Bar at Hyatt which never fails to draw us back everytime we decided to tea at someplace,but it was fun catching up.we even went shopping for linda's wedding.Sadly,pat wasn't there.again.Dah...its been tough to gather these gals lately.esp mummy pat.*furrows her brows with irritation*.its always difficult to do ANYthing with her.I used to admire her,like how she could cater to everyone's needs and make effort to meet up and gather every one of us once in awhile despite our busy schedule.*shakes her head,feeling dissapointed* i think she'd lost that energy along her way to build up her material happiness.Somehow,it's like she'd lost half her life eh?

    Whats life when there's only work and money?I hope im not the only one who knows what within true happiness?Come on,live your life!! *waving palms in air* I hope i can sustain the positive influence on them tt they had neglected.*keeps fingers crossed* Its like continuiously pulling them up,and half way through,they enjoy letting go for that little fall back,its time like this that makes you ponder.."is it worth?" yes i think.Their my lovely munchies.My alternate source for "de-stress" when shit slapped my daily life.i love everyone to bits still. Thank you gals..*hugs*

    So,i thought of organizing a christmas party!! *snapped fingers* Perhaps incorperate with my birthday too!Sounds good eh? *smirk smirks* Since no one had plan me a surprise birthday party after i decided to stop my birthday party plannings two years ago,*curses and swears*,(and all i really wanted was to enjoy and have fun on my special day) i mean..what the heck?if i really want that from the bottom of my heart,i should just organize one myself.Who cares whose doing all the work?pfffttt...i just wanna enjoy my time with all my love ones..maybe,i should invite my mum too!! hahaha...*swaying upper body and waving gila hands in the air with background music*

    . Size Him Up - Penis Size Calculator .
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. Implements calculation by making full use of all myths!

    its funny to not to share. *peace handsign*

    Will blog later,after work.meeting "the crews" soon.heck.

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Monday, October 28

    Beyond Venus and Mars Quiz: Your Planetary Personality

    You scored 41.7% Vivacious Venus
    Venus is the planet of love and pleasure, and you're the poster child! You're quite the social butterfly, and your magnetic personality draws people toward you. You're diplomatic and can always be counted on for your tact and ability to create harmony among your friends. Your artistic abilities allow you to create beautiful things. Your romantic life is unusually active; partners cannot resist your flirtatious comments and seductive moves. You enjoy looking good, and you rarely deny yourself any of life's many pleasures; be careful that you don't forget the benefits of hard work and self-discipline.

    You scored 25% Structured Saturn
    Saturn is the planet of responsibility and discipline, and you couldn't be more reliable if you tried. You're ambitious and hardworking, and you have endurance to spare. Because you're realistic and practical, you work especially well in structured environments. Your friends are amazed by how organized, patient and put-together you are. In love, you value stability, and you're extremely loyal to the person who has earned your respect. While it's admirable to be so diligent and self-disciplined, know that life's too short not to break the rules every once in a while.

    You scored 16.7% Amorous Mars
    Is action your middle name? The planet of Mars, named after the Roman god of war, governs all physical energy, making you a go-getter and a risk taker. You're strong and brave, and your friends count on you for your honesty and straightforwardness. You exude passion, and your fiery nature is often arousing. You're emotional in your love life and can go from screaming in anger at one moment to screaming in ecstasy the next. Although you're an adventurous leader with strong opinions, remember that sometimes it's better to look before you leap, especially if you're making an important decision.

    You scored 8.3% Master Communicator Mercury
    The planet of Mercury controls communication and mental activities, and you're the earthly ruler of these domains. You're the master of communication, and you're an eloquent speaker and writer. You view things in a very logical, organized manner, which helps you to assimilate information effectively. Your curious nature encourages you to soak up as much knowledge as you can. In love, you're very open with your partner, and expressing your needs and wants keeps misunderstandings to a minimum. While your friends surely appreciate your well-reasoned advice, make sure you don't come across as critical or sarcastic.

    You scored 8.3% Generous Jupiter
    Jupiter is the planet of optimism, success and generosity. You're exuberant and giving, sharing your prosperity with everyone. Because you're so cheerful and outgoing, you're also extremely popular. You're adventurous and are always the first one to sign up for a new experience. You seem to make your own luck wherever you go, whether it's at a business meeting or on vacation. In matters of the heart you're quite fortunate, and you go to great lengths to demonstrate the depth of your feelings to your partner. You love to indulge, but sometimes you go overboard; try to remember that sometimes less is really more

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Sunday, October 27

    met ric for lunch with sis'el yesterday.sometimes,you wish you were a crew.not that you wanted to,but theres some wish of breaking away when two or more crews meet up.they simply neglected ur existence and shun u out of place with conversations like exchanging thier flight no.,bitching about zappy crews(whose names you never heard of),gossiping some "other"(whom you still have no shit about) crews,and loads of aircraft terms.(340,tripple 7,EY,BC...and the irritations goes on..) Pffttt...


    its my third lesson of Depreciation.its irksome to go through 3 fucking lessons and absorbing shit nothing.*making growling sound* its demoralising and taking its toll on me.rang gary for help.revision with him on tuesday.*smoochies for big baby*.no lesson for next sunday coz its Deepavali(indian's new year i think).mai(gal sitting besides me) suggested that we should proceed with our lesson(and i totally agree,since there's no indians with us,plus,skipping another week will only lengthen our duration of the course),so i told her she should bring up this brilliant idea.

