"dysfuctionally inspired"

Saturday, May 2

Random convo with Ulrich.

    3:11amPeter : grow up will you...
    3:12amDiana : thats tough
    3:12amPeter : i know but try lah :D
    3:12amPeter : im attending "grow up academy"...
    3:13amDiana : trying my entire life. never stopped
    3:13amDiana : ahahah
    3:14amPeter : wow... youve tried for 40+ years n still...
    3:14amPeter : :D
    Diana : ...still growing backwards..to be exact...i am REALLY just 21 now
    3:15amPeter : amazing
    3:15amPeter : maybe you can teach the trick someday..??
    3:15amDiana : not easy. if u dun master it well, ur maturity lvls drops while ur still pretty much lok as old. ooops. maybe u alr tried it huh
    3:20amPeter : ????
    3:24amPeter L ure even more boring after hours....;)
    3:25amDiana : tamed
    3:25amDiana : but u never fail to irritate
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