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Wednesday, June 30

Black out in big parts of singapore.

    we were driving home when it happened. pitch dark. it was only 3seconds later when it got to us that, the whole of sengkang and punggol just went, OFF. being ignorant, we drove up to hougang hoping to pick up some candles for some fun lighting up of our place later. it didn't happen. the truth was so shocking that sistakin started screaming "aiyo! why like dat? aiyo?!". all trafic lights were not working and even the whole of hougang and within wot we saw was dark but busy, with ppl comming out from buildings and blocks hoping to hear some news of the cause. the truth shocked her, we saw that, and she amazed us quite abit later. why? coz she repeated that for like thrughout the whole journey, i had to calm her high pitched voice down, and later, she just went over it again, this time with a less ear-piercing tone.

    and i still love her so much. *slaps forehead*

    so what did you do when this happened?

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Tuesday, June 29

wendy's birthday

    happy birthday wendy dear!
    i had fun last night. it was a good catching up with all animals from zoo and i think ive temporary lost my voice again(i was screaming at the top of my lungs for resons not good enough i don't even wanna share). they were so crazy, i just went mad. we had the usual cake cutting without the sabotage-ing, so all were well behaved during and after cake cutting (whao. im impressed).

    things i gained and lost from last night.

    1) + catching up with all of them. the sane and crazy ones. all of them, all my love.

    2) + a cut on my hand resulting from one of the orang utan's hand swing with his gigantic heavy metal watch.(see, i said they were animals. there, this proved my point)

    3) + probably another 0.5kg. (tidbits and all food were spread on all tables, how can anyone resisist?)

    4) - my 240 buckeroos. i left it in the jacket from the club who offered us to keep us warm and i didn't bring it with me when we left.

    so much for a day.
    im so so drianed.

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Sunday, June 27

common sight of a muti-tasking Balinese women

    common sight of muti-tasking women.

    in the eyes of the beholder.
    the subject and her child.
    i had mine on her,
    now i realised,
    so did he,
    his on me.

    dirt in my eyes,
    clouds arise.
    oh my,
    caught his eyes on mine.

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    i wish you love
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Thursday, June 24

Bali's Beach

    finally, im uploading some pics i took in bali. trust me, it didn't seem as beautiful when you have your feet on the beach anymore. ant hated it. i was constantly bugged by voices that polluted our holiday mood. chilling out at the cafe we found sitting near to the end of the beach made it all worth while tho. the next time i visit, im going for the full moon rave party. be crazy a whole lot more and get intoxicated for all i care.

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Wednesday, June 23

"Who's Your Mr. Right?" Test

    .Who's Your Mr. Right?.
    Find Out with 3 Surprising Color Clues
    i got this from mel. its freaking me out. didnt want to post or share it but its freaking true. *shudders*

    warning : you should do the test 1st before u read my results.

    If Your Chosen Color Is Orange...

    Your charismatic, lovable and affectionate nature wins men over. Touching gives you the ability to see the truth in situations and relationships. It's your way of letting others know you're listening and that you care about them.

    You are lured into relationships by the way men look. Your decision to get married, however, is based on intellect.

    You dedicate yourself to a man who's smart, and usually marry for life. You build relationships with a guy who can teach you things. "Oranges" marry the smart guys!

    One word of warning: When first meeting a guy, you hide the sensitive side of yourself. Your clever defenses are all he sees. He may be mistaken about your true personality if you aren't willing to open up over time.

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Friday, June 18

fell on stage

    last night, while i was doing my last set, we were dacing away and i tripped and fell.


    *tsk tsk*

    nuff said.