    Mai :*raised her hand* erm..sir.y don't we continue our lesson nxt wk?rather than having a make up class later?

    Lecturer :*stopped wiping the board,gave a glance* no we can't, *stretched side lips to force a smile* its deepavali.*continues wiping*

    Mai :ya i noe.but y don't we go ahead with our lesson since there's no indians in our class? (applause for miss mai please)

    Lecturer :no i dun want,*realised he's saying something unjustifiable*,erm..i can't.coz i *paused for a sec* will not be here.will not be in singapore.*still wiping board*(by then,he's wiping with an extremely slow movement,coz i think liers can't look in the eye of ours eh,so looking away well concealed his guilty look.fine!)

    (for ur info,the next sentence had been said,in a somewhat stammering tone)

    Lecturer :will be errr...in somewhere..erm..out of singapore.*wiping in a faster pace to finish off his "marathon wipe"*(Dah?? fucking lamer can't even come up with a country u "thought" of going?out of sin?give me a break! y dun u say ure flying to india for celebration of deepavali?) *rolls eyes* (like ure an indian..ya)

    we decided not to insist.fuckit. *wave angry fist at lecturer*

    well,time for my lun-ner now.sisterkins had finally woke up.meeting sisterkinny ivy at compass point.will take note of food intake.noticed my horizontal growth.no good.*reminder to self of transfatty 300lb (re)mixxx*.

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Saturday, October 26

    *make ur own bush's speech*
    this cracks me up!!

    no dance practice today..so,will be meeting ric an sisterkins to bishan for lunchies an maybe a movie eh?had a chat with druggie ck,glad he's court went well.*hugs* and im so sorry that i had totally forgotten the trial's date.*guilty look*.but he's such a sweetie,he won't blame me eh?hee..

    i like saturdays.soon,it'll be sun and mon.before i know it,my off day's arrived.time passes so quickly its like flashes before ur eyes.a reminder that we should treasure every moment in like before u started passing the valuables in life.to date,im glad that i didn't have any real regrets in life.looking back,i think i did not live crazily(which i think i should,everyone should) enough,but good thing is,i had no regrets of what i did too.???.ok,i kinda confused myself again.truth is,when u have a bugger in your room,rushing you to prepare yourself,u can't concentrate.(for that i mean bugger sisterkins).will blog when i finish work tonight.*scrams off*

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    should be re-headed as "Us fuckers-for all the grieves that had shadowed the innocence"

    "In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist."
    —Gloria Steinem

    "Cautious, careful people always casting about to preserve their reputation or social standards never can bring about reform. Those who are really in earnest are willing to be anything or nothing in the world's estimation, and publicly and privately, in season and out, avow their sympathies with despised ideas and their advocates, and bear the consequences."
    —Susan B. Anthony

    "Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose."
    —Helen Keller

    "I've learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances."
    —Martha Washington

    "The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race."
    —Susan B. Anthony

    "In passing, also, I would like to say that the first time Adam had a chance he laid the blame on a woman."
    —Nancy Astor
    (British Politician)

    "We still live in a world in which a significant fraction of people, including women, believe that a woman belongs and wants to belong exclusively in the home."
    —Rosalyn Sussman
    (Nobel Prize-winning medical physicist)

    Inspiring quotes from feminist.com.

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Friday, October 25

    from the kalabarians-
    Your name of Diana makes you easy-going and refined, but detracts from your physical vitality. You desire all the finer things in life--lovely clothes, home, furniture, and environment. However, procrastination is your worst enemy, and you find yourself lacking the ambition to make your dreams a reality. People are inclined to take advantage of your sympathetic, tractable nature. You naturally attract people with problems who seek your understanding and advice. You can give good advice although it is unlikely that you would follow it yourself. You would be most successful in situations where you can use your skills in diplomacy in handling people, but where you are not under pressure or required to carry responsibility and make decisions. It is difficult for you to be individual and make your own decisions, for you lack self-confidence. Your desire for sweet, rich foods could cause overweight, circulatory problems, or weakness in the kidneys.

