"dysfuctionally inspired"

Thursday, April 28


    Binary to Text (ASCII) Conversion
    ever want to send an encoded messsage that only a handful of people can actually crack the code? i've had my binary message below. copy , paste it and decode it. well, only if ure interested. *rubbing chin and suppressing laughter*

    think you can differenciate a japanese from a korean? or a korean from a chinese? try this and think again. i didn't score too good myself. im an ashamed asian too.

    aHGGGGGGGuuhhhhh! morbid kitten game! save'em! catch'em! or they'll splat and die!

    backgroud + i'm addicted to kasabian
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Tuesday, April 26

Self-Amusing Happy Bunny

    last night was good. sweetest brought me to The Rice Table, an a la cart buffet indonesian crusine with all the curries i lurve. whooping 18 dishes all in the price of less than $20! so, i went all yum yum , slurp slurp with our usual blah blah and yadda yadda. hehe.

    woo. sweetest bought this! if i have a $500 voucher, i would've gotten my 02 Xphone. *sulks*

    trotted home and started my daily routine to terrorize the lil rascal for abit before we head down for a dip.in the pool. i can't do yoga now due to my current physical condition and i'm still missing it. anyway, the sercurity came and told my muse that bermudas are not allowed in the pool, which somehow, i thought this might just be good news since i was the one who insisted on the dip. *narrows eyes at muse* after some nonsensical self-amusing joke that took me almost 5mins before i finally cooled down, i should say i met my happy bunny self again yesterday.

    laugh laugh raugh raugh.. wha ha ha.
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Sunday, April 24

Drunk Pea Head and Lucky Me

    how dull can your life be? when you have a drunk pea headed jackass barging into the unisex toilet, with you doing your shitty business in the ONLY cubicle they have in there, and then, unexpectedly, having the door swung open with you baring everything and him shrugging for apologies (?), then swaying his dickhead outta the toilet.

    He even have the decency to tell me "what the fuck did i do?" after having the management confronting him and having him to come over to our table to apologies to me.

    Just my luck.
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Friday, April 22

I'm Posting For You.

    i had a good laugh when i read what i had posted last night. fooking hilarious. to be honest, i wasn't clear headed, and typing them would seem very much an acomplishment with nothing to be proud of, since well.. its buzzy thoughts and slightly intoxicated. that was me last night.

    met up with the gals earlier and had mucho fun despite having a bad neck and feeling just so a tad bit sleepy. sistakins did not fetch me my cigars. *screams* i miss'em deeeeearly already. mummy pat's still as lovable and sistakins' cant wait to laugh at my blunders. *mutters*

    alrighty. ive got complaints for not been updating. now you know. i'll try for you. all my avid readers.

    *insert pre-recorded applause from crowds*

    this is for me.

    shameless bitch? yeh.

    i am she. *smirks*
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- -

    there's no underestimation of one's ability to amuse the other. you learn new things everyday, every minute and in every space, the mircroscorpic gap can bounced back twice with a whole new surprise, a shock that made you remember. or maybe just not.

    have i forgotten how i used to be. have i crossed the other that you want and fear for me to and even so unwillingly walked me through this once fimiliar path. have you regretted it. i didn't think it's too late. fret not. sweets, is me. and you, are still, my, the sweetest.

    all to be let go. all to be fred.

    empty bottles not for me.
    their yours, don't you see?
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Wednesday, April 20


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Monday, April 4

Dead White Dog or Rat?

    muse has a siberian husky. bloody damn cute. too bad for it to look like a big white rat now ever since we shaved him for hygiene reasons. still, bloody damn cute.

    me : *trying to sound serious, suppressing laughter while i casually walked in* hey, i think your dog is dead. *turns to check self in mirror*

    muse: *sticks head out of the curtain* huh?

    me : i say i think your dog is dead. he's been lying in the same spot with the same position for a very long time. maybe he's dead.

    we both laughed.

    and minutes later..

    *muse steps in*

    muse : sweets, i don't see no dead dog.

    me : shifted? must be.

    muse : no. *throws confusion look*

    me : *furrows brows*

    muse : i don't see no dead dog. the same spot lies a dead rat and a big white dead rat is only what i saw.

    *laughters filled the room again*
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