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Friday, May 28

no thoughts in my head

    i came in with my mind blank and i just type away without much thinking. its not uncommon coz i havent been thinking these days. jaded. i fed on my glenfiddich two nights in a row but it wont be perfect till i coupled it with my cuban cigars. i have plans for the night but im not very enthusiastic about it. i want to break away real soon, i want to plan for a short trip again, i want to be alone and not thinking how much one missed me. maybe he didnt even, maybe he's thinking of the same as i did, maybe we all are waiting, for things to happen, for miracle to surface. maybe i should stop thinking now.

    no songs in my head.
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Wednesday, May 26

starsky & hutch- pinball game

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Tuesday, May 25

freako teenage gal

    i was waiting in line for my duck porridge and overheard the conversations of the two teenage gals who stood right in front of me.

    skinny gal : so how much did u get for ur maths?

    big gal : er.. 62. u? with CA?

    skinny gal : 76, without CA. wots urs without?

    big gal : i forgot, but i pass anw. *shrugs* (quickly diverts her attention) wots the highest score in urt class ah?

    skinny gal : (gave it some thought) i think its 81.

    big gal : mine's 90! *smirking*

    (hahaahaa..i dun understand. why does her classmate's higher highest score gives her any advantage at all?)

    skinny gal : *impressed* whao..

    big gal : boh liao right?

    (i was like "wtf? u didn't score as good and u criticised the better ones?")

    big gal : i wanted to get a pair of permanent colour contact lenses. wot do u think?

    skinny gal : i dunnoe, which colour do u want to get?

    big gal : think im getting yellow, wot do u think? *blinks*

    ( i was so tempted to tap her on her shoulder and telling her " i think u'll look like a freak!")
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Sunday, May 23

happenings on ant's birthday

    yay! we're going wakeboarding today and a nice dinner tonight.i havent rode in ages, should be fun.*winkes*
    went karaoke last night, i miss singing, 7 days more to go and i'll be back on stage. woohoo!

    oh oh...!

    happy birthday ant! *hugs and kisses*
    everybody adores you and u know it right?!
    you're the bestest of my everything!

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Thursday, May 20

yellow flower, cotton balls.

    my only explanation for my absence is that I was waiting for something fabulous to happen. like colourful cotton balls taken by the wind, brushing gently against my skin.

    i lied, coz it did.

    with yellow flower in my hands. i see all of only you.
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Wednesday, May 19

william hung's mtv

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Wednesday, May 12

    all the memories would come rushing back. she would be lying there suffocated by memories. she takes an unfirmiliar but steady step forward. a yellow flower surfaced from below her feet, blooming and smiling up to her. with that, it blew bit by bit, all the stones in her heart, it had lightened all her spirits. she picked up her pace and ran, with the yellow flower in her hand.
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Monday, May 10

    i have not been taking snaps lately, not been updating my blog regularly lately, letting my fotologgers down alot lately.

    till i have internet access at home. *throws angry fist at the already dead pc at home*

    till i gather enough time to re-edit all my pics and upload them.

    till i get my lazy ass moving.

    till my brain starts to live again.


    till then.

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Tuesday, May 4

    young boys say very sweet things to you when they get very obsessed with you over a smile u gave him unintentionally at some automated-telly-machine near our work place. he wants to be more than friends... he still wants me (?) hello? army boy, u don't know love and resorting to sista love is not very helpful for u.


    but i must say, i miss the days when i was younger (when i said that, it dosent make me sound older, just that i want to highlight to u it just meant "when i was just YOUNGER than now"), where all things are beautiful, all friends are trustworthy(and it will always go with FOREVER) n love is always sacred, genuine and everlasting. thats when i feel im no longer how young i thought i am when reality starts to slap me in the head. growing up is not so fun after all.

    forever friends! forever love! forever young! forvever 20!

    ahahha. im such a lamer.


    .balloon string.
    boiong! boiong! boiong!

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