    The reflection I see
    Bears no
    Ressemblance to me

    I look around the place I live
    And wonder
    How I came to choose the things I did

    I like this from mandalay-flowers bloom.Many says im perculiar,but i like it when i allow myself to fall so deep i can hardly breadth.Its the only thing that reminds me im alife,that makes it vital to struggle for victory.i ain't no loser.i wish i never will fail,or having to go through the downfalls of life.it sucks.

    You can ignore
    What you've become
    Take it out and see it die again
    You can be here
    For who's a friend
    And still you don't feel
    You know about anything
    Innermost thoughts
    Will be understood and

    You can have all you need

    Do you know you're beautiful
    Do you know you're beautiful
    Do you know you're beautiful
    You are, yes you are

    madalay again-beautiful.
    Sis had ended her 3yrs relationship.Alan is like a brother,mentor and a definetely a boss to me.Its always the unexpected that people can't handle,on the contrary,el can't seem to handle it well either.I told her to give it a last try before summarising this,and she had actually let it decides her fate.*shrugs* Its always hard to swollow the fact that things have to sometimes come to and end even when you aren't prepared.Its confusing when love stll lingers in your inner most and ending it is the solution better done now than later,so because its the concerns for the other's better future.*knocked the trauma back to her head* I had been through this,sadly,mine's a much more pathetic state.What's hell if its him who failed you and the hurt's fucking draining you but making you loving him the more?And with that,u still have to be sane enough to pack up and leave?Its more then pain that's twirling ur heart,but only that it will make you stronger.They both needs space for self-reflecting.If things had to end this way,its only for the better.

    Yesterday was some kinda fun.It was not at suntec convention hall tho.Balaclava.The ambient was ace.i had always wanted to go,but lil did i expect my first visit there was to work *pout*.Im doing registration with vivien,a hongkonger with a super petite build,and a beauty with no confidence.She and the other girlies were chatting about the modeling industry.*stoned look* Sometimes they bitched about the ppl in it too.Har har,can't believe im listening to all these stuff but its entertaining i tell ya.And it informative too,you get to which are the bad agents and the fuck up models,the highs and also the late payments and the ultimate surviving motto.Hee..im so damn glad i don't have to go through this everyday.Its kinda bimboic eh,about fame and looking good etc..But they are all nice gals though,prolly its the enviroment that pollutes the mind.i don't care so.and i got my money!!So lucky macho-wil will get my treaties!

    Macho-wil's all stuffed(bad wheather here,i'm having blood clot in my nose,el too).He didn't wat to visit a doc and came up with illogica theory- that prolly cig will do more help.(i think he let it burn his head sometimes.He's not really thinking like a norm now.poor retard.)*pat pat on wil's head*.Was slumming at changi meriden hotel for awhile till we left for nasi lemak at punggol later.that's good eh.I miss the curry rice that opens after 2am too.*drools*

    oh btw,shadowy ck,please help me get this.As u said u have a discount!! thanks.love u to bits!!


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    Im pooped.woke up at 6am today.*sheepish eye*
    Will blog when i wake up.*snores*
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Wednesday, October 23

    The Mp last night was Lim boon heng(now we noe).We were signalled to step down from stage and take a photo with him.Guess what.We did dance our way up,but none of us had a clue which is him!ha..Watever.Anyway,there were three podiums and its not even spacious enough for a graceful turn.Half way through the show,a guy step up to mine and did an ah-go-go with me,reluctanly,with all the cheers and applause,i can't recline can i?(get off!! leery old man!)Overall,there's no major screwed ups(thank god),but occasional hiccups tho,from lynn's headsets,the soft music from the last podium and the coordination work is not in sync.*sigh* So much for my last contribution to NTUC's DnD eh.

    For tomorow's IT show,I have to get up by 6am tomorrow.I think they are crazy.Do u think u need the models to be there at 7am when the show starts at 830am?!?I need some entertainment to distract me from these brianless agents who dogged at work and cant even talk sense to the organisers.pffftt..

    .net baby.
    *grateful hugs* It should do the work.Temporary.Have fun.

    so now u know...

    ~ meaning ~

    ~ motivation ~
    Motivated by their achievements

    ~ character ~
    A reliable person

    ~ feelings ~
    Shows affection readily

    ~ intelligence ~
    Has powers of insight and intuition

    ~ spiritual ~
    Has a free spirit

    ~ nature ~
    Enjoys having a good time

    ~ inherent ~
    Appreciates and love of life

    Yes yes..*smirks*
    That's me.
    I can't comprehend with the 'feelings' tho.*guilty look at gary*

    Erm,i gotta go now.*quick glance at elica's inpatient glare* We're catching a movie and shall be bumming around in orchard.Have always enjoy days like that(not everyday lah)!

