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Wednesday, July 30

Short days, Deep memories.

    it was a mere 2.5days stay in this romantic city (although i haven't a clue what makes this place romantic for most to say?) and i couldn't stretch my neck long enough to see whats substantially required to fully view this beautiful city although i checked the most that i could stretch. no regrets since the utmost important rule is always to have enjoyed your journey and i am one proud bunny who had made my hops worthwhile. :)

    am keeping the post short for now. time is 550pm in ibiza and the sun wont set till 8pm or later (interesting for a singaporean like me, since we witness the dawn at about 6ish?) . will blog more when im back. meanwhile let's toast! for the marvelous things in life.

    au revoir.

    *blows kisses*
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Monday, July 28

Quick update - Ibiza

    hola! here in ibiza, i wonder how the peeps back at home are. which also makes me ponder on the senario if i were to leave the world today, like say, die today, will i be miss? omg, can't believe someone on a holiday would have such morbid thoughts like me. muahha. well, totally random, but it does pops into our heads and grab ur reality doesn't it?

    been a lil unwell, with fever, sore throat and now rashes developing on both my arms and chest. but im on a holiday and thrusting all that agony away. *winks* so far, all the shoppa, trotting and random snapping has been good, can't at all say its therapeutic with all the germs in me now but you know what i mean. :)

    surprises came along as how uncommon it is to spot an asian here in ibiza, as opposed to the 1 outta 10 we get to see in paris, which of cos, makes me somewhat a superstar, or some call it a lil hot asian chick on this sunny island. the attention wasn't pleasing to me, but i did smirk at those young british boys nudging and drooling when they caught me strutting my thing along the street. lol.

    sad thing is that i missed the sunday day party at space *pouts*. but even when all the recovery is not done, there will be sander van doorn, judge jules etc, spinning at eden tonight, so thats a defo and not to be miss. moreover the tix been bought and well, all that sick germs can go rave hell, i am going to prance and dance and be an animal no matter what. check the line up and hear me roar!
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Monday, July 21

A-peeling again.

    *cringes* ouch. bad tummy for days. what was not to be eaten? clueless is me, and confused, since i never had any allergy but recently, my face starts reacting to some shelled seafood, and then upsets me for the longest of 2 weeks when rashes develop, follow by peeling for a week. oh well, at least a visit to the doc has been a great help, turn out my gastric's been part of the culprit too. :P

    not feeling my best but i guess the high will come soon when the smell of airport is in the air! :D will bring my lappie along, so will still update when im in paris whenever i can.

    stay tuned!
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Friday, July 18


    yay. oce again, new toy for the month.

    my very 1st lensbaby!

    am very excite even for the 2nd hand purchase from tidbits. tee hee. been warned about the hassle of the adjustments and the steadiness while you shoot, so here i am, all charged and prepared to play with it when i bring it to paris. *winks*

    did i mention taht i got it a super good price of $55? *insert evil laughter*


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Wednesday, July 16

Length Worthy.

    the gals in the office starts putting on their falsies in the morning at their respective desk, and they were still at it after lunch at about 3ish . O.O no joke. (but the girlies at work blame me for it because i started on 'em first. (???)) LOL.

    *amused, amazed but not impressed* the extra length but too much extra time? *waves index*

    well it explains how a women can sometimes take hours to prepare. me? not proud but am glad that 25mins(+/-) is all i need every morning to be ready, set and go (that includes getting my falsies done too. *flutters* ).

    anyhow, i have two brand new boxes($10 for 19.5 pairs) sitting on my desk with mucho thanks to the accessive compulsive impulsive shopping disorder girl who went to order a shit load of things online and re-selling them cheaply when they doesn't suit her after all (her disorder of hers apparently benefits the people around her because we get to buy them at a lower market price or, FREE!). got a 19.5pair in the box after she tried 1 on her eye.

    stock count -
    4 boxes of about 20 pairs of lashes and prolly 5 other dramatic pairs in individual boxes.

    overwhelmed yet?

    P/S : we got our falsies from GirlLashes, they are by dar the cheapest that ive found and not to mention the varieties that adds up to the already good bargain. happy ordering!


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Tuesday, July 15

Two Weeks Late.

    but it's finally here.

    *lets out a sigh of relieve*

    late for two weeks, like a heart attack waiting to pop. wtf right?

    this is what happen when we don't take necessary precautions.

    introductory of my new found best friend : miss yasmin
    DO IT.
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Monday, July 14

Quick Weekend Update.

    my poor arms, back and shoulders are aching from wakeboarding yester morning at 845am *smirks*. AM PROUD. *ahems* lol.

    lunch was prepared by the lovely french couple for some cheese tasting and YUM! was not enough to describe how good the blue cheese was. *mental note to bug xav for name of the blue cheese* theought of it now was still mouth watering you know. muahah.

    mahjong at marcus place was good. won a lil, but we're all there for good fun really. nothing beats cathing up with your girlfriends(and their bfs lol) over a game and random nonsense from everyone. *winks*

    i am counting down 7days to paris. u cant see how estatic i am but put yourself in my shoe and u should prolly have a better feel of my "high" of the moment already.

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Friday, July 11


    TGIF. ^.^

    sulker is me when i see peeps in the office snacking alll day long but the bloating only happens to me. why? and my menses is missing but all the pimples are popping? WHY? energy level dipping, motivation bordering, life is mundane and uninteresting.

    where have all the spices gone?

    at least my weekend has shed some light. :P
    1. dragonfly and zouk tonight.
    2. saturday - sisterkins lunch/shoppa/tea and coffee and work dinner.
    3. sunday - mahjong with the babbbbbbbbbbes. weeee!

    and i reckon it will be a fabulous idea to lie in the sun in the morning just before lunch for tomorrow. and and, did i mention that bunny's been good and do light work out everynight? :) so proud of myself.

    wellness all around so the spirit can be found. *winks*
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Tuesday, July 8

Inspiring Massage.

    so im done with all the converting of the whole season 1 of The Wire and will start on Califoniacation by tomorrow! *hyperventilates*

    so while i had my massage during lunch today, i felt wave of inspiration, to incorporate my photo project in touch with my holistic side. won't reveal much since the thought process has alot more work to do and lets just hope i can share when the plan is more concrete. *winks*

    random question for the day (night actually) :

    how much does egoism rules your life?

    think bout it. through meditation, one of the initial stages is to identify your egoism and how it affects your thoughts and actions, before any kind of transitions takes place, we always ask who and where we are.

    the beginning to rediscover yourself.

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Friday, July 4

should i, would i, could i?

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Thursday, July 3

What u see? What u get?

    If only self reflect can be done with a mirror, will u squint to face your reality? Or can ignorance be a bliss really?

    Some interesting thoughts about the difference between smart people, who assume they value happiness better, but the ignorant ones are generally happier peeps. Me? Miserably stuck inbetween not being the smartest and a having my life learned the hard way.

    Now..mirror mirror, will ya at least be my amour? :p

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Wednesday, July 2

Embrace the Essential You.

    do you know and embrace the essential you? the essential you is the you that entered this world without the learned beliefs and fears that later took hold. everyone has these layers to contend with and peeling them away, like layers of an onion, reveals your essence, which is your soul expressed in physical form. the moments when you are living from the essential you are moments when you are expressing your soul, your inner spirit, in the physical world.


    if you were to sum up your essence in one sentence, what would you say?

    "To be nobody but yourself, in a world which is doing its best to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting." ~ E.E. Cummings, Poet
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