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Friday, May 29

Random Photography Feeds.


    Milky way (underwater galaxy)

    Magic Underwater

    you know you're on facebook too often when u thought clicking on the current browsed picture will bring you to the next posted pic (in FLICKR). hur hur. stumbled on Javiy's underwater (picked 3 of my personal favourites above) shots - intrigued.
    Asian Geographic’s new competition, Asia Without Borders, is open for entry from now till September 30, 2009. four categories available, specifically aimed to obtain images of asia’s people, landscapes and wildlife. you can even follow their blog to learn more about getting the right shot or read their articles as they add content over the coming month. shoo shoo..go shoot.

    Leica M8 and M8.2

    so simple, so sharp, so exciting. i reeeeally want you. *pouts*

    last but not least. quotes from our beloved Elliott Erwitt

    "All the techniques of the world cannot compensate the incapacity to observe."

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Tuesday, May 26

Twitter Updates.

    love the iridescence in soap bubbles.



    OTW bazzaar organised by 2902 (like a happy sponge, soaking up new inspirations) + totally passed on Samantha Ronson at Fuel, and Above and Beyond at Zouk last week, Stephane Pomounac is reeeally just my only consolation for now + new found obsession for everything iridescent, especially, soap bubbles! (get over my being wierd will u?) + go watch 100 Touching Photo Expressing Loneliness and Solitude in awe + catching up with zach and family bring back feelings all warm and fuzzy + anticipating my diving trip in Redang around june and Manado in aug (not forgetting Lin's wedding in Bali 30th Oct and prolly HKG and NYC too. P/S : not getting close to OD-ing from my ridiculous amount of getaways - because i know i deserve it.) + the sweet lil thing just got sweeter by the day *smiles* + i need to shoot because i need to shoot.

    see that i have absolutely no problem with brievity at all?

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Monday, May 18

2nd Joint Exhibit!

    ON THE WALL ~ Photo Bazaar
    Saturday & Sunday (23rd and 24th May)
    2902 Gallery - Old School

    - informal photography exhibition featuring creative works by budding artists, photographers & enthusiasts (me me me!)
    - photographic flea market to buy camera gears & any other related commodities
    - photographic sharing through public seminars & workshops to benefit both the photographers & collectors community
    - photographic gathering for like-minded people to network & exchange ideas

    Website... http://www.f56gallery.com
    Facebook... http://OTWfacebook.easyurl.net

    or just drop by and say hi! :D

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Thursday, May 14

REAL Gender Studies.

    forget gender studies. Women should start reading Sammyboy and Men should start reading Cozycot. enlightening, real and pretty scary.

    the bitchiness, materialism and superficiality that goes on in one. t lechery, general disrespect for women and superficiality that goes on in the other. makes me wonder why aren’t more people alone. because do we really need them yucky awful beings? ew.

    maybe anonymity filters out the dreg in people. where are the cream of the crop.

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Tuesday, May 5

M & M.

    blame it on pms. feelings overpouring on the way home, and while i have a my earpiece plugged in, a certain song made the journey home a tad more emotional than usual. i stopped to admire such pretty sight, while i felt the weight on my shoulders. its haunting me.

    one who doesnt stay manogamous..are they really leopards who doesnt change its spots?

    while i have faced with too many similar situations, i concluded that the option is long gone for me to trust men. either they earn it, or leave it, that i am not the optimist risk taker anymore (may i add that i am still hopeful for the trustworthy one to appear and as i always say, men who comes with plesant suprises - always a keeper), but time i is all i have for them, and for their benefit, please do not try to impress, and do not even try ur lil tricks.

    im bored. its the same stories over and over again. men and manogamy, never quite go together, or do they? skip the new chapters already, its new books and new genres this time.


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Monday, May 4

The Thing Call Love.

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Saturday, May 2

Random convo with Ulrich.

    3:11amPeter : grow up will you...
    3:12amDiana : thats tough
    3:12amPeter : i know but try lah :D
    3:12amPeter : im attending "grow up academy"...
    3:13amDiana : trying my entire life. never stopped
    3:13amDiana : ahahah
    3:14amPeter : wow... youve tried for 40+ years n still...
    3:14amPeter : :D
    Diana : ...still growing backwards..to be exact...i am REALLY just 21 now
    3:15amPeter : amazing
    3:15amPeter : maybe you can teach the trick someday..??
    3:15amDiana : not easy. if u dun master it well, ur maturity lvls drops while ur still pretty much lok as old. ooops. maybe u alr tried it huh
    3:20amPeter : ????
    3:24amPeter L ure even more boring after hours....;)
    3:25amDiana : tamed
    3:25amDiana : but u never fail to irritate
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