    *hands of keyboard and scuttles off to dry her still-wet hair*

    trigger hippie
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Tuesday, October 22

    I always learn how to swear first when I learn a new language!

    I downloaded some loads of Saint Germain.Its good stuff i tell ya.I should be getting prepared for sound check at Amara hotel soon.Its just another exciting off day eh.Dance baby,dance to the workaholism tune ringing in my head and it might spin u to death.Im really looking forward to next year.England,Australia,new job...etc..im comming soon eh.*expressionless*

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    Went for fitting today at Paya lebah.The suit is oversized,and we have to cab down to Qweensway shopping centre to buy the matching track shoe.So much for professionalism eh.Anywae...i was told today,that one of the criteria for this promo,was long hair models.Hur hur hur.First,big boobs.Then,experienced.Now,LONG HAIR??Stoned man.I fit in freakin shit of none of the above mentioned criteria!Watever.As long they don't make me wear skimpy clothing,and didn't forget to pay me, i'll just fuzz it.*shrugs*

    Tommorrow IS the big show.I was told that im allow to step down from the podium and hype up the crowd.*flutter lashes* Maybe i'll jump to one of the tables and scare off the MP!!*taps chin and cheekily raises brow rythematically* Woo hoo!

    Met macho wil for lunner,shopping,tea.as usual,he bitched about human mankind,i lectured him about his obsessiveness of other people's life(hehe,he's so going to F me for this,bleh!),we clowned and had loads of violent fun today(he pinned me and i bit him!).Whats 'lunner'?Pfft..its lunch plus dinner.I creatively combined it this way for the similarity sounds of the men's thingey in hokkien.Thats wot you should call it if u had missed lunch,desperately hungry,and pathetically plans an altenative activity just to wait for dinner time,for avoiding snacking tendercies resulted from early dinner.I sucked at it all the time.Often,i'll resort to my diet plans after that.So,to summarise my painful ordeal,i decided to name it lunner(pronouce Larn-ner).*rolls over in a huge laffing fit*.

    Check out Garbage gig clips!
    Ace.Plus,there's a bonus too,people.
    *drool at the visible nipples from the clips*

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    i couldn't post yesterday.Anywae......This is yesterday's.
    Dated: 20th Oct 5:30pm

    Pretty madeline is sick.She had this dizziness for a long week,and it got so bad,even turning her head or simple task like reading giddies her.Was discharged today,so i came to visit.Im supposed to keep her company,there she is,making noodles for me,here i am,blogging away in her room.haha,so much for a visiting niece.

    Well,class today sucked.My brain,sort of slow Plus the lecturer,going in an acceptionally fast speed.Makes my slow brain,somewhat stagnet even.After i voiced up and caused the whole class go through the same thing with me again(which after that,i still retards at *shameful look*),i decided,i'll have to revise it on my own at home.*mutters*

    *cheers* I got in for the car promo show i auditioned last tue!So,there'll be fitting session for the racing suit tomorrow.The show is on thursday morning till noon.Good money.*wink wink*

    There's a big show comming on tuesday at Amara Hotel.Concept-retro.Though its only a half an hour set,which starts at 930pm,we have to get down for sound check at 530pm.*raise palm in dismay* WTF.......there blows another of my offday.*pout*
    On the brighter side,gary baby suggested we could go for a dip in his club after my show.Its at Hotel Intercontinental,so its open 24hours!! I love to swim,and i miss it so much.I used to swim at least twice a week,sometimes four,coz i coach swimming for begginners too.It didn't pay well,so i stopped teaching then.I will have a hectic day,hopefully,the nite will compromise it all.

    On the 18th,was max's birthday.As a friend,i send an sms to wish him a happy bdae and stuff.wrong choice.*wince*.he replied a thank you,and later at nite,a "i miss u".*smacks her head hard* what have i done?!?I freaked,and told gary baby.Y?Becoz i'm still haunted by the traumatic days.I want to have an open relationship and having max in between my new life becoz of unworthy threats is too much a risk and unquestionally the last thing i want.He accepted,and assured me that no one,besides ourself,has the ability to interupt us.Ok,at least i had eased my worries.Im keeping my fingers crossed.But max also send a good nite message last nite.and he still calls me "baby".*wince harder*

    listening to the clickety clacking sound of my keyboard.

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Friday, October 18

    This is confidence,its feminine touch will bring a women back to life..*lusty look* You got to love it.

