"dysfuctionally inspired"

Monday, November 21

She's Doing it Again.

    mumie dearest is doing it again. sigh.

    i have so much to do. so bloody tired. both physical AND mental. shit shit shit.

    its so crazy. like always. i wont die, but i hate struggling to survive.
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Tuesday, November 15

I Am Not Appreciated.

    *tears hair* i hate to sleep. there's a list of things to be done and im not even half way through yet. gosh, i most wish to not end up taking my sub paper for the next term. *wince* wah lau eh. i die man.

    there's also some sad news these few weeks. its so disappointing. so sad. i am not appreciated. *lies down and drift in deep thoughts*

    oh, good night/morning.

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Saturday, November 5

Dropping More Notes.

    broken marriages or relationships that had been going for long, have become such disturbing and not so shocking for me these days, sad to say. truth is, ive never been much of a believer of such, but i guess i feel for other people's relationship and it aches to see the sad faces around you.

    how ironic that i actually have so much wedding dinners to attend too, not to mention one that the bride is someone so close to my heart. mummy pat's is on the 20th of this month. its going to be so fun, but when asked, all she said is she had no feelings for it. hur hur. *shrugs* maybe not yet. brides these days.

    havent been blogging for awhile. as usual, work and school, and of course for now, muse has been around. *grins* exams are near, i can feel the stress already, by just checking on my appetite and how little i smiled these day. gosh. i even received and email from my boss that I have to prepare for so many things and requested to do the office's next years proposal plan over the weekends. *bites lips*

    sorry that i have been gone and only dropping short notes here and there. if i havent been contacting you, it doesn't mean i don't care, but i simply just cant do splits and keep my sanity, so wish for me ya all.

    *blows kisses*

    be good for now.
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