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Tuesday, September 13

Finally Flying Again.

    it was saturday night and i hopped into the cab while i was glad i wont be late for work again. I ran outta boots for dancing and decided tonight would be comfort wear as i slipped on my high cut sneakers. i know i look wierd, but i dun have a choice anymore when im already sitting here in the cab and on the way to the club.

    i remembered when i started typing "it was saturday night..", i knew exactly what would come outta my head. i swear that i dont even have an idea what was my drift a;; about. damn. where were i?

    i am flying again. finally! although the thought of going to shanghai is not as exciting, im just to excited to see muse again. oh and a friend name SLUT. wha ha ha. so the ticket would be delivered to me tomorrow. i havent told my boss ive confirmed the tix, i hope all is well.

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    lisa ono
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Saturday, September 10


    .global call to action against poverty.
    on 10 September, ahead of the United Nations Summit, people across the world will unite for the second White Band Day to demand that world leaders Wake-Up to Poverty.

    click and release paper when arrow is in the right direction to throw. aim peeps! aim!

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Thursday, September 8

Criss-Crossed Myself For Better Luck.

    ive been typing and deleting my post. i wanna post some happy thoughts. but im scratching my head and yes, im still stucked. argh. frus is me.

    im still the highest bidder for that LUBITEL 166B. still have mixed feelings about it, but i can only criss-cross my fingers, toes, hairs, eyes (?), and wires. yeh. all the wires in my head are anyway chaotic enough already. *un-crosses eyes and rubbing it* hmmm. crossing my eyes is not wise.
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Wednesday, September 7

Manies Manies Fun La La!

    .Java Joy in Coffee Study.
    drinking 6 cups of coffee a day is good for your health. it cuts the risk of developing the most common form of diabetes, get your healthy supply of antioxidants (1299 milligrams) from your java, it also helps lower the occurance of other diseases. now i have more reasons to be addicted.

    i swear i had only intentions to check the prices of some digital slr. i was merely browsing only. really. i never expect to end up bidding a LUBITEL 166B medium format ( LOMO Seagull rollei carl zeiss. *throws defensive look* never. but im planning for my holidays. so i can have manies manies fun la la. ok, so i derserved to be spanked.
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Monday, September 5

Appreciate Me Not

    it wasnt the best week for me, though i know it could've been worst if it wasnt for muse whos been standing by this vunerable state of mine. i was going bizarre and all i could do was cry. i am really tired. ive been hoping around like a crazy rabbit and trying to do the best that i can, however, i wasnt even deserved a thank you. i guess somehow, it triggered some part of my wired self and i just broke down and cried. muse had been such a kind heart, and this made me miss him more.

    thank you. thank you. really. thank you.
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Saturday, September 3


    Yes, this device will give you the ability to ALWAYS HAVE A GREEN LIGHT. It uses Infra Red technology to trigger Pre-Emptive sensor on a traffic light and causes the light to change to green. So bloody cool!

    .super PRENS of mine.
    i know ive posted this loooooong ago. this was my very first link from my very first entry in 2002. its been years and i still cant stop laughing whenever i play it for my PRENS that i love to share this with. i love u all and i wanna share it again. its just P-UNNY!

    laugh laugh laugh.
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