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Tuesday, October 21

I'm juding me too.

    i am sooooooo excite because bangkok is this coming sunday at 6am (!), and alone i will be flying with new "things" to look forward to. while i sit back and ponder, about what makes one hide, about the things we do, or the decisions we make, what makes us ashamed of who we are, or what we are going to transform into.

    what pulls fear outta us when we snapped and changed?

    so what if the whole world is judging?

    i mean, the truth sometimes can be too much to handle, and when better things are on your side, the last thing you want to hinder you, to become a better person, is how some stupid people make judgment about you of what u have and not who you really are. and they are just prolly jealous that they did not have the courage to even make such a decision. sour grapes?


    my barrier. but im still not going all loudspeaker and broadcasting what i am doing that most disapproved of. i dun let the cat of out the bag, but just aint chasing it back it, if you know what i mean.
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Friday, October 17

Who am I?

    everyone has some little secret that would shamed us and all we wonder if this will reveal how sick we (somehow) are.

    its almost like an addiction. my obessession about his ex (or all of my ex's ex girlfriends actually). wondering how great and smart and wonderful and blah blah blah she is. to ogle at them is what i think is sick, and the admiration of them is what confuses me.

    the thin line between beating her to everything and being the better one.

    my self confidence is drifting away. how can i be this lame?

    my drive needs a real motivation.
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Monday, October 13

MSN nick reads : Di is unhappy for no reason.

    he says:

    Di says: :)

    he says: :/

    Di says: :)

    (and several minutes later.. i thought i should share my thoughts. since he care to ask(at least)..)

    Di says:
    do u sometimes u just wanna like get out...but now its like ...."get out...get out from where??"

    Di says:
    i am not the happiest and i dun seem to know what exactly is bothering me

    (no response until about 2minutes later..)

    he says:
    u going to yoga?

    (men. unbelivably cutest dumbest thing in our whole wide world. mmm. or maybe they choose to be?)

    Di says:

    the thing about babysteps that people take, are great, really. BUT, when it comes to relationship, we shouldn't expect to be hoorayed all the time, and neither encouraged (not all the time really!), and to me, i'd rather they learn their ropes (first) and show me what' you've got.

    impress me.

    we women don't say we like surprises for nothing.

    *eyes rolling*
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Tuesday, October 7

New(ed) Desk

    a glimps of my new work desk. yes, i do have that many chat boxes (and sometimes more!) because the whole job scope is about communication of all forms and we just quote, chat, type and calculate!

    update : this entry was saved and not posted, and untill now, it's my OLD desk already. oh man. you never know whats gonna happen tomorrow isn't it?

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Sunday, October 5

Side Taker.

    we all know that in even the best of relationships, disagreements are bound to arise from time to time. For those with no clear resolution, a new site offers a way for each member of a couple to tell their side of the story anonymously and let the crowds decide who's to blame. i thought it was a little absurd, but i could also be quite stubborn over things like alot of women out there, nonetheless, i went and checked it out.

    you'll be surprise how many are taking sides (one that i came across had 3 pages of comments!?)


    i have been thinking about the who single hood again. like not even seeing him regularly and all. what is wrong with me really. -.-

    i should expect to grow old lonely, (still) eccentric, and remorseful (i think?) and knowing i had it coming but im really pretty helpless about why i always wanna get out from seeing anyone naughty or nice after too long a time. why can't i just be like anyone normal and lead my life like any other human being. not that im complaining, but i am confused.

    because its not about running away. you do know right?



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Friday, October 3

Aqua FHM Party - Oct

    long overdue and i only have 3 to show. muahaha.

    the economy so unpredictable and my mood swings unfortunately syncronises with the fluctuations like the dow :( while i constantly snapped out of irritations, i think my pms is driving me nuts. to make things worse, the exam is drawing near again.

    omg. must relax and act accordingly.

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Thursday, October 2

Aqua on Springwise!

    oooh Aqua is on Springwise!

    Pop-up Nightclubs Launch In Singapore.
    "Aqua's two-storey-high mobile party platform is modelled out of shipping containers using a transforming mechanism that allows a single container to open up to three times its original size. "

    read here.

    kudos to all.
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