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Tuesday, March 27

Approaching Decisions' Story.

    i came acrossthis little story and throught i should share it.

    A woman comes out of her office building after work on a dark winter evening. She sees one of her colleagues under a street light in the parking lot seemingly searching for something. She approaches him and asks if she can help. He explains that he has lost his car keys and would very much appreciate another set of eyes.

    After some time of searching, the woman becomes convinced that the keys are not there and suggests another strategy. She asks where he last saw his keys, so they could trace the path back to that point. Recognizing immediately where she is going with this line of questioning, he replies: "Oh, I know where I lost them. Over there." And, he points to a dark spot across the parking lot under a tree.

    The woman, flabbergasted, says: "If you lost the keys over there, why are you looking for them over here?"
    To which the man replies: "Because the light's better."

    As absurd as this story sounds, but this is the way we approach many of our decisions.
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Wednesday, March 14

One Good Trip.

    i miss them. an unplanned trip i never regretted. i wish to do it again. gregor, come come we go backpack end this year. bring our cam and loads of films. laugh laugh laugh with food and drinks. go without sleep and itinerary. jus a map in hand and our feet will do the lead.
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Monday, March 5

Post CNY.

    now that the chinese new year festive is over, everyone seems to have put on some extra kilos. damn those cny goodies. *mutters* well, i hope u all had a good celebration. :)

    its been almost 3 months settling in my new company, and i must say that it has been exciting and the thought of having so much to learn is the challenge, not to mention the speed of my progress. the environment will never be as warmth as PCG, but the rewards can be very satisfying (monetary motivation is the power!). all in all, i am glad to be learning what i am learning.

    the 2nd term of school started with more deadlines and modules this term has more group research then individual readings. good in a way, bad for coordinator, and that means i have to make more time for meetings despite having not enough time for myself already. well, disciplinary is what i must improve for my new year resolution. im sure fun can come in later. hehe. argh. i MUST reward self with a diving trip! *makes mental note*

    i bought a ipod shuffle. so random songs uploaded by muse has been a good company between trips. yay for me. music and so much more to see. i want to see more, im deprived of holidays already. good news crept in for me, bali trip might it be?

    background + massive attack
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