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Wednesday, August 27

Evil Plastics.


    my credit card bill this month has hit the roof. although part of it is from work, i still need to watch what i sign in future. these damn plastics are lethal. *mutters*

    so. im officially $3000++ poorer today.


    it's time like this, when you wish you're still a baby, under the TLC your parents.. as in, when you wail, you get DA attention and then everything else will be taken care of by them. but then again, as a baby, i would rather cry over milk then money.

    sibey sian*.

    i need to earn more money!

    Hokkien Translation :
    Sibey = Very
    Sian = Boring
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Monday, August 25

Olympics Withdrawal

    i think.

    i AM really going to miss coming home to catch the Olympics games. 4 more years to wait. patience is always a virtue and i am sure the anticipation of good things is always rewarding at the end. *smiles*

    live opening of the Olympics Games in Beijing, blew the world away. but we all know that no country is perfect(example of that lil girl who wasn't good enough for the camera), thus we should focus more on the sportsmanship and better ourselves for right reasons. nonetheless, all of it was still amazing, the scale, coordination and artistry of it all, it has been the best so far (good job china!). of cos, we should never miss what has been captured by the magic lens, the good work of the amazing photographers, so take a look at Newsweek’s Olympics Picture Blog.

    1 silver medal for Singapore!

    our table tennis team made us proud. and i think everyone of the Singapore sportsmen and women who participated in the Olympics made us all proud and deserves a big hug and lotsa cheers when they come back. thank you for making it(there) possible, for that opened the once unseen door with platforms that make hopes and dreams come true. and yes, we will definitely do better every time!
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Sunday, August 24

Miss the Sun, Sand and Sea.

    once with the sun, sand, sea and me.

    where there's only serenity.

    i lay and breathe in the energy, so full, and yet it filled with clarity.

    come feel the sun with me.


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Friday, August 22

Thanks, but no thanks.

    being *ahems* single.. has one problem. or somehow, some people seem to have a problem with that (people who are single), which inevitably interlink to affect me9unffortunate for me, amusing for them -.-), a *ahems* single (but unavailable regardless! but of cos, they don't care. >.<), because that means it time (whomever gives them the consent? *mutters*) for them to role play as a matchmaker. whao. like doing social work hor, very noble leh.



    ok. i know where most people are coming from, and its has to be for a good intention. erm. but good intention will only be good when the involved party has given you the "go" signal for your social work or whatsoever. no? i am capable of doing all the works.. making friends on my own, explore and discover on my own, work out my priorities..all the yadda yadda, and i absolutely know what/who/WHEN i am willing to see anyone potential. but i am not going through these procedures even when i am very sociable, i freaking want to be where i am now. leave it will ya.

    *eyes rolling*


    there's this guy who recently got married, and obviously a (HPM) happy married man (good for u, but being someone who doesn't believe in marriages, i think as "as long as you are happy, be please, by all means, stay married". i don't start going around deciding that i should inspire these millions of oblivious couples to see how being happy and staying connected with your partner surpasses the stupid piece of paper acknowledged by our law and the society right? i have my endless theories and why its unecessary, but thats just me and i respect the "norm", as long as you're happy really), he think he can hook me up with this ELIGIBLE friend of his.

    HMP : hey diana, you're single right?

    me : (corrected him) happy! *smiles*

    HPM : you should meet this friend of mine. single, funny, eligible, and a nice guy really. he works in a bank, but has been single for awhile. he's from sydney, you're ok with seeing a non asian ya?

    me : o.O (but i didn't wanna be rude) i have friends who are non asian, if thats what u should ask 1st? *flashes smile* (realized the more im taken aback by him, the more i smile. wtf?)

    HPM : oh, thats cool. so that shouldnt be a problem i guess. (and he smiled to himself!! *simi lai?)

    me : [trying to think of a way to shoo his idea (bad idea to be exact), i decided to be outright straightforward. might as well *shrugs*] mmmm. sounds great.. if he doesn't ever wants to get married, i guess there will be no harm.

    HPM : you don't wanna get married at all?

    me : *narrows eyes as i moved closer to him* you know, its better to be honest and lay our terms, i hurt people along the way and ive been miserable. thats why i broke up with my ex, u see? is he a close friend of yours? in case you miss matched and it ruins your friendship. but that just me being cautious. he's cool ya? or you can always pre-warned him first. :)

    of cos.

    my efforts did NOT work! and he went on to yahoo his friend about this girl (me) whos single, very attractive (he said that! awww. im very flattered man *blushes*. but still not impress with this whole thing lah), smart, nice and adventurous. i wakeboard, and can do a two wake jump, and somehow that makes me score with remarkable points (which im still not excite about! -.-).

    *whao lau eh. *slaps forehead*

    and i think i have to come up with a list of excuses (like seinfield in one of the epsisodes!), which i started off with school exams ard the corner (ya right. lol), to turn away meeting up and "make friends" when "make love" is what interest me more. whahah. thats more a turn-on then turn-off,.. so yep, am keeping that to myself though.

    let's hope my list doesn't have to be to long. pinoccio please make an exception for me.


    hokkien translation :
    *SIMI LAI= what is that?

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Thursday, August 21

Facebook - 50 years later.

    its ultra hilarious and not impossible!

    kudos to P for the email.

    i literally LOL.


    *im still laughing!!!*
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Wednesday, August 20

Donuts for lunch.

    i though it had it all under controlled when i ordered my garden green salad for lunch. because im not even a wee bit hungry, but thanks to jon who *jio-ed me for our lomatic lunch *pukes*, i thought we need a break from our beloved SGS boring market today (one could've been all relaxed and in glee to sit and surf the net the whole day while you get paid at a reasonably good amount of money - a paid net surfer? sounds good for almost everyone? but not for me :P), and i could use some advice for my new desk (yes, the end of my SGS agony. and being such a contradict, i am also not the happiest to leave my current desk. -.-).

    anyway, my apologies for the drift again.


    i happily nibbled on my green vegies and turned my head to see the donut shop that i said to try and have yet to find time to.

    you know what happened.. sigh.

