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Wednesday, January 28

    i read about an article about a partner who was caught for contacting his ex secretary although he claimed that there has been nothing between them, just occasional phone calls and lunch and dinner prolly once.

    "All my calls and sms to her were insignificant as there were no feelings involved."

    To be frank, I do not have any feelings for my ex-secretary, just that the opportunity is there to have a cheap thrill. All men will do that. On the day my ex-secretary stops responding, I will also stop."

    if u ask me, i say its really crap. if
    it was never intentional, then why keep it a secret? ask yourself if you have never harboured lustful thoughts of that woman. had she invited you to bed, would you have walked away? truly, has she only been a friend in your heart and mind? an emotional affair is not easy to define. if you choose to believe that you have never felt more than friendship, then it’s easier to blame the wife (or partner) for being paranoid and neurotic.

    the 101 lame excuses men makes. *eyes rolling*

    this article relates to me, because so fortunately, i have recently become a victim for sucha cornered seperation. well, it is fortunate for me, to at least found out before he gets to cheat [with sex], but yet i have only experienced the betrayal of trust, when he went a date while still seeing me. wotever,aven't you heard that sometimes emotions betrayal is more hurtful than physical betrayal?

    and what is beyond me, is how they compare themselves with the weaklings around them, like adultery or having any physical contacts with them.

    wow. seriously?

    wotever man. with those, it DOESN't make u a "better" person and god forbids those who think credits should be given BECAUSE they still have not crossed the line (because there's no sex involved?) YET. to me, you may not have betrayed ur partner physically, but your mind had already
    done that, pronto.

    no lame excuses needed. thank you soooo very much.

    oh well, it doesnt matter if my first post of the year started with such angst, becauseit irks me just how ignorant men can get and i here have to get it off my chest since the market is oooh shooo quiet anyway. :P

    oh and now, i wish you all a happy chinese new year. may all the bad things come to an end, while the beautiful things decends on ur path. hehe

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