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Wednesday, April 30

Noon Service at Cao Dai Temple - Tay Ninh, Vietnam (Part 2)

    finally merged these pics. my apologies. :)
    happy labour day! *grins*
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Noon Service at Cao Dai Temple - Tay Ninh, Vietnam (Part 1)

    recalling the journey out to the cathedral, heading northwest out of saigon on highway one, is lined with pancake flat paddy fields and farmland. its' present day tranquillity belies the ferocious fighting experienced here during wars of previous decades. Cao Dai actually means "place or high tower" which is suitable appropriate.
    the "new" religion (quite confined only to the province of Tay Ninh), absorbing an eclectic mix of elements from other worldly religions (Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam to name a few). Caodai-ism is rather amusing. and the symbol of the religion is "The Eye" symbolising truth (check the above picture that i took).
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Tuesday, April 29

Tuesday With a Monday Blue

    tuesday is a day that cant be worst than monday since there's a monday blue, but i do feel a tad worse since now i cant feel worse when i really do. and come friday is a day we should all rejoice because its a weekend but i can only admit that i half agree.

    am counting down to my last paper for this term this saturday.

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Friday, April 25

30mins break.

    the fact that i have a finance paper tomorow at 2pm, is however, stressing the bloody hell outta bunny me and i have been reading on the the same freaking chapter for the whole day at work.


    and now that im typing away here is also an excuse that i neeeeeeeeeeeed to de-stress and get away from my books for some 30mins or so. *winces*

    ok. im done. back to shtudy. :P
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SIngapore International Photography Festival

    hey just in case you interested peeps are not aware.. we have exciting news in town! chekkit!

    "Scheduled to take place from 8 to 31 October 2008, the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) is the first event of its kind in Southeast Asia. This biennial festival strives to provide a platform for Southeast Asian artists to showcase their works alongside their international peers in various venues such as National Museum of Singapore, The Arts House, 2902 Photo Gallery and more."

    isn't it fabulous? there would also be workshops and lectures for 30 selected Southeast Asian photographers under 35. and some big names would be flown in from around the world to attend and speak during the festival. woo hoo. and there would be exhibitions, portfolio reviews, talks and parties! O.O

    "The SIPF committee is made up of volunteers and relies on the good will and support from various institutions, corporate organisation and the public to make this festival a reality. Members of the public could contribute to this festival by signing up as volunteers or by purchasing the festival publication."

    if you're keen, the call for entry can be found here.

    go go go. *smiles*
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Thursday, April 24

ZZZzz !!

    i need to sleep. i need to sleep. i need to sleep.

    nuff said.
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Tuesday, April 22

F*CKED Up New Generation Kiddo.

    i laughed my arse off when i came across the below dialogue of sandy's with one of her students last friday. omg. kiddos these days certainly left us adults dumbfolded. so this is not some jokes you circulate from emailing, was from her true experince last friday! it must be frustrating for her, but it was too funny for me (sorry sandy!) i just have to share.

    "And also glad its Friday because I'm tired of getting cussed out by my 4 year olds.

    Little boy: (After taking away a toy from him) THATS F*CKED UP MISS SANDY!

    Me: Oh my god. What did you just say?

    Little boy: I SAID, thats F*CKED UP!

    Me: You know whats eff'd up? Cussing your teacher out! Its 'time out' for you.

    Little Boy: Whats 'eff'd up? I said F*CKED up.

