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Friday, November 28

    today i'll be taking my RTT (riding theory test) at comfort driving center. *gulp* you know how terrifying the word "TEST" haunt me eversince school days ( ahhgh. have i unintentionally sounded too old when i say "eversince school days" (?) ).


    i went for my 1st riding lesson yesterday. it was horribly....fun (?)
    i was enjoying everybit of the lesson (including the company of our cute and shy instructor), with 5 gals in the class, i definetely seemed more quailfied and tough since i don't whine or squeek whenever the bike falls or when i have not enough strength to lift the bike up for parking with the main stand. in any case, these are never a problem to me. *shrugs*

    but my stupidity was to attend my practical lesson with a sleeveless tank top. *slaps forehead* thus, i had to grab a raincoat (even tho it wasn't raining) from the back of the class and wear it throughout the riding lesson. can you imagine how drenched i was with my own sweat when i took it off? that WAS disgusting, yiaks.

    i thought i did quite well, but they didn't pass me. i guess i had to be punished attending lessons with improper attire. fuckkit, i know i'll sure pass the next time. you wait and see.

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Wednesday, November 26

    the whole of the last week =

    catching up + late nights + laughters + dance + food + boozes + games


    i have a 2nd audition tomorow and im still here blogging my nonsense and all. heh. i know im a slack and had been quite outta touch with whoever's reading. maybe i haven't really live my life recently, i havent been cursing people who'd stepped my feet or neither have i smiled and talked to interesting people who'd crossed my path, i had been so so blinded by the stress i created myself and overlooked wot life truely means.

    *slaps* bad bad gal.

    *breathes in* *breathes out*

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Saturday, November 22

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Saturday, November 15

    ah..back from a rather fun beach vacation and feeling slightly recharged. *smiles* i wasn't very happy with what i snapped (sorry peeps, u should expect alot of meaningless and boring shots). *fwaps*

    i so wanted to blog but im so freaking sleepy/tired/drained. i really hope to get my pc repaired soooon but i dun have a helper to transport it down to sim lim yet. dang!


    we have men like this who never fail to annoy and entertain us.

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Monday, November 10

    train ride
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Wednesday, November 5

    everytime when i blog, it would mean that im not at home. yes, my pc had finally decided to die on me. that ungrateful piece of shit that i had grown so attached with. argh. why does bad things fall in one after another when u pray so hard for a better day? i have to prepare myself for the worse becoz i will have to call that jerk who owed me money tonight.


    i told myself that i will have to divert my sorrrows to do something else more rewarding. like yoga. i had a fun time and will continue my second lesson next mon. also, i will be helping a friend's boss out to take snaps for their shop for advertisments and this will be my very 1st assignment!


    ive got to prepare myself for now. ciao!
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Monday, November 3

    ive been saying i wanted to give the cheapskate bastard (my ex boyfriend-MAX NEO TIONG WOO) a surprise visit to get my money back. i bummed into him on saturday. god is so fucking fair huh. he still has all fingers pointing at me for what i did to traumatise him. strange,i thought i was the one who had been depressed, cheated, disturbed and then stalked (?) fuck you. all of these reminded me once again how lucky i am outta his pathetic life but also how crazily blinded i was. geez!


    he said he will call (reluctantly) and when he recieved his pay, he'll call. im so helpless. i can only wait. he is the bug that will never go away, my nightmare and my migraine.
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