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Sunday, March 30

    my cat was walking into my room and i smile at him to welcome him in. he scanned around my room and decided to make a U-turn out. i mean, where do i stand? *waves angry fist at meow*

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Friday, March 28

    *crawls to her pc and started typing on her keyboard*

    i woke up at about 845am..not to mention that i toss and turn in my bed for an hour last night. so i went to charmaine's ROM(resgistry of marriage). this bride is damn happening man. she was telling us that even if she regrets now,she will still go through the customery marriage, at the most, she'll only end up a divorcee! *jaw dropped* easy as she said it. i was dumbstruck and totally speechless! *gently taps on her shoulder* i thought its YOUR WEDDING DAY today? i can't stop wondering what fools we had been to attend her ROM, crawling out of bed and rushing down to witness the very important day of this couple, only to see the worst side of marriage. getting married for the sake of getting married.

    should i feel sad or lucky?

    bed time, meeting in the morning. baaaa byeeee..

    *crawls back to snuglicious bed*

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Wednesday, March 26

    this thing is irking me and i don't think i can let the matter rest just like that. i just learnt that my tuition teacher had been verbally and physically abuse by her brother everytime, though she assured me the physical abuse had stopped ever since he's aware of the consequences. i'd urged her to report to the police and she told me she'd tried but the fucking police chose to believe the brother than the father. wtf? her mum can even suggest her to find someone to get married to get away from her hopeless brother! what has the world become? i wanted to set foot into this and hunt the bloody man down, but listen to the next shocking news..her dad is a prison officer! i don't understand why and how can he allow the unfillial son to manipulate them like that? *bangs her fist on desk in anger*

    this is damn irritating. i can't get it off my head till till now.

    *beep* *beep* *beep* (more vulgarities not to be posted..)

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Monday, March 24

    i am at home feeling somewhat spaced out and a tad bit restless. its been a rough week for me, *yawns*, all the late nights at the SAME PLACE over and over again?! for those who haven't heard of this place call "home" thats sitting above east coast macdonalds, it has been my most frequent spot that i had been visiting for the past week. i can't believe it myself too and i think i seriously needed ample rest to recuperate my energy i used up from the late nights(when i say late, i don't really mean LATE , coz its always the morning birds chirping and singing at the top of the trees when we hailed for the cab home, SO , it means we stayed till morning *growls*). there were various reasons that made us stuck our butts there, some volunteerily, but some like my poor sistakin and checkthisoutman, are the victims of all. el had been burrying herself with solitaire on my O2 and checkthisoutman had been sexually harassed by mummy pat and i every now and then whenever we feel like it. that poor gal. but i think she enjoyed some of it. muahahaha..

    though its draining my energy *watching my energy level dropping low*, i can't deny that all was fun. after all the fun, its time for work and rest. thats my balance in life. (?) some will definetely disagree, but as long as i get my work done and not fall sick(for my baby g), i don't give a damn. really.

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Sunday, March 23

    whee...! im going for a movie now with my sistakin! *jumps up and down*. its been awhile.

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Friday, March 21

    raymond has various links of warblogs. please check out his site for more reviews. these are two of the blogs we highly recommanded.

    .Blogs of War.
    by John Little. He's been blogging every hour on events since the start of the war. You find many links to pro-military blogs there.

    .Salam Pax.
    another view from the ground. baby g told me that salam is peace in arabic, pax is peace in latin. that makes his pen-name (nom de plume in french), peace-peace.

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    pictures i took in feb..

    carterina at siglap.

    baby g at raffles hotel.

    peeping waitress at chimes.
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Wednesday, March 19

    one of CNY's shows for SHELL ..


    i ve been spending my savings and im running out of patience! i really need to get a part time job. *bites on her bank book* oh god..please! please! grant me the money rain too! argh..

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Tuesday, March 18

    I went to the turf club with eric(alan) and his family on last sat. It was really an eye opener for me as I¡¯ve never step foot into the turf club before he brought there. I was determined to give moral support and insisted that not betting will prove my purpose for my existence(also because im sensitive to be compared with the gamblers who is making use of him). He made our trip all worthwhile when he won the two races he participated (with Baby dragon in race 6 and Rock king in race 7) in. For Baby Dragon, the odds were $122 for win and $33 for place, so it means I¡¯ll be $702 richer if I had my $20 bet(but I was not at all disappointed for I¡¯d set my focus for the day and I had loads of fun there too!).its obvious for eric(alan) to be the limelight for the day and he definitely had made his mum proud *pats eric¡¯s back*. He¡¯d turned heads of the press that had flocked down to interview this new face who had by then impressed the rest of the race-goers with two wins in his first 2 races. Way to go eric! *blows whistle*

    Monday morning, about 430am, skinDy, mummy pat and i had witnessed and accident when we were having our supper along jalan kayu. i still remembered calling for the cat across the street minutes ago and returned to my friends for our usual jokes till a loud bang startled everyone to stare at the road. the truck was so fucking fast that it probably didn't even noticed the cat was swirled under his wheels. i caught the sight of the cat flipping when the fucking truck dashed off. there was a kind man who stood up and walked towards the poor kitty, confirmed its death and gently lifted it up and left it at the grass patch at the side of the road, i was both touched and saddened by the 5minutes of trauma that is still flashing in my mind like now.

