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Monday, November 29

One less single monkey today.

    i typed a whole lot of words and deleted them with a click on my mouse. see? thats wots going on in my brain these days. half filled and it went dead on me , time and again. today's mummy pat's day for her marriage registry. still cant accept the fact that i have one less monkey to bitch about stupid men in our lives and laugh at their freaking egos eating their brains away. much to our entertainment, its been fun and can be naughty at the same time, to stay single and pretending to be "maybe available". *laughs* okok, mummy pat, i really do wish you have a blissful marriage. *hugs*

    im going broke. so not fun. it means no holidays and i have to stick my butt at home till another pay day arrives. hmm. maybe i just have to go "Will you buy me breakfast/lunch/dinner today?" from now onwards and hope to save some bit for christmas gifts. i am one small brain with a big heart too, so if im offereing you a hug instead of prezzies this year, don't be honest and call me a cheapo ya? *rolls eyes* come on, this could make up for the sins u'd done and may u have a peaceful new year, if u help me this bit, that is. *inserts evil laughter*

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Sunday, November 21

getting older with love around her

    last night we had planned a surprise birthday bbq party for el and though i didn't have the chance to see the look on her face, i hope she was surprised and had loads of fun. well, i had. *laughs* i love u sis and i will never stop feeling so. i never forget to tell u that and i dun think of birhdays being so special besides having people repeatedly reminding u of the new year and how much older ure getting. oh oh..of coz *winks* the prezzies quite welcoming though. whaha.

    happy new year sistakin.

    may u have heaps of love, best of health, loads of moolah and of coz, more great sex. whahaha. ok, its not funny. coz i really mean it and u know it. heh.

    oh man, i love new year and mine is near. *gasps*

    ciaoros peeps.
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Thursday, November 18

Changmai Kiddo

    hey ya. i'm back. weighing more than i should and feeling better than i thought i would. with much hiccups than expected the emotions and fun we shared were truely unexpected. we were in such playful mode all the time its like growing backwards and not feeling a tad bit shameful about it. i have them to thank and myself to amuse with the strong bond we've build in such short 5-6 days, truely amazing and it still is.

    gregor drove us to his place and even went up to changrai. the journey that lasted half a day was never a bore even with no words exchanged at times.like wot i call, a true company dosent require any deep conservation, how much one feel at ease with the company of the others made them great partners. i feel so for them. i am comfortable with myself, thats wots important.

    we rented bikes and had our fun riding and driving in the city of changrai. well at least i had mine *chuckles*. almost had to answer for my own carelessness and paid my life for it. whahaha, nah..it wasnt such a big deal. its my life, how big can it be? i think i had just scare the crap outta gregor but saved face value for MAHSELF *giggles*.

    oh, we had lotsa pictures taken. not enough, but good enough to make me broke for days i guess. *blink blink blink* *clicks* *clacks* *clicks* . i think ive even got all their feet taken. *note to self- never stay in the room without plans to keep everyone occupied* still, it was the best night we had man. i mean, attempting to burn gregor's hair, slamming ourselves onto the dead bodies in bed are still some hard to find pleasures..no? ;p

    i close my eyes and all the laughters came rushing back. i miss them already and i'm glad to be meeting them tonight for dinner and some coffee later. cant wait to give them all a big big huggy man. i love you peeps too. more than you gregor. whaha. this is me, the big emo kid.

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    the man who sold the world
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Saturday, November 6

Shoppa Shoppa, Going Gaga, Hippy Yaya.

    heya. life's been tight and im squeezed with all happy things. tight, and sometimes hardly can catch my breathe, but happy. got wot i mean? oh well. *fanning hands and brushing all details aside* thing is, i AM alive and smiling.

    i've been in and out of this small red dot world doing lotsa shoppa shoppa, going gaga, hippy yaya AND? luuuuurva vola. yes. *nods* im rolling again and im rollin' goood. oh, and lots of smoke. ahem, i meant cigars. ahhh, all in the name of love. *laughs*

    met up with tidbits and we had fun dressing me in colours, snapping, giggling and putting nice bits of things on my body. dun think dirty, he was helping me to doing some photo shots and we're in cheenatown with old ppl, curious drivers and tourists who thought we were crazy. heya, i cant explain to them too much, all ppl have important things to do with their lifes and who like me only speak, walk and live fun? i have my world to keep up too u know? whhahaha.

    mahjong tonight i guess. i had a wonderful day today and i know i'll be expecting more tonight. so i should be back here after changmai. be patient.

    ciaoros. *makes kissy faces*

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