    Me: Eff'd up is another way of saying F*..... nevermind."
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Monday, April 21

Monday In Blue.

    another mundane day.

    monday blues has gone away (although i rarely have blues on monday, i like to imagine how pretty is we have a day in a colour.).

    counting down to my paper on saturday. (and im still not even 50% prepared)

    hokie dokie. time to bury myself in my books. -.-
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Sunday, April 20

Lip's Prints.

    many times when we come to a halt, our eyes wonder about as our pace stops.
    gazing into the river, i saw not myself but someone else.
    the reflections were crystal clear, not quite like my usual dilemma.

    like a kid who'd just unwrapped her present, delighted with her new company.
    footprints mark the calender, counting eight steps to the time of layover?
    while we sit and play, rules we must abide.
    the funny someone did make my heart skip.
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Saturday, April 19

Disciplinary Check.

    i actually did some studying on friday night. ahhm. many many thanks to tfs for being such good motivator that make sure bunny doesn't stray and wonder when it comes to possible boring stops while shhtudying. i know, it WOULN"T be that boring anymore if i puteffort to really understand the concepts. oh well, play can always come in later.

    pilates tomorrow afternoon will be after some jalan jalan time while we wait for our lunch to be digested before the excersises. let's see if my medications can bring me the energy level to push my growing phat ass *sighs* for a dip in the pool (if not, leisure reading by the pool side sounds good for some chillaxing mood too), then its back to exams preparation with classmate coupled with din din at TCC.

    bunny! gambade!

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Friday, April 18

Weekend HIGH.

    weekend is here! exams drawing near! lol. the love hate relationship with exams and time spent over the weekends. but am glad i bought some vietnamese cà phê sữa đá (cafe sua da) back.


    love love love. and i was almost OD-ing with their coffee when i was in saigon. O.O

    the fun traditional part to brew the coffee with a small metal vietnamese drip filter into a cup containing the condensed milk (optional. you can go for cà phê đen nong too. literally means"hot black coffee").. stirred them together and then poured it over the ice. the aroma is fantabulous.

    mmmm. mmmm. mmmm.

    such great companion to go with my books. i am a contented bunny.
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Wednesday, April 16

Snip That Misery Away.

    you know..

    a bad hair day is nothing.


    untill you've experienced weeks of bad hair DAYS. and i have! and its driving me nuts! *messes messy short tresses*

    i wanted to get hair extensions and was majorly desuaded by the funny someone. perming suggestions has been swept off with patronising comment that "i look fine". i am not about to give up yet. lemme see. i need eyed-deers.......?
    google time!

    during lunch. i immediately went on a search frenzy for my misery that is in dire need for ideas. and so, the above pictures pretty much narrowed down my options for what suits me best for now. Slightly Swept Bangs is going to be bunny style soon. what do you think? a simple multi-layer cut that uses the bangs to slightly enhance the facial features. crown of the hair is still the focus, thus the lack of curls or extra waviness. ends are left choppy but frame the face well. a very easy look for a good change. slight straightening? at least to end the frills and fuss at the ends. bangs to enhance the whole chic look. although stright can be boring, highlighting or colouring is suggestive to add flavours to complete the entire look. try and visualise at least? *taps fingers on chin and drifted away in thoughts*

    hmm. but i keep checking out the sexy curls like this!!
    ARGHHH. maybe i shouldn't care and go ahead with it?
    *tears hair*
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Tuesday, April 15

Unhung Heroes Re-live in Asia.

    am back. also back at TFS with the sleephead snoring awa *giggles*. although i should be the one who needs to catch up some sleep from the tiring flight? tsk.


    i had a funny thought last night and happily shared it with the unappreciative boys when we just came back from the mekong river from the tour last night. ber was spotting this cute ang moh guy and laughing at him scratching his balls forever as they walked away from the tour agency. he said something bout the guy might have big balls (or dick? i don't rem since that not so important), and it triggered the thought bout how it is alright if an ang moh who have a smaller flaccid state is dating an asian gal? statistically speakng, asian men have shorter flaccid state (but not because of race, but because of height. it would be more accurate to say that, generally speaking, shorter men have slightly shorter penises. there is evidence of a VERY SLIGHT correlation between penis length and body height, and on average, asian men are shorter than caucasion and african men. one note about this: asians are not genetically short... it's primarily a result of traditional asian diets (during childhood) which lack the dairy and protein prevalent in western diets. it is also because of this meat & dairy lacking diet that asian americans are less likely to develop heart disease or hypertension. also, the slight difference in penis size due to short vs. average height is menial (around half an inch) ) right?

