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Saturday, September 22

Random Happenings.

    a long time.

    so much emotions and too much to do. i dont even have time for my lil self to sit and think. yeah. no time to think. all is in my head - just do, don't think. its getting to me and lil birdie me wants to fly and see the world again. i wanna lay down and watch the sky pass by, think nothing and see pretty things again. not that i cant do that now. i just dont wanna be overloaded with too much insanity. we all need the balance in life. crazy life is fun, we just need to occasionally park ourselves comfortably and sit and enjoy life differenly, in search of sanity.

    there is a someone whom i have been thinking alot. too much for my own good. abide my crazy life, i wonder how he manage to slot himself in. just amazing. maybe i need more work. maybe i am really getting outta hand.

    finally moved back to sistakin's place and still adapting to wake up in the mad wee hour of the morning. oh, work has been good, and ive aimed to improve and impress. being positive is such a wonderful thing i never wanna stop. :D :D :D

    im working on a photo project, with many thanks to our instructor - cheeyong, and i really cant wait to see my 1st portfolio book of the project being printed! weeeeeeeeee!

    background +random songs for performance purpose
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