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Friday, March 14

    i am sitting here in my room and all i can hear is THE CATS meowing in and out of my room..

    mum : meow........
    el : he went hiding again..?
    mum : *nods* meeeoow...
    el : (searching under my bed) meow meow..
    mum : (proceeds to the kichen) meeeoww.....?
    el : meeoweemeeow...
    mum : ah meeeeeoooow....
    el : (found him somewhere, i didn't check where is he exactlty) meow meow!
    mum : haha.. (walks up to kiss my cat) meeeooww meeeooww..
    el : (stoking the cat) meow meow eh...
    my cat: (heh..i am the king!)

    just in case you don't have a life and might be curious with whats going in my house. its just MEOW AND MEOW... pffftt.

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Wednesday, March 12

    i just bought this. i think i had a good deal. raymond bought it at $1400++, and decided he dosen't really need it at all. and then i stepped in. MUAhahahahah. im having fun with it.

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Sunday, March 9

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Saturday, March 8

    its been a sickly week for most of the people around me. skinDy had been admitted to hospital due to dehydration and was previously suffering from high fever. then audrey was suspected to have bird flu but we were relieved to find out she was doing better now. the wheather had not been very supportive these days so we should really take care of our own health. its like you're with a bunch of babies who never seems to eat, sleep and drink enough( of course, i don't mean visiting the pub for a drink. please.. ).

    i'd seen people who'd vowed to quit smoking but it never happened, till now excuses always surfaces and its always the thoughts and words that they're commited to, but NEVER be put into ACTIONS. i was a smoker too and i quitted last feb. since then, i've never come close to the thought of even a puff since i decided to put off the last stick i lighted the last time( i was so determined ). but i am never against people who smoke because that will be putting myself in misery as 90% of the people i mix around with, smokes. when i looked back, i wonder how did i do it. even now, i can't explain how i took 3 days to quit my smokings days of 9yrs. but i know when i set my eyes on something, and believe hard enough, my will power can never be underestimated. maybe i was influenced by my dad, who amazingly took 1 day to quit his smoking habits of at least 20 over years with absolutely zero help from any nicotine pads (i had depended on that though) or any other sources of help. he totally went cold turkey but was strong and focused as we all witnessed it in disbelieve. my dad was a man.

    as time goes by, im glad that i'd learned to treasure myself more and love to live healthily. it annoys me when i see gals getting so obsessed with how much weight they're putting and envying how skinny some others were. i've no patience with people like that and i feel sorry for those who did. at times i will compliment if they'd lost weight or gained and how good they look but add that its the healthy look that made them glow.

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Friday, March 7

    another busy day today. lets see, visiting mount elizabeth this morning, lunch with sis, meeting daniel(my manager) for phototaking of a peice of land, meeting mummy pat for dinner and hopefully a movie after that. ok, that wasn't so busy after all. *tsk tsk*


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    i have tried everything...


    this is getting stupid.( or I AM? )

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Wednesday, March 5

    yesterday at boat quay with daddy jo and mummy pat..j

    jo : he's been visiting this club..and drinking alot..
    pat: let's go lah! *pulls jo along*
    me: ya man! lets go! *grins*
    jo : *sips her beer and giving us the confused look as always*
    pat: if he don't like,we can pretend not going there to look for him mah. i pretend to be the waitress!
    me: *started to have thoughts of the best pretend*
    jo : *giggles* dun be silly....
    me: oh! i know! i want to be the tip box!
    pat: okie!
    jo : *amazed by my forever money face and burst out laughing*


    on mon, we had dinner at Da Paolo. the place was ace, and the food was yum! i had braised veal with cabernat that sets me to heaven. in a while, tze guan spilled my red wine on his shirt and pants and he decided to call it a day. oh well..man are vain eh? anyway, mummy pat, sista el and i had a great time hanging out at daxiong's pub above macdonald's at east coast (although we had uninvited ah bengs that keep appearing at our tables. pfft.). i havent been singing in karaoke for a looonng time and pouring out at the mic was always the best stress reliever. *laughs*


    we're having dinner at the shangri la tonight. *rubs hands in glee*
    can't wait for tonight. *waiting in anticipation*

    Remember when you were in school and you would bowl for charity? And for every pin you knocked down you got, say, ten cents? Well a Blogathon is an event for charity that lasts 24 hours. Each participant finds sponsors who can either donate a flat amount for the entire event, or an amount per hour. Once you sign up, you blog for 24 hours on the day of the event and raise money for charity.

    its cute! its fun! its addictive games for ya all.

    Obsessive Photo Projects:
    Eat 22
    Ellie Harrison documents everything she eats.

    .365 Polaroids.
    Andy Walker presents a year's worth of polaroid self-portraits.

    .One a Day Project.
    Aimee Sealfon interacts with, then photographs, 365 people.

    .Doors I Touched Today.
    Fluxus Midwest researches the action of doors and knobs.

    .The Shower Project.
    Brian Benson's successful (?) attempt to shower with 100 different women. WOO HOO...!!

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Sunday, March 2

    yesterday was a busy, busy, busy and productive day. *looking accomplished* .went to the office and had my namecards picked up when i was told it was ready (yayay!). then made a trip down to penin shopping ctr and FINALLY bought my medium format film (i don't wish to digress further on what the stuffs from project shop had made a hash of, i had enough ranting on that) for my holga. my manager then came to pick me up for 5 house viewing today ( whooo! ).

    met up with mummy pat and checkthisoutman (she had an email add with checkthisoutman@... , that gave us a good 5mins laugh) for dinner at nooch. we caught two movies last night, but not as lucky as gatcha tho, i watched Dare devil and Maid in Manhattan (this two movie will never be in my list if i were to visit the theatre alone) . like i told alyee, Dare devil is really not my type. hmm. sadly, watching it had proved my point.

    after so much hassle, im stuck with 5 rolls of my medium format films and my camera. (i didn't know how to load my cam). ARGH! can some one help me?

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