    it just occured to me, that these unhung heroes can date an asian chick and prolly still be measured as quite up to standard genitial size for the asian girls. no? the boys went hysterical when they heard me blurted out such nonsensical statement and i refuse to think that i was misjudging the whole thingy about measurements and how the ang moh unhung heroes can get out of this misery. but my random thought like this does, at some pont at least, make sense right? *darts tongue irritatingly at the ignorant ber especially since he even suggest my "talk" was quite bimbotic!*

    and to conclude this all, what i have brought up here, i do not have the intention to all these measurements are on outward qualities, and how sad this all is. so no offense to those who think i was getting fun outta this and makinga joke outta it. i am not. it was just a random thought and sharing my opinions with the boys and now with u. i also want to remind, that we always need to look more at the inside (the real measurement of every mankind should be the value of the heart), evaluating a man by his integrity, responsibility, talents, eloquence, and accountability. measuring a man by the size of his heart. that way, you’ll wind up with more satisfactions than you’ve ever dreamed of. *smiles*
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Monday, April 14

To Breathe or Not To Breathe?

    3rd day of the trip, the scorching hot sun for these past 3days in saigon has been over the top and coupled with the excessive pollution of the air, i swear, i've never felt so dirty in my entire life. the pores of my skin must be choking for breathe if they can react to the bad weather condition here. all the exfoliations have been wasted and i prolly have to do a major DIY salt scrubba dub back at home to at least calm my traumatised pores that have been opened to the overwhelming conjestion of the sand/sweat/smokes for a full 4 days in vietnam.

    last day tomorrow. running quick check list to the city i think. more updates when im back.

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Saturday, April 12

Saigon Day 1.

    pretty colours of saigon. happy colours i like. hokay, we're off for supper and party. *wears party hat*

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Xin chào! (Hello!) from Vietnam!

    so bunny is here in saigon and the full day of events will never be what you can imagine. for a start, an hour of the day was spent in the police station to have my statement taken as i have almost got my 40D snatched off my hand by a motorcyclist who failed to escape. bloody hooligan! *waves angry fist* according to ber, he regconised the ijiot roaming passed us a couple of times, so we're sure he'd been eyeing on my cam and when i finally handed ber my cam to help me take some shots, he saw his chance for his sneaky act. grr. he came from behind and caught me unaware, pulled it off my hand and rode off. i just sqweeked and my hero hermie dashed toward that ijiot when his bike collided with one of the oncoming bike and he skidded and finally fell at a distance not too far from our sight. freaking out, he scramed off leaving his bike and my camera in the middle of the road.

    with some scratches on my lens and the body of my 40D, it somehow added some characters to it. am defo glad that its still functioning properly and this is a lesson learnt that we should always be cautious and alert for unwanted attention when travelling overseas.

    but such event still made my trip on the high and a series of happy stops were followed as planned. spa for 2.3hours of pampering from head to toe, followed by din din and some slight shoppa at the night market. am shooo tired i cant be bother to link up where we visited, but if ure keen, check back in abit and i should have more infos later.

    laters skaters. full day trip to cu chi tunnel and cao dai temple tomorrow at 8am. YAY!
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Friday, April 11

Warm and Fuzzy.

    i love snuggling up to the funny someone who made me laugh with his bad singlish and funny accents of all other languages (even retarded like ones).
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Thursday, April 10

Me and Muse - Black and White.