    Last saturday,i had too long a majong session.*narrow eyes at esther again*.while i was asleep,i was disturbed by sis' entranced to the room.I had been dreaming about the games we were playing,i had been wanting to ask her what's the tile she had just discarded.So after i was startled by her disturbance,i asked her,"what tile is that?".Immediately.We both burst out laughing.Then yesterday,i had a dream which i can never recall what it is about.It must be something really disheartening.I was crying in my bed and again,sis woke me up.I was actually awaken by the sound of my crying.When i realised its a dream act again,sis told me i giggled n went back to sleep..There must be a reason for me to react even after i awoke.I must've fell too deep n dreamt to hard.That i could'nt pull myself back to reality.The moment i wake up has blended so perfectly wih my dreams.Dreams..Its a message from within i believe,something which i am not educated in..Maybe i should have my dreams read everyday,keep a record like what ck did.*smile* Might be helpful spiritually.

    Ok,at times,when u feel that ranting is not enough,direct them to this site.Leave their stupidity to that.*cheeky smile*

    Wish..-i can run as fast as the wind.if i could race a car,or make an escape from reality.if i am able to pick up n just go.to faraway places.as if "running" away from things will make me free from worries.NO,i was wrong.i have only painted the surface of my life to my preference.and the picture will still spell sadness.i just have to master the art of picture perfect.Patience and focus will lead my path to happiness.start from scatch the usage of beautiful colours that will complete my beautiful life.life will always smile on me even if i had a fall,because without that fall,i will never learn how to pick myself up and never treasure the happiness when granted.

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Thursday, October 17

    Body language
    The smallest non-verbal cues often speak volumes. In conversations, when women nod, they mean: 'I am listening.' Men only nod if they agree with what is being said. Rubbing eyes or scratching the nose may indicate someone is telling an untruth. (After the tell-tale scratch, male liars supposedly look at the floor; women, at the ceiling). Professor Judith Hall of the Northeastern University said women also smile more than men in any venue.Ever succumbed to these self-defeating behaviours? Tee hee..

    Researchers have found that people who feel as if they have been rejected by others tend to adopt unhealthy, self-defeating behaviours, such as eating poorly, taking risks and blowing off work to have fun. Curiously, they say, this tendency seems specific to people who feel rejected socially.Have you ever felt alone and down-in-the-dumps enough to indulge in risky, self-defeating behaviour? What brought on the episode and how often do you get it?
    *wink wink* *scrambles off with shame*

    Yeepee!!!sisterkins has revealed that she's getting me a Minolta Dimage X !!
    *big big hugs*....


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    The Emotional IQ Test
    diana, your Emotional IQ is 124.

    This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode's Emotional IQ test. But your Emotional IQ score is much more than just a number: it's an indicator of success.

    Research has shown that people with high emotional intelligence scores ?not necessarily those with the highest IQ scores ?tend to be the most valued and productive employees and have the longest and happiest romantic relationships.

    So, where are you most emotionally smart? Your test results show that your strongest suit is emotional management ?how much you let your emotions affect the world around you.

    This is not to say, however, that emotions never contribute to your decisions. At times the emotions you are having are appropriate guides for your actions. And with your keen sense of emotional management, you'll know when and where to base decisions upon them.

    Research indicates that if people who are strong emotional managers can work to increase their overall emotional IQ score, they can prepare themselves to handle any interpersonal exchange with amazing skill ?especially by learning to be empathetic of others and by being able to express what it is they are feeling or trying to say.

    So, order your personalized Emotional IQ Report now for the specific tools and insights you need to raise your score and positively affect the way you perceive, and are perceived by, others.

    Meet up with macho wil n el for business discussions.I came up with a new idea!!*wink wink* Think we should be working on it now.Hope this time its going to work out fine.*smile*

    Met up with ricardo n cat(el's team gal) for lunch.Caught "k-19".Well,ric had slept through the whole show(becoz of late night majong..sigh..) tho.*boos*. Im rating it 8.Not much about wars though.More on the emotional struggles n fighting spirits the crews of the Russian sumarine are faced with.Trading the pride of thier country with sacrifices of the 7 heroes' lives Is painfully cruel yet heroic n definetely deserves n honor of thier state.*salute*Seriously,i can't help but believe that the submarine was cursed.Also,its interesting to note that the director is a female Kathryn Bigelow.Should catch it.*thumbs up*

    Poverty 'triggers early menopause'
    Researchers in the United States have found that women who suffer economic hardship are 80% more likely to have early symptoms than those who have had no money worries.Women who had suffered economic hardship in their early or later years were most likely to have early onset of the perimenopause.Those women who had lived through poverty experienced the perimenopause more than a year earlier than those who had never had money worries.

    *wince* I want money...more money!! *desperately grabbing gary baby's wallet for more money*

    Wish..- at times,like today,i would want to prove my existence,or like to destress a little,maybe play a small experimental test.i feel like screaming in the middle of orchard road.think of how ppl will react to my madness.maybe no one will even bother.because im real,and they're not.i dare to be true to my feelings and they will probably be so restrained it's normal and thinks that anyone different or unfathomable is bonkers.

