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Saturday, December 27

    its my day of the year.
    (previous self shot was taken down due to titbit's assumtion that its a nude pic(?) )

    Its my birthday today. thanks all who made an effort to keep me happy and sane last night. big thank u to macho wil and annie for the dvd player! i dunnoe what to say..but i really love and appreaciate it lots. thanks to my sistakins and bro-in-law who stood by me Anytime of the day. thanks gina and sean for the karaoke and birthday cake. thank u everyone who sms-ed me ur well wishes and remembering this unimportant day.

    u know, it means so much.

    happy birthday to myself.
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Friday, December 26

    our christmas theme party- Made In China

    i got the best dressed! oh, not for getting rubberDy too! *waves 60bucks excitedly*
    will be watching LOTR tomorow. i hope i won't doze off in theatre, coz i gotta be at work by 630am. *keeps fingers crossed*

    im counting the days before i get to meet hong kong again! *repeatedly chants "shop and eat, shop and eat, shop and eat..."* not forgetting all my cameras (or should i just bring my holga?)! oh! and ruby for films! *tears hair* so much to remember! so little time!

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    day by day
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Wednesday, December 24

    macho wil got me season 4 -sex and the city's dvd(which completed the set of all 5 seasons that he'd got me!) babyg got me this and a tripod for meee birthday and christmas gift! el got me a funky shirt from mango! i recieved a glove for golf during our christmas party! prezzies! prezzies! more prezzies!

    *kneels down and pray hard*

    "grant me more christmas, lovins and prezzies.."


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    all i want for christmas is you
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Friday, December 19

    being a singaporean, let me introduce u one of our typical singaporean's practice. presenting my kiasuistic(singlish- originated from a hokkien word meaning ; be afraid of losing out to others/wanting to be 1st in everything ) side!

    ok, happy early christmas wishes from me! yay!

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    where do i begin (away team mix)
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Monday, December 15

    yes everybody! i passed my RTT (riding theory test)! oh well, it wasn't as much a surprise to me, it would be too shameful to not pass with questions like that (i know, i know.. i should be humble *nodding away*)..

    i will also be going back to sing permanently next feb onwards. yay for that! but i will only do 3days a week, which would be a big plus point for my weak voicebox of my little throat. *strokes throat gently* when u start to sing, it will become part of u, there is no way u'll get sick of it and i know its already part of my life. but what i really want is to sing in a jazz band (not canto pops and oldies), tho i have absolutely zero experience for that genre. *fwaps* i want to move and widen my exposure and be versatile in all genre. u know what i mean? maybe some day (?), maybe.

    thanks ck for this lovely album of astrud gilberto. savouring every bit of it.

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    tu meu delirio
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Wednesday, December 10

    thanks daddy jo for the link. she tittled it The Power of Love. *shrugs* no comments.

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    its in his kiss
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Saturday, December 6

    i went for my hip hop lesson last night. super duper fun! but i think they should speed up on the lesson abit. *grins* we also caught The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at lido after meeting up with sisterkin's lovely crew mates. jona! i still miss the portobello mushrooms! *drools at the thought of it*

    ok, should be off for late breakfast with my tidbits now . more fun in the darkroom! wheeeee!

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    vem vet
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Friday, December 5

    i didn't want to jinx it by telling u 1st. but now that ive taken my leave and bought the tix.. yay! im going to hong kong for the new year! and i for the 1st time will be meeting up with one of my friendsters! how cool is that?! so i will be leaving on the 29th, alone and meet eric and group there! im so excited! but i really wish babyg, and sisterkinnies will be joining me. *pout*

    okok, im getting so excited i think i wana puke.

    btw, happy belated birthday to gin again!
    may all the sweetest dreams come true!

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    benen i kors
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Thursday, December 4

    and the horizontal b/ws..

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    so nice
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    here are some pics of the johncandees. im the only blog friend they've invited i think. so honoured to even be invited, i also brought albert along to share the happiness. tho i was not prepared and fumbled with my cam with most of the indoor shots, it was still a fun and good experience. thank u albert for lending me ur flash at the last min.

    the vertical b/ws..

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Wednesday, December 3

    Happy Birthday Wilson!

    now willie bud, spill! spill! did u or the guys get big hot sexy chicks to dirty dance for u? bashed up the cops and get away with it? dressed as tranny and hooked up with the beefcakes parading their meaty bod along the streets? knock every door in ur hostel, hugging and kissing them (regarless of gender) spreading the joy of ur big day?


    *shakes head*

    hiya. wot have u done?!

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    across the universe
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Tuesday, December 2

    alrighty, finally! after much patience, i finally get to post my pics again. will do more soon, meanwhile this is one of my batam shots. my 1st attemp with 120 slides. had lots of fun.

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    at last
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