"dysfuctionally inspired"

Wednesday, June 29

Morning Bruise

    great. woke up late and bonked my head into the door when i jumped out of the room and dashed to the bathroom. i hate all the rush rush in the morning. you know your morning can never be worst when you walked out from your shower with a bump on your head and slipped and fell flat on the floor. i forgot my towel and had water dripping and tracing me back to the room. i later hopped onto a cab and realised i have to pay about $3 more than usual. suckers.

    i met my ex-class mate today and did the usuals, we exchanged numbers. if i remembered correctly, i was literally jumping and squeeling after i hugged her. i was really missing her. she texted me during dinner and i think thats such a sweet gesture. you know, there are people who actually kept your contacts just in case they might be free to keep in touch. dont just add people in your list if you've no intention to keep in touch. you're not a superstar, we dont need to be in your list you know.

    ive got my projects to rush and work has been piling up. carnival next month would be very exciting for me and the rest the pacifians. a new month, new war to fight, and i can only keep my fingers crossed.
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Monday, June 27

Sunday Blues

    i packed my stuffs and we sat at ADAM with not much words exchanged. we played the roles of traffic policemen, and had our vision set on opposite sides of the road with the busy rush of the evening traffic. was there nothing else to talk? we just pondered.

    did we choose, or did we stumble, can we pick up what we've lost. theres no answer, he didnt give. he stared and i paused. it was kinda awkward. *shudders*

    then there was a kiss. with some laughter. it was crazy and i didnt even want to find out why. he didnt give me a reason to, thats why.
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Saturday, June 25

Weekend Night

    Changrai Evening Ride, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    totally smashed when i reached home and i fell into a deep sleep for 2 hrs till i was woken up for dinner. walked that lil rascal and trotted down for some dvd rentals. we're resorted to watch some chines horror flick. nothing horrifying at all. *drums fingers on desk looking bored*

    so now i came online to upload some pics that was taken when i went for my changmai trip. it was a 6hrs drive for gregor to bring us to some real cool places in changrai. i miss the guys. the evening was beautiful and as we all watch the sun set, we shared the silence that kept us feeling warmth and fuzzy.

    have a smashing weekend.

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Tuesday, June 14


    KATAOKA Mamiko created "The Cork Dolls" . They are tiny dolls . she put together some pieces of used corks along with screws, nails, pins, and every possible thing for creation. i like the black and white pictures taken, especially Look up! and Cat with Long Tail.

    .Text Twist.
    still one of my favourite games.
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Tuesday, June 7

Happy Financially-Pinched Bunny.

    im estatic! the tix are here! *blinks* it's a week of all the fun things! there isnt too great to catch from the singapore's arts festival, but i bought this anyway. 'Best Young Choreographer', it says. *shrugs*

    oh ya! ive finally got myself a 512mb mp3 player from the PC show in expo. im with such tight budget now but *begs and pleads for * the deal is too much to resist! it cost me 139buckeroos..only! i felt kinda cheated though, coz when i received the e-newsletter, i was told it'll only pinch 119buckeroos outta me, but i didn't want nina to make a wasted trip, and the 2 cheapo us still think its a good deal anw. im financially-pinched , *pouts* but, still bunny hopping, so i guess its not so bad. im all at ears for a list of reggaes, jazz and all the lock lock songs. you noe, im very erm "lockstar" inspired. haha. sorry for my being corny, i promise you, this will not be my worse. whahaha.

    background + funky lowlives
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Wednesday, June 1


    there are less than 4000 people in the world who can escape this house. have a shot at it. afterwhich, there are other games that this toshimitsu takagi guy created. i like them all. u might like them too.

    ive been browsing too many stilettos and bags of all categories. some are so beautiful. some can cost you as much as 150 pounds per pair. insane. how im glad im not rich. maybe its just that i dont have long, slim and straight pair of legs. maybe even if i can afford them, i wouldn't buy them. i lust for hard-to-get things. maybe im just human.
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