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Wednesday, June 16

a pathetic selfish bitch?

    when i say i love u, i mean it. i say it very often, to my close friends, sistakins, now, when reminded, i'l touch my mum's heart and make her smile. not because im abusing it for attention, its because they are someone whom i treasure and feel for deeply in my life.

    you know,its funny. coz ive never said it to babyg before. neither did he to me. in the one and a half years in our relationship *laughs* . ant and i didn't have the chance to experience the beauty of exchanging it too. they were both my ex and ive said it upteen times, BUT NEVER TO THEM.

    im begginning to question my inner self if i was really involved in a relationship at all when such simple but deep meaning words were hidden and never shared? did i never want to express it in words or was these three words too heavy a responsiblity to them? or to any men, i guess. was i not ready to say it or was i waiting for someone to share it with me 1st? when things got worst, with the dissapointments and doubts, especially when i don't get my assurance in a relationship, (oh, i constantly needed assurance, im very protective with myself and i will freaked out and hold back my feelings when i sensed not loved) i will just act silly and drift myself slowly back to my comfort zone(or so i thought), behaving like a peacock, flaunting her beauty and turning back with such stupid arrogance. with all these questions spinning in my head..it ponders me,

    was i really IN LOVE at all?

    maybe all i know is only how to love myself and im just a pathetic selfish bitch who demanded love and never know how to love them them back. maybe so. *shrugs* i don't know.

    time for some self reflecting i guess (?)

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    nobody loves you
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Tuesday, June 15

falling in love again

    i refuse to share my joy or bore you with the details. *smiles* but since you came in to read about me, i have to at least be kind enough to let you my lil secret. i am falling in love again. its beautiful.
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Saturday, June 12

bye yellow flower, wave goodbye.


    my tears won't fall.
    my heart won't sink.
    counting number 50 chocolate days.
    for you,
    my yellow flower.
    for you,
    my love.
    here here,
    drop me here.
    bubbles parading, twirling,

    bye yellow flower, wave goodbye.
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Friday, June 11

too hard to please

    i woke up feeling a tad bit better than yesterday morning. *breathes in, breathes out* signs for me to move my ass outta my bed and do things that makes me happy. what's happier? doing things considered a selfless act, bringing smiles upon ppl's face, or just be weird for another day, making myself comfortable with how i have been all this while? i don't know anymore. trying hard to please others is a hell lot tougher than pleasing urself. no? i don't care anymore. i don't want to please you, you, or you *points*. i want to be me and you should love me for me. i was sick(physically and mentally) and sick ppl sees things in only back and white. i see myself almost draining myself again and that will not happen to me like i promised myself 2 years ago. if i had followed my way of doing things, it wouldn't have gotten so bad or you wouldn't have been hurt. i've lost all faith. what am i to do? *continues breathing deep and slowly(tho with much difficulty this time due to nose blockage caused by her flu*

    to pile it all up, im too sick for my yoga, gym and pilates this week.

    i must be strong.

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Tuesday, June 8


    copy and pasted this..

    .Pikopiko Hammer Game.


    Jimmy K's latest mini-games. Its a game where you click around blindly trying to solve puzzles based on logic. There are no instructions and the only thing you have to work with are just visual and audio cues.

    "The Quest for the Rest" is for a band called "The Polyphic Spree," which features their music.

    here's another one,
    .Rocketman VC. (made for Nike.com) [Flash]


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    you're looking at me
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Friday, June 4

hilarious senarios with different languages at work

    its my day off today and i have so much in the line. *fwaps* hookay, higlighting the fun stuffs first. pick up enlargements from Ruby, planet fitness for work outs, thai kick boxing and yoga, lunch with lawrence n dinner or coffee with ck. wll prob be cramming in some viewings with and for my clients. wot a day off!

    i meet ppl from all walks of life. ppl who speak all kinds of languages. some, i MUST share..

    --scene 1--

    me : yes sir, this is a flip top box's carton. this is wot u want.

    indonesian : ahh! thanks! *turning to his friend who's approaching from behind* here, i found it, this is flip flop box.

    indonesian friend : *takes carton and did some serious inspection* this flip flop box? sure?

    indonesian : ya ya,

    --scene 2--

    sam : you mean u want the set? two bottles plus two cartons?

    stewardess : ya. gimme the set.

    *sam took the package and headed for the cashier, but was quickly stopped by the stewardess who wanted more*

    stewardess : err, this one no FREE GISS? (she meant "free gifts" which she pronounced it like " free kiss")

    sam : *umbfounded*

    --scene 3--

    *a lady whispered to her partner from far to get her the brand of cigs she wanted*

    *man hurried in and spotted me for assistance*

    man : miss, you have VAGINA SLIMS?

    me : *speechless*

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    so nice
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