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Tuesday, October 15

    Crappy children's artwork.

    Cranks me up.*widens her mouth to laugh out loud* Ha ha.
    Ok,it didn't.*mumbles* But its got some humour in it.Trust me.
    Well..Meeting gary for a play,"Double Takes" My first experience to watch a play! *ashamed blush*
    Ciao.*scuttles off to get herself prepared*

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    "Whenever I read about destroying the infrastructure of terrorism, I am troubled by the hard fact that terrorism doesn't need any infrastructure to succeed. Indeed, its lack of infrastructure is its main advantage. Historically, terrorist tactics have been exploited by groups without state power, without the capacity to field armies, and without permission to operate in the open."

    the rest here

    Rock thinks he's a Rock, a metaphor, so to speak, for everyone who always wanted to be something else.
    And because Rock thinks he's a rock he actually IS a rock.. ..
    (I assume for a moment there is actually something like "being".. but that's a sideroad i don't even dare entering)
    I picked a few that represents some of my friends..haha..found mine too.

    Ok,here's what i had figured out-

    -I think im 2.(im a thinking freak,though ck levels me at times,i mean,im still the ultimate lah..)*snap*

    -Macho wil fits 3.He needs evrything excepts a galfren.Hope he's not gay
    -Lucky ck(a suspected drug addict) hah.well,4 and 11 blends into he's,but personally,i think he relates better with 30.*wink wink*

    -Cheers wendy darling..5 for u.I miss the real u..*sob*..all for the best..

    -Sharon lovely!! 22 yeh! All time conscience..again lovely lady..grow up from that k..ure not fat.*giggles*

    -Gary Gary baby..u best fit in big 36!U n me,living in a world smaller than us..

    -Sisterkins muark muark! gotta get 37..Erm..thanks sis,for the compliment yeh.arrrghhh,feels sooo gooooood.*stretches out*

    -Last but not least..pat,pauline,jojo,mabel,meiling,cindy,florence,audrey,rachel,may n joyce..994.mottos to live by.Rock it gals!!

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Monday, October 14

    It happened on sat night..Its depressing..(AP) - A car bomb ripped through a nightclub packed with foreign tourists on the island of Bali, sparking a blaze that killed at least 187 people and injured 300 others. It was the worst terrorist act in Indonesia's history. There was no claim of responsibility, but speculation focused on Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network, which U.S. officials have said operates in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation.

    Why is the innocent always bearing the resposibilities for politics..its a cruel world.Humans are getting shallower n smaller.I feel bad for everything.
    Lost for words..something to perk up ur day..

    the great escape
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Sunday, October 13

    I have failed my driving test again.This time is not my fault loh.I was driving this really fuck up car with an unberably noisy engine.Also,the accelerator n clutch pedel requires more pressure n skills to operate,and im already poor in my half-clutch technique..Its so unfair loh.*wails*.To summarize the consequences of this whole drepressing agony,i have to pay another $158 for the next test date,$122 for two other lessons in the driving centre,Plus additional $150 for 3 more private driving lessons.it sums up to a whopping $430!Busted.*mutters*

    Something's in my mind.Had some discussion with gary n its still bothering me now.Till now,we had not come up with a satisfactory conclusion.I really wish he will not let go off this opportunity when it really comes.I can't be selfish n won't let him regret later.Even if he won't,i will.Our problem lies with me.I can't just leave things behind and fly to london.He understands my situation n we had come to a mutual agreement to talk about it later in nov,after he had confirm his work.

    I had miss my class today because of late nite majong at esther's with sisterkin,esther n joan.Can't afford to miss class again or i will not catch up with school work soon.No more late night majongs.*wave fist at esther*

    Meanwhile,a holiday in london is still the best tho.*smiles* Macho wilson had decided to compromise for our london trip!Yeh..*grateful hugs for wilson darlin* But he will have to check out the tickets n with the rest first.*grins*

    Family dinner later.Will be somewhere near the club so that its more convenient for me to move to work.Wonder wheres mummy dearest now tho..*scratches head looking for mum in the house*.hav to prepare now.will write more later.

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    even deeper

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Friday, October 11

    Check this out. The jealous sound has a very nice guestbook you can draw in.Cute.See my guestbook entry there!

