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Monday, May 15

Back From My Diving Trip!

    ho ho all! here is bunny slighty tanned and cheery. im back from my diving trip and its wonderful to be back in the sea! *flutters lashes* ahh. first LOB experience is just amazing. got to know so many fun peeps! im already secretly wishing for my 2nd one soon. *evil grin* but muse has shared an even more fantabulous posibility! amsterdam will it be? gosh. i need more moolah for my holiday indulgence. im addicted to get outta this little red dot of ours. *ahem* to leave is to be more appreciative. reckon reckon? wha ha ha.

    full of excuse. excuse me lah.

    i have yet to upload the pics. will do so in abit. meanwhile, im just back after din din and am going to get prepared before the security closes the pool at 10pm. then i need to download some songs for practice. i have not been learning new songs for performance. bad is very me. *pouts*

    well. last, i do hope i get to finish my book soon. so many things, so little time right?

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Sunday, May 7

Still Loving Every Bit Of My Life.

    while everyone's life starts to settle down, mine's just got started. life always go on, never ending, never boring. i had a tough week, and thank god i still have my diving trip to keep me in good spirits. *big grins*

    on a totally different note, school is over! yay! and ive got a distinction for one of my modules! double yay! *throws confetti at self* whahaha.

    going back to the clubs 3 nights a week would be tedious for me, but i guess its a choice ive made and making both jobs fun would be the wiser option. im a stress enthusiast, and i am amazed how i manage my time with all this, and of coz, still squeeze in time to play with the lil rascal at home. *laughs* preserverance is always a virtue. i have always love how i love my life.
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