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Tuesday, July 26

World Crumbling Down On Me?

    ive been losing my patience so much so that i even thought one day i might just blow my head off for no reason at all. i dont know what could possibly go wrong, or what ever karma that is garnered to come back to huant my little helpless soul. lost is me. dont even mention my sucky health condition. all is wrong. feeling great one minute and having the world crumbling down the next is just traumatizing. geez, all these are too fast a speed for me to swallow. i just hate to be in such pathetic state. losing control, and all i can do is blink blink, breathe breathe. why would live still brings any meaning? taunted by countless bad energy around me. its fight fight every day.
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Wednesday, July 20

Fun Or Drudgery?

    Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun. – Colleen C. Barrett
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Monday, July 18

Refused To Go Bonkers.

    im beginning to worry that the day when work becomes me might really come true. 16hrs of work on sat, stretching to about 2ish in the morning. physically drained. ive been experiencing alot of wheezing everyday, and the best news is that the doctor told me i am to depend on the inhalers to curb these devils, on a daily basis, and for a very loooong period of time. mental condition seemed to be wiring all the wrong channels too. "nono, i have to sleep ", i remembered reminding myself every night before i sleep, my mind drifted to some other thoughts, it just cant stop. im so tired and i cant get to sleep.

    so now that the weekend is finally over, and the exams are around the corner. stress level is high and it has been fluctuating. i bit hard, closed my eyes and i refused to go bonkers.
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Sunday, July 10

Love Yourself Not?

    its drizzling outside and ive forgotten how the rain brings the sense of serenity to me. it didnt take long before the construction site not too far from me started banging the work to reconstruct this world again. if only we can work our lives and revamp ourselves, work the interior and bring in more colours and zest to it. maybe even have the micro chips to do the necessary upgrading. wouldnt live be better this way, or will the better always get to you?

    how much do you love yourself? funny how the answer would only be true if it did not come from you. maybe its time, we sit to ponder, for what have you done to yourself, for better or worse, were you really a happy soul? or were you trying too hard to please the other souls? life is such. a complication of too much.

    background + all the noises in my head.
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Wednesday, July 6


    .k.hayashi's paper gallery.
    insanely intricate paper crafts! summer friends and caramel are my favourites. check them out!

    .japanese streets.
    JAPANESE STREETS is a company in Japan that has scouts walking the streets of Japan daily to bring Japanese Street fashion to you.

    .moco loco.
    if you like contemporary mordern design, go here. they feature all new designs and views.

    .very strage sims.
    very weird. but im never a sims' fan.
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Friday, July 1

Men With PMS

    im sorry that i havent been keeping in touch. juggling between school and work and preparing for my new endeavor have been tedious, but im glad im having fun. i haven't been snapping, or going for my holiday like i did so often before, not to even mention the other fun activities like diving, wake boarding or even hanging out with my biggest love, my family members. ive become a slave for work, work, and more work.

    ona totally different note. muse haven been going through some really rough time, i am not good at this, but i will try put up with your cranky-ness a lil bit more. *pouts*

    i was waiting for more than an hour with my 2kg bagpack and when he finally reached, we finally said to meet by the escalator on basement 1. 10mins later, he called again..

    him : where are you?
    me : here. i dun see you, im standing right in te middle so i cant miss you.
    him : *sounded impatient* heya, lets meet by the main entrance than.
    me : why? hmm..where are you exactly? *started to wonder off, searching for him*
    him : *raising his voice* im at the 1st floor!
    me : *sigh* ok, im coming up now.

    he didnt apologize for being rude. neither did we want to argue about the miscommunication. its so stupid. i just wanna rest.
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