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Friday, February 16

Old Can Still Be Fun.

    usual morning buzz is what ive come to enjoy. people watching along the way to start my day. *lets out a breathe* that, sometimes can be quite theraputic. not normally one who evesdrop, but i did with much regret coz the reality of how "not young" i have become anymore hit me ever so gently. conversations between two girls who jus finished their o'levels, and they mutually agreed to have boring "old" people in their current office now. and one said to the other.."ya, all the 20ish-30 one..none of our age"..

    shuckers mothers.

    not that im old, not that im denying im not. but i realy think that they're just unliky to meet people who are still fun and adventurous. like me. pronto. *laughs* *smirks* pffft.

    but man, i miss having the energy to do almost unimaginable things and having nothing but fun fun and more crazy fun. argh. if only these drive can be purchased. perfect world.

    background+ random songs uploaded by muse into my new ipod shuffle. sweet.
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Monday, February 12

    was surfing some photoblogs and came across seeking focus on emulsion tranfer photos. being the ignorant amateur, i was curious to find out what is this all about with the playing of poloroid pics. so i googled it and came across this while biao told me this can be done with photoshop too. of coz i know. *rolls eyes*

    such a spoiler he is. pfft.
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Monday, February 5

Tight Week Must Be Gooooooood!

    *scratches head* its febuary already?

    so what do i have for the week?
    1. school fees due for payment. :(
    2. start of the 2nd term! woo hoo! 16 more months to go!
    3. pattaya here i come! yeah to the company trip!
    4. girls reunion dinner this coming sunday at cindy's. i really hope i can make it now that i have the company trip this weekend. :( dont want to miss the fun with my dearies!
    5. maybe a sally yeh's concert sponsored by muse. to bring his mum and have fun with her! weeee!
    6. reading up for my pre-course assignment before school starts to stress me out again . tsk tsk.
    7. be more discipline for work, money and school. *nods at self*

    a week so tight it must be gooooooood man!

    wow wow weeeeee!

    background + cafe del mar
    100 billion stars
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