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Sunday, September 28

    daddy jo and i were people watching in dhoby ghaut mrt station. scanning everyone of them who escalated down from the north south line, daddy jo suddenly shook my elbow and said "dun you find the couple weird..". we then had our eyes pointed at a man who stood behind a lady very closely with her backpack strapped sercurely behind her but her pockets were opened and revealing her wallet while the man behind discreetly slipped his hand in and draws out her wallet. he was pickpocketing! "OIE", i shouted across to alarm the victim but the pickpocket got shock and dropped the wallet back to where it belongs. i shouted for the lady to beware of the man behind her and this time round the fucking man prentended to tap on her shoulder to warn her bout her revealing wallet. "miss! he's trying to steal your wallet! be careful!" she then turned to stare at the man with an annoyed look and proceeded her journey. too bad we were too far, or else we wld've nap the pickpocket and hand him over. we later appraoched the station guards, but finding both the victim and culprit was to no avail.
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Tuesday, September 23

    mumsie is the weirdest, also the best and the sweetest. she showered her love by preparing my breakfast for me. you would say "eh! that's so sweet!", i agree with all my heart, but she preparing potato, carrot and pork ribs' soup now. yes, now. *points at time showing 12:08am*

    but mumsie, chuck aside your nonsense and all, u're no doubt, still my mummy dearest. love you.

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Monday, September 22

    iced cafe latte.

    what more to ask?

    background + mumsie's nagging about how i should stop eating instant noodles and all. (p/s : it's a sign to turn in for the day.)

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Saturday, September 20

    okay, there's a list of things to do tomorow (*glancing at the clock* or should it be today..hmm, wotever.), lets see..

    1) meeting albert for breakfast and finish up my expired ilford XP2 recieved from eng (hopefully i can process them soon too!)

    2) run by school to process my second roll of B/W! *rubs hands* can't wait!

    3) forbidden city at 230pm. yay!

    4) arrange to meet up with ivy dearest in the evening.

    checked, checked, checked.

    time for bed. ciao!

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Thursday, September 18

    babyg is taking mandrain classes, so we always come across words that he would be proud to read aloud as we walked pass it. today after din din, i was searching for a washroom and he points and said "hey look! i've found a toilet for us!", knowing how playful he can be, im still always curious wots he's up to this time, so i followed him to the door and outside it, there hangs a sign that wrote "women" and he pointed to the sign again and this time he read it slowly. "see, it wrote wo men! (when u read it seperately,in hanyu pinyin, its meaning us or we)"

    me? speechless..

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    the sea

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Wednesday, September 17

    started our 1st darkroom lesson earlier on. super duper sleepy and was forcing my droopey eyes opened while mary-ann teo(our instructor) briefed us thru. i wasn't paying so much attention then, but was proud to help albert load his film when he encountered prob in the loading room. *grins*. the moment u reel ur negatives out to dry was like seeing ur baby for the 1st time man. all the hard work(tho most of the tossing and turning of the tank was done by albert), according to albert was only saving us 5bucks if we got the photshop to do it for us. *fwaps* next time round, we'll be watching ginette process hers, but before that, we might drop by this weekend to start our 120film processing! *rubs hand in glee*

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    round midnight
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Monday, September 15

    *starts punching all the letters on the keyboard angrily* wot the heck. this is my second post due to some @#^&*#@ reasons that causes my pc to hang on me after i uploaded and finished typing my 1st entry. it happened yesterday too u know. *fwaps*


    these are the pics i took from the previous gatsby show from the singapore fashion week at raffles city. sorry peeps, no boobies this time. haha. anyway, the lady from the promo agency had just sms-ed me that there's an upcoming gatsby show from next week onwards again. but i had it turned down because of the longer working hours and (most importantly)lesser moonee paid. *shrugs* too bad.

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    something cool
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Saturday, September 13

    take five.

    im so excited. our flyers will be out soon! wheeeee!

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Monday, September 8

    for someone(like me) who wakes up around 9, 10-ish in the morning, getting up at 630am will be a torturous. bah wah wah! and this will happen for the next 3weeks!

    *prays that she won't screw up starting from the 1st day*

    went to the legal firm today to get my (chinese)name changed, officially. yay! and also, i had booked for my theory test date on the 10th of oct. whoo hoooo!

    wots more? its my 1st B/W lesson tomorow! we are so excited!

    all the good things that are happening. *beams* like leading a new life altogether! *proceeds to prance around her room*

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Friday, September 5

    have not been updating very often. too busy catching up with friends and some personal stuffs. completed all my motorbike theory lessons had my name changed legally in the law firm. met up with some of the gals for din din and sing-a-long session(haha). last weekend, the people from yahoo had a Flashback 80' party. im not at home now, so i can't upload the pics but i have link you to it. its was held at a very nice apartment along mohamad sultan road. jona and mark each won the best dressed and the best thing of all, is that i have to get up at 8am in the morning the next day *mutters*. still, i had a great time.

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    there there

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Monday, September 1

    human space
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