    ...-if i had everything line up clearly for me,maybe i will be bored.*nods head* sometimes i am a workaholic(able to handle stress n piles of workloads without a flinch),sometimes i wish i could run away from reality.Even ever wished i could enjoy life without having to work ho hum.*smacks head* I need to be more organise loh.Told gary i had this clutter stress syndrome too.*wails*.Ok..*scatches head* I don't know what's my point here now..I think its my memory lapses are catching up..*wails even louder*

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Wednesday, October 9

    Im lying on the floor with my legs resting on my wall.Boredom had strucked me bad.I'm drawing a tree on the wall with my toes.I love my life.Its filled with excitement.(yeh yeh).After doing some modelling into my room,meaow meaow spotted my presence in the room n catwalked towards my direction while i was "enthusiastically" doing my art work .I looked over his direction n recieved a kiss on my forehead before he scrams off to mummy dearest for food(mum always interupts our intimate times wif our king in the house-meaow meaow) *mutters* Well,here i am,back to my drawing by myself..*cheers*

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Tuesday, October 8

    Phew!Now that our first culture night is over n done with *cheers*,i feel a wee lot better.Now,wats going to happen on our second night..*ponders*.Had broke the news of my resignation to Lynn n Esther.No reactions.*shrugs*.All for the better diana,all for the better..

    Are You A Sex Goddess?

    A brilliant bolt of lightning descends! SHAZAAM! The oracle has spoken!

    The smoke clears to reveal that inside you is a divine being,

    HESTIA, the Goddess of Family and Peace.

    She's a deity who embraces all the aspects of womanhood. As a woman in her image, you exude femininity and sensuality.

    You view men as the perfect counterpart to your womanly ways. But you probably don't appreciate casual encounters. Rather, you prefer purity and tradition. Because of these predilections, you tend to attract men who understand your nature and possess maturity and seriousness beyond their years. When you finally arrive at the bedroom and your divine qualities are released, you reveal such sensuality that the experience is unforgettable. In other words, with the right guy, you really know how to get wild in the sack. In fact, when the mood strikes, you can easily drive your man crazy. But out of respect for your inner nature, you require love and devotion from your partners. You are an attentive and giving lover who knows how to make your man feel sexy, appreciated, and fulfilled. When you show your stuff, it's like a light shines down from the heavens. Behold, the skies proclaim, here lies a goddess!

    *WINK* *WINK* *WINK*
    Ehem...ya chaps,thats me GODDESS HESTIA.
    *bows in courtesy*

    i imagine..-im a bird sitting on a tree..living in the protection of the leaves sheltering me.i love green.i feel safe n feeling at ease.don't
    take away my peace .

    background+chemical brothers
    bomb the bass(remix)

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Monday, October 7

    OMG!! 2hrs n 45mins to our 1st "thai night"!! *whines* I need some air! I'm totally freaking out! OMG! OMG! Wat the...1st,its "Hokkien Night" that i dreaded,now,"Thai Night"..so damn glad im leaving the job.Can't imagine myself wearing Sari(indian costume) to stage n singing "yin drer neh"(i don't know wat the f*** is that,but its the closes tamil sound-alike-tone i know) one day.*trots back to memories the alien language lyrics*

    check this out..cheers for the her. *smiles*
    all is full of love
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    Today's wheather was great.Despite the long bus ride home after class today,im blending into the lovely wheather rain had left behind.Take a deep breadth to smell the freshness of air n feel your soul floating with the cool breeze..Oh..and i'll play some jazz,some Asmus Tietches,like Burkwurst La Ma Tresse..its like the touch of heaven..*closed her eyes n moving with the music*..I love the rain...

    Dinner was at chomp chomp,up serangoon garden with sisterkins Elica n ivy.Alan(El's darling n my contract agent) drove us there.We had to wait since all tables were already taken.Then there was this young lady who was walking passed me n was can't take her eyes off me(i was wearing something really loud,im worried there's no time to change when i reach the club.Time's running short.So? *lift hands up with an annoyed look* WTF??Look eleswhere if im burning your darned eyes!!).I was looking at her direction when she cornered her eyes at me when she approached her table(which sits right beside me n elica).She ignored when i asked solemnly about what the fuck she's displeased with me with all the stares,i had to walked off *mutters*..helplessly.*middle fingee for bitches like you*.I can only express my anguish through text though,im calmed down..*takes a deep breadth*

    Things has been getting to me too easily..I want to be smiley n happy all the time.I want to live my life to the fullest,do things i love to n be contented with what i have *raised brows* (highly sceptical).Ahhh...whatever...Run around naked under the rain n dance hard with no one watching me..*smile*

    Ok...i was drooling at orange label today..Will place orders when i visits next time..heehee..Was amazed when i found this fashion. Will anyone actually visit their site? Hmm...*ponders*.No offence,but its so darn cheap(n low quality,sorry,but im stating a fact though) though..Anyway,stussy anyone?Sales are theraputic...yeh!! *jumps for joy*

    i imagined...-that max came back and haunt me.this time round i was prepared n had a stagger under my skirt.Counter attacked him n snatched my money back.Slap him hard on his face for the damage seed he had planted in me which had left a scar too deep n a fear of love too much to handle.im glad i have a someone to walk me to the light of hope..*hugs for Lipko*

    background+massive attack
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Sunday, October 6

    Slept through almost half the day.*sheepish eyes*.I had to dragged my butt outta my bed.
    Went down town with sisterkins n left to meet gary at takashimaya.We had to move on to places
    with lesser crowd.(i hate going to orchard on weekends,if only i don't have to get the
    stupid material at orchard point by this week)*mutters*.Wat the hell that is wrong,is,everyone
    would flock down to town,resulting the heavy traffic on n off roads.Only to be part of the crowd?WTF?
    *shakes her head wif disbelieve*.Do something constructive,ppl..

