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Saturday, November 25

Crashed Week.

    its the first day of OB lecture and boy! we quite enjoyed the humour in class and credits must be given to Mr Fred Lim! suprisingly *fakes shock look* , he did kept me awake throughout the whole 9hrs even for the mere 5hrs of sleep from last night. although i do wish to have the same energy for tomorrows lecture, im sure tonights performance will not help make me feel better, at least for now. this weekend has really been crashed. gotta quickly run through my notes for tomorrow at 9am! *winces*

    booooooooo hooooooooo.

    my last 2 days at work was quite low as someone in the office had not only commented negatively about me months back, she now even tried to malign everyone else in the company with the intention to make "resolve misunderstandings" with me by pushing her actions accountable to the rest of the people BUT herself? *waves index* this is sooooo unethical. those who had seen the email had told me to simmer down. when first read it, my heart sank and i made a phone call to someone whom i really trust.

    "listen, if this is her intention, then why allow her to affect u?"

    i can be really anal to people who has dilebrate intention to hurt me, but really, shes not worth my attention. *rolls eyes*

    well im glad i went on with my farewell and i must say i have learnt my lesson. for the rest who made that night filled with happy memories will never be forgotten as what ive promised *winks at tan*..everyone of u, i will really miss you. to my greatest boss- peter tan, friendship will never die ya.

    *hugs* everyone. thank you all so much.

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Monday, November 20

Waving Goodbye To PCG.

    so many days of the month have passed and look where ive landed. after 3 years of fun and hopping. i still cant believe im leaving. bye boss. these wonderful years with PCG has been rewarding and looking back now, i really used to be so ignorant and naive when it all started. silly bum looking stunned. *laughs* thank you for the opportunity and being such a great boss, mentor and friend. :)

    departing always means the beginning of a new journey and im glad to pass the 2nd interview of today (thanks to the information leakage). they will officially be getting back tomorrow and im just soooooo excited. weeee!

    all the good and the bad. i should just not worry and perform my best, as usual. :)
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