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Thursday, February 24

I've Lost My Track.

    i sat back and thought about how i had unconsciously slip into the state of sinking into the uncontrollable state of going bonkers. im in desperate need to find my stand and continue my path toward the positivity of every situation, have a pleasant ride in life and of coz, not straying out of the fun zone too.

    measuring the zest that im slowly losing in life, i know i need to catch my breathe before i summit to the break down syndrome. god. i hope my ambulance is somewhere on its way.*locking her fingers that's been crossed*

    if only i have a doctor to prescribe me the meds i need, like ive been sick, maybe a priest to free my spirit, with a snap of his fingers, or it could just be the cleaner who does his sweeping everyday, sweeping the loads off my back. i can also settle with the keyboard who proceeds my ultimate order, the choice to save, copy and delete, all within my fingertips. boy, how pathetic.

    if i still can't find my antidote, i might just go to sleep, let tomrrow be tomorrow and not sleep with my sorrows.

    coz i am me, and so i know,
    someway, somewhere, somehow, my lost track will be found. *forces a smile*

    background + tori amos
    frog on my toe
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Saturday, February 19

Shanghai Fast food

    Shanghai Fast food, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    I have this weird habit of wanting to try the macdonald's of a different counrty. then compare them with singapore fries.but when i was in shanghai, i missed the chance for this crazy routine, maybe it's becoz we had too little time to even have a decent time to walk in nanjing road.i dun miss the place, not shanghai. but the time we spent there, was short and nothing but fun.

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Saturday, February 12

Back Check

    Back Check, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    I remembered this picture that I snapped while the traffic was as uaually crazy as it has always been in shanghai, which brought fond memories of having someone watching over you is nothing but sweet if it meant not wanting to lose you. it feels good to be wanted and needed. maybe its the "ego thing". maybe its love.

    at EN Bar ealier on, we talked over dinner like we havent been for awhile. how our friends live and how ridiculous how some can be. about how funnny how some ppl stumbled into such comfortable state in a relationship when it all started with having the key to a none committal relationship and thinking bonus had come knocking on "the door". we laughed and exchanged smiles. we are still awaiting for beautiful stories but i am not expecting for it.

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Friday, February 4

Confused by Profanity.

    Who's more profane -- a candidate who says the word "damn," or a president who doesn't give a damn?
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