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Sunday, May 27

Reminising the good old feeling.

    so many voices in my head and im allowing things to befall while i watch, wait, and stood. im almost enjoying the reminisce of whats been lost over the years. the feeling all came back. in glee if anything. helpless lil soul just fell. but it just feel so light and almost weightless i could barely suffer from it. Aaah. how careless and care less do i wanna be?

    bring me. to the wonderland. just like what every kid wishes for.
    i wanna be a kid and not worrying if the clouds would fall on me one day, i could dance on cotton candy just like any happy kiddo's world.


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Tuesday, May 22

Female construction worker

    Female construction worker, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    i rember this was taken during my firts company trip just months back in pattaya. krukru, malik and i roamed around and make fun of ourselves like silly punch monkeys. *laughs* malik recently just asked me again when will the co. trip happen again. "erm..like next feb if ure lucky? it was just 3month ago!"

    so while i followed the two boys as they shop and i being such snappy happy bunny caught a rare sight we get in singapore. this female construction worker whose taking a break standing at the plank as pathway to site, smiling at some funny commotion between some people at the front. she was smiling and i like just the way how people know how work needs break like this. women in the third world countries work doubly hard as labour while taking control in balancing their families and the bits and pieces of their lives.

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Wednesday, May 16

Watching Alan Race This Sunday!

    this morning i had a suprise when i saw my good friend in straights time. one full page article! *blows whistle* the interview was about his profession and how he became a horse jockey. i am so proud of my friend! keke. and since last week, ive already told him to help me get some tickets to the turf club for the big race. so the im bringing the girlies to the turf cluf at the OWNER"S LOUNGE for lunch and watch him race! its gonna be fun. Winks*

    whoo hoo hoo! wee eeek keeek!

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Monday, May 14

Mini Fisherman Pack For Movie.

    caught the movie 28 Day Later with clarence and i just thought its a "scary" movie. *rolls eyes* u know? those that coupled with the sound effect and suspense, the "bam! bam! bam!" , so not my type. whao.. *fakes shivers* im soooo scared. *yawns*

    however, i do have to give some tiny thumbs up for cineleisure, for the mini fisherman methol pack *points up* for every ticket bought. *twiddles little thumb* though theres only 2 in there, i still think its good effort. keke.

    well we have decided that we should really do a weekend outing with zach and mumsie without fail every week. we do hope the bond between zach and us will grow ever so strong and pray he will not resort to bad company again. family warmth beats everything eh? *winks*

    here are the random pics on sunday coffee session. no one wanna have chocolate fondue with me! *cries*

    poor doremon! el's doing! *elica chants* "kill! kill! kill!"
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Sunday, May 13

Small Dinner Group.

    we had dinner at mon petit last friday. im getting tired of the complicated lifes of people who refused to get out of their nonsensical life. im out. but well, we still had fun. here are some of the random pics from D. *waves*

    i love fake smoking. weird habit started 5yrs after i quitted. ok, fake straw smoking. *rols eyes*
    mummy pat teasing sharon. while we get on with our lifes. muahaha.
    i have the tendacy to get such half surprised smile whenevr my pic is being taken. no idea why.

    bleah bleah bleah.
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Sunday, May 6

Muse And Our Wonderful Journey

    we have ended our path and it has been a wonderful journey. i feel that somehow this has to end, if not now, later. so why wait? he suggested, i nodded. no fight. i like. *smiles* people ask and i decline to share much. whats past is past and seriously, muse and i did not have much problem. i just dont see why i want to continue anything anymore. i answer some that it could be due to the hectic life at times of the day and the next is throwing him attitude and feel bad later. its the time of the year and i wanna be single again. i am THIS perculiar i dont understand myself too.

    well, i know for sure, this muse is a friend to keep. and a buddy to be. he was almost my soulmate. almost. and i still love him and wish he would find another that he hearts. *hugs*

    *blows kisses*

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