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Friday, May 29

Random Photography Feeds.


    Milky way (underwater galaxy)

    Magic Underwater

    you know you're on facebook too often when u thought clicking on the current browsed picture will bring you to the next posted pic (in FLICKR). hur hur. stumbled on Javiy's underwater (picked 3 of my personal favourites above) shots - intrigued.
    Asian Geographic’s new competition, Asia Without Borders, is open for entry from now till September 30, 2009. four categories available, specifically aimed to obtain images of asia’s people, landscapes and wildlife. you can even follow their blog to learn more about getting the right shot or read their articles as they add content over the coming month. shoo shoo..go shoot.

    Leica M8 and M8.2

    so simple, so sharp, so exciting. i reeeeally want you. *pouts*

    last but not least. quotes from our beloved Elliott Erwitt

    "All the techniques of the world cannot compensate the incapacity to observe."

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