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Wednesday, April 28

    ok. so im one step closer to my holidays. isn't it sooooo yay?

    *starts doing her jiggy dance*

    you dunnoe how desperate i needed this trip. its like even if it means resorting to Johor Bahru, it would've the same effect (ok, maybe not the same, but i will be still 80% thrilled or estatic about it).


    i will be having forced leave from the 8th-28th may for the club. no singing means less moolah for my trip. *stomps feet* argh...u just can never get the best of both worlds. this sucks to the ultimate dosen't it? *fwaps*

    i am officially so freaking helly broke for once again. any donations would be greatly appreciated. *stokes chin cheekily*
    i can offer u hugs and kisses but anything more than that would be volunteerily replaced by my cat. he loves all the kinky stuffs, if u dun mind.

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Monday, April 19

    some games for u. check out the video too. have fun!

    .kill bill the game.
    hack & slash fest at the House of Blue Leaves

    .krazy golf game.
    so what are ur scores? ask george dawes!

    .supermario reloaded.
    this video is insane. someone with way too much free time redid the whole scene of Neo vs. the 100-Agent Smiths using Mario and Luigi. excellent. and sad.

    background + nat king cole
    quizas quizas quizas
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Friday, April 16

    i was suffering from this headache for days and people actually suggested that. very silly, but it cracked me up! ahahahah!

    ant : hows your head? think u need a new head.

    me : second thoughts now (i suggested exchanging mine for his). i don't want hollow spiky head on me. err, maybe i'll pass, i kinda like my head better.

    background + lisa ono
    i wish u love
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Sunday, April 11

    i wanna go for a holiday again. ive never travelled alone before and this is definetely in my to-do-list that i will want to fulfil before i die, just matter of time. airasia is just making this little dream of mine easier, coz everything is so budget, all i have to think about is where i want my foot to land and when i want to start this journey that will open a whole new world for my eyes, my mind and my very soul.

    here, i seek a journey of my own.
    trails of footprints, tears wiped down like crystal water.

    background + mandalay
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Wednesday, April 7

    we turned and hugged. the smile we exchanged. i waved. he said goodbye. i smiled and left. like an orphan who sat back when he knew they were not going to adopt him anw. he didn't know how to react to it anymore. maybe i need time to digest this.
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Thursday, April 1

    halfway during my last set today, i was wincing and rubbing my eyes so hard coz the dryness and itchiness was unbearable. then halfway to the song..

    *blink blink*
    (lens dropped out)

    *became all frantic but tried hard to gather the right lyrics while i desperately search for my then dried out lens*
    (felt a cold plastic rubber on my chin)

    *laughed at silly self and rushed to the backstage to chuck the darn thing into the bin*

    it was so funny. and before my lens came off, i was blinking so frequently and looking away from the spotlights, i think theres a group of sleazy man who thought i was throwing them the "sluty look". then i have to stop smiling and be stern when i said, "sorry, we're out of time for ur song request". baaaahaahaa! silly old dirty man.

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