    LOL. the above pic is not me nor the hunk is my muse (although i don't mind really, *chuckles*). hokay, a lil deceiving you might thought, but it was unintentional. and im sorry that the tittle of the post does not justify my innocence to play tricks on some who've not met me in person. but hey, im not that far apart from her if i still have my long luscious hair (which reminded me to go check on the hair extension thing that sister kin mentioned over din din yesternight. mmmmmmm.), just that i only have a higher possibility to be a sexy asian chick. :P

    anyway, this inspired me to do my take my portfolio with my muse really. but a new portfolio has been in my list since the start of the rat year and brave bunny wanna go naked. i know. im not quite "there" yet. thus my pilates/swimming/yoga plans have been activated and hopefully im in good shape before my birthday arrives. excuse me for being such a narssistic again. can't really help much since im not even in denial now. O.O

    back to the pic. mm. not sure if he'll be keen, bu tam sure it'll be fun.
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Wednesday, April 9

Beer Can Butterflies.- "One generation’s trash will be another’s treasure"

    such pretty darlings. too pretty to be missed!! similar from my previous post Ones' Trash is Always Someone Else' Treasure. ive always love to be inspired by these marvelous creativity. *smiles*

    Paul Villinski Artwork

    These pieces explore themes of transformation and recovery through the metamorphosis of crushed beer cans from the streets of New Yorkinto flocks of realistically crafted butterflies.

    from the artist himself..
    "Our grandchildren will laugh in disbelief at the vast resources we squander, manufacturing a plastic bottle for a pint of water, or mining aluminum to surround 12 ounces of beer with metal. One generation’s trash will be another’s treasure. These littered beer cans are humble, but worthy materials, and it’s gratifying to take this “trash” and turn it into something of beauty and meaning. "

    these pieces can be utterly tranquil and still – then a bit of movement in the air causes a butterfly to flutter, a small surprise seen out of the corner of one’s eye from across the room. nevertheless, to me, butterflies are impossibly beautiful. how can these ridiculously delicate creatures, which seem to be blown about by the merest whiff of wind, actually fly many hundreds of miles to migrate each year? how can it be that an innate, intergenerational GPS guides them year after year to the same tree? are we more like them than we suspect, or could we be?
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Tuesday, April 8

Switching Fields.

    questions bout life seems like a big'O heavy question mark if you only ponder but never have it really sorted out. where do i see myself in 2yrs time? am just gripping on anything that from my slippery steps. question bout hitting the big 3-0? shrugging my shoulders as there are better things in life to think about instead of crying out loud why we are here and there. tsk.

    was with some of the girls at alcova and while they were getting all high and cheery with macallan 18yrs, i was at the same level of enjoyment with my coke light in hand. drinking on weekday means inviting migraine on the next work day and ive always learned to say no in a very tactful way (especially when my job requires me to be drinking my liver out >,<).

    all the financial industry people can be quite like a piece of art you quite not appreciate but you need not have to be like that, really. i don't. be yourself, not just try to be fun and loud or anything close to being the best entertainer if you are not. apparently, people like these are everywhere, and this always act as a reminder to why am i always not in the "scene".

    as stood aside and i watched the whole loud bunch in a distance. i wonder if i can withstand the job for long. well, the jobscope really is really not bout the academic skills you have, but all the entertainment skills and all the PR thingy is really not my cuppa tea. nontheless, i am in the industry and while i am still evaluating my stand in this field, i am keeping my options wide open.

    wish me luck.
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Monday, April 7

Can I Cling On To You?

    have you ever come across people who are lonely, who decide on things that might be selfish, only to fufil their empty hearts, that still seem so lonely, but they seem oblivious? have you seen how mankind treat the world with care, but all you deserve is nothing but just a shitload of hopes to live on? what are the purposes in life, we ask and the answer unfortunately, is only within your inner soul. search deep, or you might be lost and lead the rest to be like you. whirlwind in the boundless road, let how we wait for things to surface, wait for turns to find us a new angle.

    when we have clinged on to a certain dream, we ask if they will be fufil. but some don't even need to work on it. some wring out their brain juice and sweat only to know that the have been appreciated, however, not rewarded. stories of each and everyone's life, the famous or just somebody, how did everyone survive from this crazy lil space? im slowly losing my balance and clinging on anything that pull me through.

