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Sunday, December 31

Wonderful Year Ahead!

    hey ho. before i forgot!

    *blows kisses*

    happy happy new year ahead!

    its been a great year for me(although i still have a performance tonight instead of acting crazy one last year with my love ones. ;p) and im looking forward for the better year next!

    ta 2006!

    muarks muarks and hugs hugs.

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Sunday, December 24

An Evening in Amsterdamo

    evening at amsterdamo, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    Miss the place already. where we went coffeeshop hopping and do nothing but laugh, eat and walk, walk and walk. think i have walked the marathon or at least accomplished the big walk everyday. public transport is not in our favourite list, and we see great things along the way all the time. i miss the evenings, where the road gets dark while certain areas of the city starts to buzz. hmm. not only the red light district of coz, but the places where peeps parked in and have coffee and food, with the cold breeze and firmiliar air of smokes at times from somewhere, some place.

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Tuesday, December 5

Stressed Bunny Tearing Hair.

    just came back from alan's wedding and oh my..it was like a artist meeting more than anything. =p haha. well, it was good catch up with some long-time-no-see/hear-peers and it was good except for the fact that we have to perform and skip a few dishes from the beginning of our dinner. i mean, i dun mind even if they request for us to sing them somthing after the dinner. you know, me and my dinners are all very precious. whahaha.

    how am i being stressed and totally unfunny these days? i really dislike economics when we have to finish our module within a month before exam. ridiculous! but i guess im just plain stoopid since no one else is complaining? *lets out a really heavy sigh*

    *mutters* GDP, GNP, private consumption expenditure, interest rate fluctuations, foreign direct investment, autonomous and induced income..bleh blah baaah..whaaaaaaa! *tears hair*

    background + no more music but clutters of books and notes.
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