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Sunday, April 29

Heavy Week.

    while the news has it, so many deaths this week. people who use to be just acquaintances, seemed to still touch that achey break part of my heart. such helpless soul. vulnerable life, reality is always cruel. i still feel. may peace be with u all.

    ... ... ... ...

    exams finally over and the new term will start very soon. but before this, im chirpy and busy as a bee. so many things, so little time! let's see, ive managed to squeeze some lunch classes this month. saves time while i stll learn. woo hoo. still have no idea how do i get to reuters' office, but i guess i'll figure my way out by wednesday.

    something is not right about us and i just cant put my fingers on it. i told joyce "the grass is always greener on the other side". *smiles* i apreaciate what i have now. i just think we need more space. we'll try to work something out im sure.
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Wednesday, April 18

Tioman's Breeze.

    as the sea breeze rushed in from the waves along the shore. where i stood, the leaves swayed. i thought it was waving at me, or dancing for me. the time is not in our hands, the picture captures our heart then.
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Sunday, April 15

Tioman Hazards.

    thanks to the NSS money from the government. im now debt free! weeeeeeeeee! it means i can start saving up and afford holiday trips again. how nice? life IS wonderful eh!

    speaking of which, D has got herself into some issues with the gals and she's also not speaking to me for the most silly reason. what are good friends for? tsk tsk, babe, i'll still be here if u need me, but i need to to really wake up and not dwell onto ur picture perfect life and move on. come on, we still love u, and we just need to to be honest. sigh.

    on a totally different note, my leg has been slightly infected by the corals that i got scratched from the last diving trip to tioman. oh! if anyone has any plans for tioman, DO NOT check urself into Tropical Coral Inn. sucks big time, and the heater is not working! argh. thank god we have the boss of Paya beach resort and aaron who helped us out big time ensuring we have a good night rest on the last day. we were just like 2 happy bunny island who hopped to check ourselves out and into paya delux room. whao. heater is such heaven. we even have a loft sea view bed at 80 ringget. *winks*

    i WILL go back again lah. and will spread the good word and hospitality service we've received. wonderful people from this wonderful trip. *smiles*
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Sunday, April 1

To Part or Not To Part?

    i imagine lovely flowers falling from the sky. but im just in my room and with my messy book paradise. the thought of my next diving trip is already giving the high, but something is amiss, i just dunnoe why.

    D has got into trouble with the gals, and im just here useless. i cant help if ive not been regarded as a friend. so sad. such old friend i really dont bare to let her go. just like any other relationships, its hard to part when so much has been shared its almost like a part of me already. u noe what i mean? i need to prioritise my work now. so much for burrying in books and work, the doubts keep floating back and even shut eye cant help. i will not run away from it.

    its time to go read up my case studies again. ta ta for now. i'll be back with good feelings the next time. i promise.

    *blows kisses*

    background + no music just books
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