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Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas In Advance.

    counting down to christmas day. i will be in a huge party, singing christmas carols and dancing away. i prolly have to try very hard to enjoy myself this year. i never like parties on days like this. ive had enough of the thick stale air with 2nd hand smoke, disgusting sweaty party-goers , and puke all over , left by ppl who cant even hold their drink well. if i didn't have to work, i would've opt to chill out and snuggle up to my cat , cigar on one hand , a good book on the other. no alcohol since i want to savour this thanks giving season and love the little soul in me with peace and serenity.

    since i don't have a date (i much prefered it this way), i might just head back after work and still do that. *smiles*

    do spread love all around. especially on this day . i love you. all of you. and im sending my warmest regards to you , merry christmas in advance.

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Welcoming Christmas with Coughs and Sniffles.

    i get birthday wishes through friendster from as early as this monday. *mutters* wah lau eh, what a friend of 10 over years. *mutters curses* i have to thank those friendsters who actually sends their well wishes when they saw my birthday icon under my pic. thank you.

    we had our family dinner today and i had fun making mumsie and the rest laugh throughout the dinner. its a warm and fuzzy christmas this year. or so i hope. i will be performing tomorow and on sat night which is just a tad bit sad since i have no date nor party to attend. im sick but still not dying. *fakes cough* shit.

    anyways, here are some links i found and i hope you have fun. just like i did when i was bored and living through my sickly day.

    i cant stack no shit. im not sure if there is any ending to it at all. oh, but you can die.

    Test your knowledge of the old school! with video/console game sound effects, you'll try to guess the name of the game. i only manage to score a 9, pretty impressive since im never a video/console game person.

    .Card Throwing.
    never stop to learn a new skill! use it on the people who pushes their way around in the MRT stations. now, anybody who dares to play punk with me.. *narrows evil eyes*

    ok, last but not least.. a merry christmas to you!

    .Christmas Song For You.
    christmas and not forgeting safe sex. *sniffles*

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Wednesday, December 22

Puke Watching Ended The Day.

    trotted down to bugis after work. met XbabyG and with all the good intentions aside, his insistence to chant-talk to me when im at my most vulnerable, incorrigible, and incoherent time, was stepping on my toes. hunger always equals irritable and disconnected wot. just me? i dun think so. *waves index with such firmness* .

    ok, i got ur drift. no more addition to my addiction to my handful of part-time jobs. *rolls eyes* i will try to work something out then. oh, thanks for the pho. vietnamnese PHO31 at killiney road. fun, decent and cheap. *twiddles fat thumb lightly* BUT coupled with a cute boy with smiley face and stealing glances at me (well, at least he made me think so) ? *twiddles 2 fat thumbs lightly* whahaha.

    thank you esplanado for bringing the heavy classic piece all the way to orchard for me. *pats* appreciate that. oh man, so i ended up in orchard for quick shoppa shoppa and i bought a black crystal cross pendant for Sweeters. yay. meeting ppl day is not over without sistakin and her ex-TP gang bang at karaoke and puking watch is done. phew. *pretends wiping sweat over forehead* all in a day man. must take note to end the next day with a much easing sight.

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Sunday, December 19

Theme Party 2005.

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    i'm excited. its our christmas theme party night tomorow. wot say you since its a SCHOOL-U-NIGHT. breaking rules in uniform is so fun! yipee yaya for students tomorow.

    i hope to get tix for bangkok next month. much needed break. i am outta breathe soon if i dun chop chop for all things unsettled.

    i want to laugh with mouth this big again. whaha.

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Saturday, December 18

Reminder Not Needed.

    let me find my pigeon hole. maybe this isnt mine, maybe its never been mine, it was just some made believe and waking from it is never too late. never too late for anything. reckon?

    i don't wish to share some piece of my thoughts, but i do hope somebody can help me with this bit. please dont, PLEASE TRY , not to remind me of what i dropped here if you want me to freely write what i want and when i want to. I really dun need any kinda reminder of wotsoever you want me to be pulled back to. a favour from me, if thats not too mush to ask.

    thank you.

    btw, many thanks to esplanando , i just bought this. hokay, im not blaming you for it. i spent my mooloh at my on will. *rolls eyes*

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Saturday, December 11

Pathetic December Grumbler

    im feeling soaked. i amuse myself for still having the ability to think/talk/eat/sleep and laugh. woosh. *breathes* ive been so blardy broke these days that im not even sure if biting my lips till the next month can keep me alive. so much for christmas, weddings , new year's and a stupid birthday with no one to celebrate with. i cant even afford a good dinner for crying out loud. be warned, december is NOT a month to mess with me. not funny, i tell ya.

    i can be a bitch and you dun want me to prove that.

    wah lau. after all these whining, ranting, bitching and even threatening. helped nuts and i'm still one poor hungry mouse hoping for some cheese to keep me alive. i dun wanna abuse this word too much but i cant help it. coz its some fact about me. at least for now.

    i'm a pathetic december grumbler.

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Sunday, December 5

Its all in You.

    there has been alot of singles these days who decided on a non-committal relationship rather than a life-tying relationship (you could be one of'em too eh?) which to them, causes the unecessary responsibilities (some are just avoiding it, others just cant face it). of coz, we know they are wrong . some, like me for an example, replaces it with a good companionship and when you don't expect, you're in for very minimal let-downs, or so i thought. *pinches lips*

    how true is it? you have to find out urself. as for me, ive a someone who makes me laugh and be my muse for this time being. being a tempremental/high expecting/overly-sensitive/self-indulged gal i used to be, i can say i am a much happier soul for this current pigeon hole that draws me back everytime, everyday. of coz, with a smile on my face. oops, and his too. *smooch* i do know that (or am prepared) sometime, someday, we might just walk outta our idividual lives, but im hopeful at least to end "us" with a kiss that seals it beautifully.

    so what's my drift? i am thankful for what made me a stronger individual, even for some who insist to belittle me for someone pathetic and self-denying. i disagree for those who abuses the word "freedom" and using "commitement stress" as and excuse for falling back into their self-deluding/complicating short term or no strings attached relationships. i wish all women who'd been weak and desperately in search for the big LOVE that only came back to slap them back to be strong and one day, you'll come to see,wot u want is to love urself, to seek happiness for urself and should only be limitating ur attention to people who bothers to care more than themselves, even for the plain boring life of yours.

    its all in you. *points*

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