    how the world might seem fair, how the people justify life as being meaningful. how we define happiness. the train of thoughts i have while a series of events seems to trigger my small brian that is almost crying out for amen. we all do need a lil hope to grasp, i do need some light to shed on my lifeless soul. i am getting very tired and have no asnswer why.

    so wierd how i manage to type all these within a minute. came home, on my lappie and i just wanted to share something. so much for pms. so much for my thoughts.

    bunny is tired.


    background+ yoko shimomura
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    there seem to be a million things that i want to do but i have lack of energy to complete even one task. sigh. tt suspects that i have mycoplasma (some long term tiredness due to some kinda virus that ive got infected with) and we finally got my blood tested to see if its positive. my health is in a very bad shape and i can hardly breathe, and these signs seem so un-bunny that i worry "what IF i don't have mycoplasma, what could be happening to me?". assignments due, and exams are near again. need miracles man, if not, more energy! :(

    regardless of my current condition, i still have a checklist to at least make my 1st step to fulfilling .tee hee

    1. finally do up my room (boxes boxes, labels labels!) needa also dress up my bed, let it be pretty comfy (pun intended).

    2. take more photos! (start a new project maybe?)
    3. go on a strict diet. am multiplying, the extra 3 kilos just refuse to go. super annoying.
    4. participate on activities on a regular basis. (golf, yoga, pilates, swimming, photo shooting etc)
    5. start thinking and exploring what i can do. new job? new responsibilities?

    needa get my ass back on track.
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Friday, April 4


    dinner was at furama riverfront's kintamani indonesian place last night. we were tad disappointed that they no longer serve ala carte buffet, but still, the buffet spread was definately satiable. with a citibank visa, you even get a one-for-one. *giggles* don't we all love suprises sometimes?
    i was feeling estatic bout next week's trip to ho chi minh, untill i received a phone call from wessex village that there's a bazaar going on next week and i was even offered a free booth to participate. i felt my heart sank an inch reluctantly rejected on the offer i could never have resist if my air ticket has not been paid and booked. *mutters*
    on a very positive note, i am hoping to be very snappy happy there with my two lovely manly girls. tee hee.
    but before that. zouk tonight anyone? TGIF. wooo hoooo!
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Lervik Design

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Wednesday, April 2

Trads Night Out.

    yesternight was tipping fun unexpected that ended till the clock struck 12am (not that i didn't expect to be more than merry to eat/drink/sing with my fellow colleagues, but i never quite enjoy any after-work sessions - work or play - not to mention work still starts at 730am the next morning). as usual but not the most encouraging, i have the mic passed to me too many times at the karaoke (even songs thats not heard of?). *eyes rolling* but the fact that im off performance for now, i actually didnt mind that much to entertain them since i was having fun myself (and the lucky thing that my voice was complimenting even with the squeeky sound system Dragonfly has)

    (with much annoyance) Dragonfly = -1

    hmm. but i must admit i was very much impressed and thrilled by the different concepts of the rooms.

    Dragonfly -1 +1 = 0

    still knackered from last night. omg. age is creeping up on me.

    beauty sleep i neeeeeeeeeeeed.
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Tuesday, April 1

What Lies Beneath

    I had a dream two days back, and call me superstitious, i really think its dad’s way of sending me a message. I was on the way to attend a wedding ceremony and a phone call came to inform me to visit dad at the hospice. “will be there shortly, but lemme attend the wedding ceremony first”, and all i rem was how i only want to rush to the more important things (my mind was thinking “its just visiting and it can be done later”). Fast forward: i was sitted at the last bench in the church and periodic thoughts came to my head. The call, something is not right. OMG, i suddenly became conscious of the reality – dad has already left 7years back. I became aware that im still in the dream and in the church (still no clue who’s wedding i had so wanted to rush to), and it struck me that dad must have been utterly disappointed with his lil gal and how i have failed “the test”. How un-filial even at the dreamy state of mine.
    I told the gals over dinner and was told that it was dad ‘s way of telling me he miss me and i should visit soon. Its the qing ming for now. Coincidence? I let you decide.
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