    20minutes later i had a glazzy and nutty donut displaying for my *tam jiak face while i rant about how my diet has been crashed by these two evil devil twin-look-alike(because they are of a different flavour) .

    tragic to my diet, its so unfortunate.. and i feel bad in betrayal to my discipline(D).


    no sugar for the next 2 days!

    Hokkien translation :
    *Jio = invite or ask

    *Tam Jiak = greedy
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Saturday, August 16

Always Tired.

    i read a very meaningful article about life, but this for men from him is quite meaningful, well, at least when married couples who argues a lot ;

    when you already win her heart, yo don't have to win every other arguments.

    sweet? :)

    apologies for the short post since my week has been more disciplined, and also that school has started again. so classes stretching to the weekend can really be #&*($@!%ly boring. on the other hand, i have been able to squeeze in time for yoga during lunch and even did some cardio work out for 30mins on Tuesday.

    all is well, but im still tired. should visit my doctor again i suspect i have down with some kinda virus that worns me out every so often. :(
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Tuesday, August 12

Silly Morning War.

    there's a new minced meat noodle stall that i patronised once but didnt quite like, so i went back to my usual bee hoon and yummy side orders like the luncheon meat, nuggets and cabbages (not all in a plate, but yes, i do have quiet a heavy breakie if ure wondering :P).

    the thing is, i actually ordered from the new stall because i thought i don't wanna be biased. i requested for no vinegar, but the bee hoon still didnt quite blend in with the rest, a lil too hard for me to chew too. i took my teh and headed back to office as usual and the new stall's owner's son saw me and came up to me asking for feedback and i genuinely gave my comments.


    today i ordered from my usual bee hoon stall and realised i was avoiding eye contact from the other one.

    aiyo. i feel bad for nothing. not like it's my fault? this should not be happening to me. i have better things to worry about.
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Sunday, August 10

Pleasure for procreation.

    omg. if i am the only few who've been ignorant about this? but it's really good to know!

    "Some researchers believe that having an orgasm during sex increases the chance of conception. The theory: Oxytocin, a hormone released in peak levels during orgasm, causes uterine contractions that coax sperm toward the egg."

    how interesting!! and ive always thought that such orgasms are hard to come by (and i speak for most females that i know!!). whao lau. im sure now it will affect my "high" when i climax at the wrong time? *mutters*

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Friday, August 8

But I Know.

    things that make me happy, my paris, at a glance.

    question :
    will you stay, even when you know that people don't think you're good enough for them? they smiled, they hide, and still has been very nice and show no despisement regardless. but fate has struck (once again) you with the hurtful truth, and you wonder if there is a reason why you find these ugly words . if its all a sign, what do you do?

    i am entirely to be blame because i asked for it. invasion of people's privacy, serve me right.

    mmm. which make me ponder when things like this happened, will there be guilt? or can you overcome the whole bad karma?
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Wednesday, August 6

"Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire"

    "Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire"


    my favourite quote for now.

    read Carolyn Porter's elaboration on this here.

    i concur.

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Tuesday, August 5

1st day back @ work.

    you know how one returns to work from a holiday, and to repeat (even on a brief note) on how the trip went and share bout your feelings about the whole trip? when there's guilt from what has to be concealed, you kinda dread that, because you have to tally the whole story right, and trust me that its just a white lie that i can't truthfully share with some of the nice peeps at work on where where i actually went. but honestly, so much that i can score from online texas holdem game, on the real deal, my poker face shows it all. pffft. and i hate to cut the small chats shorter just go i can get away (or so i just keep my fingers crossed on it :S). seriously, ain't fun at all.

    on a happier note. i finally got my wallet i wanted for so long. *wink* found this blue one in paris, and i just couldn't resist. my 1st bottega venetta. :)

    absolutely in looooooooooooove with it! *grins*
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Monday, August 4

Back ?/!/...

    after two transits at Madrid and Paris, and about 10 episodes on Grey's anatomy (with such long flight, i even managed to squeeze in What Happen in Vegas. yes because i rather look at the pretty face like cameron diaz, and yes, pure boredom has got me so bad, and so i really need some brainless movie to get me on my sleeping mode during long flights like this), i finally saw the familiar roads of or lion city. and after all, i am appreciating the efficiencies of our changi airport and how it makes a difference when transiting can be hassle free. seriously, what i experienced can never be more inconvenient and tiring as i even want to bring it up. nuff said.

    the first thing that came to my mind- Asian food for dinner. lol. (you wouldn't believe i actually dreamt of random local food the night before i leave Ibiza. hilarious really, kinda like my sub-conscious is reminding me to not forget my roots (?), because, i wasn't missing it obviously. :P)

    i suppose one should be recharged after a break, and although i do dread waking up at 630am for work tomorrow, i was missing work while i was away. :)

    while i have set my mind to get back to my other work(out), like my yoga routine. lol. am torn between True Yoga and Pure Yoga, which offers relatively similar benefits for me, lets hope im impress with the prices tomorrow.

    the sad part about life for me, is not being able to skip sleep, or cheat sleep, because biologically, you can't subtract feeling tired, add energy or divide your souls into two (for one to sleep and the other to work and play). hence, we became incoherent (like this) and self delusioned (like always(?) whaha) , which our mind seems to be drifting while our fingers just do the typing.

    ok, SERIOUSLY, its bedtime calling.

    ta for now. -.-
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