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Tuesday, October 28

    all at the petrol kiosk.

    we gave joycie dearie a suprise birthday visit at club 97' where she works. when we sang birthday song and brought in the prezzies and cake ( the usuals ), tears were visible and she had cover her face with both hands from the embarrasement and wiping them dry while she stretched out her hands for hugs and kisses. i had to leave the fun behind when i have to make a move earlier to escape the midnight cab charges, also, i have to get up by 645am later *whines*.

    happy belated birthday again joyce. :>

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    whispering wind

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Monday, October 20

    i've been too lazy too blog. my apologies. will be very busy with work and planning for this years theme party for our christmas! yay! if only we could get that changi cottage this year.. some had suggested bikinnies pool splash, which was what i had in mind last year (i thought saves all the hassle to crack my head to come up with an interesting theme while they costume hunt), but it doesn't seem as fun as how i used i visualised it anymore. i've decided on Witches and Warlords. unless someone can give a better suggestion.

    hdb in singapore.

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    trans fatty acid
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Wednesday, October 15

    approaching green.


    \con*fess"\, v. i. 1. to make confession; to disclose sins or faults, or the state of the conscience.

    read this. i love secrets.

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    two sleepy people
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Tuesday, October 14

    i came across this and was totally taken in by what i had just discovered. how amazingly true.

    "everytime he looked at the advent calender he discovered something new. but surely there couldn't be anything more to see than what had been there all the time? wouldn't that be like a conjuring trick? perhaps that was what made the advent calender magical? the picture outside had never been completely finished, but it gradually painted in what was missing as somebody opened the doors and read the scraps of paper.

    was it really possible to make a picture like that?

    . . . .

    wasn't the whole world a magic picture which added to itself? for the world changed all the time. it was never completely finished.

    if god had made a whole world that could create itself in every tiny nook and cranny, could he not then manage to make a picture that developed itself in front of the eyes of those looking at it?"

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    tatouage bleu
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Friday, October 10

    clarke quay's kitty- potrait 2.

    went for my RTT(riding theory test) today.

    but i have lost my energy for everything(can scarcely keep my droopey eyes open too).

    will post more tomorow.

    have a goooood night.


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    looking down from the bridge
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Thursday, October 9

    1st potrait of kitty who had followed me for din din at clarke quay. sadly, this wasn't a good print, there is a droplet of stain, my negligence. 2nd potrait will be better.

    suddenly, i have two job opportunities, i have to think hard and fast. twirled by the confusions and the objectives that followed behind, its not as sweet as seeing the kitty who provided me with much warmth and a tinge of comfort.

    *lets out a sigh*

    on a brighter note, meeting louDie and mummypat after work for din din and some serious shoppa for prezzie. my favourite hoogies scoogies! so looking forward.

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Monday, October 6

    snapping shots of myself with my holga. captured.

    this was taken using a FP4 film, but i like the how grains sit around the subject(me and holga) and edited it. so fun! *giggles*

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    vem vet
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Saturday, October 4

    irresistible. not me. the cat, i mean.

    added some brushstrokes, i like it look like its painted. don't you?

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    come to me
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Friday, October 3

    "To go in the dark with a light is to know the light,/ To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,/ and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,/ and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings."

    To Know the Dark by Wendell Berry

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    jazz potato
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Thursday, October 2

    29days and counting. are you excited?

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    talvin singh
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Wednesday, October 1

    we had began our printing class! everyone of us had fun, though i had to constantly ignore the irritating bird-nerd whenever he picked on me (what did i do??). besides my ignorance (even tho mary ann had briefed us through what we should do), the picture came out well. *grins* will post pics once they're out! *jumps* yay!

    *snaps finger*

    oh, i have to thank gin for comming over to check that im doing good while i was frantically searching for that kan jiong spider (you know who you are ok, be glad that i did not link you up here. ahahahah!) when i encounter prob with checking the contrast from the lens as he'd promise to help me thru everything. yes, you promised! *points at you-know-who-you-are* after all, i dun think i should even be in this class if you didn't, coz i dun think i even have the basic knowledge of photography. you know how hard it is to pretend i know whatever the teacher said when i REALLY DON"T EVEN HAVE A CLUE of what's been discussed most of the time. hmm. but still, without you pushing me to sign this up, i would never know. hee. *silly grin*

    okok, thanks yous toos.

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    2001 spliff odyssey
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