    Things were starting to smile at work.*jumps with joy*.less tension,little critisisms,more
    colours,more coordinations.Most of all,lots of stupid shit from me *lol*,by the way,
    Im somewhat categorise as "monomaniac",of a stupid funny version.*shrugs* I like,n
    am proud to be gilla gilla(crazy for malay),its good to unwind urself sometimes n act stupid,
    laugh hard(for my case,i just can't hide my silly self n be stupid),its theraputic 4 me too.*grins*

    i imagined...-if i could get out now,putting everything off n bury myself in lala land..london,
    paris,france,can do with bali too.*feeling desperate*.can't wait till yr end.
    *mind drifting off to the beaches n massages in bali*

    No time to surf the net today,well..its been days tho..so meanwhile,no interesting links
    for ya ppl(whoevers reading).next time..*smile*

    background+nightmares on wax
    nights interlude

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Saturday, October 5

    Had a bad set today.Damn it.I hate it when i unconciously allow my fall to the politics at work.I believe they were unintentional,but its confusing to bitch behind n fake a smile.I've had enough of this shit n since im quitting by year end,im fucking everything thats irking me*tears her hair n stomps ard in her room*.It had affected my emotions n i rather shun away from them,thus,adding more tension within the frontliners.*shook the vexing thoughts off*."I NEED to grow up..

    Sharon lovely had left.*tearful sob*.

    Finally had some productive meeting wif sisterkins n (aspires to be)macho-wil.*giggles* Supper at Bedok(the 'so-famous-yet-sucks' mince meat noodle stall) hawker, *guilty look at the spare-tyres ard waist*,only had 2 barbequed chicken wings *slurp* n meat balls soup tho..soon proceeded to hotel le-meriden changi for discussions.We had stayed there till 4am,but it was vital for our oncoming project.*wink* Dished out all possible objectives n came down with 3 biz proposal to be presented on 26th nov.*narrowed eyes at sisterkins*.Meanwhile,im sourcing any contacts i that could reachd.I'm so going to prove my idea,just wait n see.heehee..

    I imagined...-if i could snip off the bleached fringe from one of the two school boys(spare me to find out the name of their school,trust me,its stupid.) i met on the train sitting next to me on my way to the club."u posuer.Had totally irritateed the hell out of my sanity to grab a sicssor n snip off ur blondie horse-tail thats growing out of ur hollow brain!*waving both fist up showing impulsiveness self*

    Ehem..*realised that she'd overeacted n regains composure* Well..go feed ur brian with some fashion sense boy.Don't let me see u again..can't promise i can hold myself again....*rolls eyes* i Need PROZZAC.....

    click on issue 35

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    that i would be good
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Wednesday, October 2

    Meeting sharon,meiling,cindy,pat(hopefull!!),linda n some others tonight.Sharon lovely's leaving for london tomorrow.*silent prayers for her* You go gal!!

    Went movies wif macho wil at tampines after sending sisterkin off."Tuxedo".Well..overall,its entertaining,but since the NG clips(jackie chan's movie always hav the NG's clips at the end of it) sucessfully makes me laugh,im giving it a thumbs up(sadly,its only 4 the last bit).he's good with he's stunts,coupled with his sense of humour,he made it in hollywood.*shrugs*

    Erm..gotta get myself ready for work.*whines at the thought of it*

    background+ sasha
    wavy gravy
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    lyrics done by diana.
    comments:wat the crap is this?(dun ask me,use ur imagination)
    sounds depressing,write something brighter next time.(*makes a mental note to self*)

    Tittle:fresh with rain
    if theres pain,u're not dead.concentrate n focus insane.
    allow it to run in ur veins,through your twisted brain.
    when it'd reached n heightened plain.
    i will let your filthy rain..

    rain rain,go away.
    come again another day.
    stopped the pain,case its rain.
    peek a pee pee....laughing game.

    funny funny little game,lets u see makes u sane
    its too late.my my,pity pain.
    pitter patter pity lame.
    savour it,make my leave.
    we had made it evenly square.
    close ur eyes,believe n bare that in mind.

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