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Monday, January 30

Chinese New Year's Nonsense

    how was the new year for everyone? i cant stop occasionally glacing at the clock even though im sure its already way past 6am. good morning, for those early birds, and keep the goodnight wishes, i am still not sleepy yet.

    gosh, i miss staying up late and not worrying il be late for work. hmm hmmm.

    i hear birds chirping, sound of motobike speeding by, bus roaring for the morning traffic, and my keyboard typing away. im just typing and im getting bored. *drums fingers on desk*

    maybe i should just to bed.
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Thursday, January 19

Public Transportation

    Public Transportation, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    heya all, it a new year and what have you done? i hope you all had fun. *smiles*

    i was spacing out for the whole day and running errands for the our new office. i was so tired. walk walk, work work.

    hum dum dee dum me.

    here is another pic i took in suzhou. i might as well upload it here.

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