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Friday, March 24

Asthma Attacked Bunny.

    it was a close shave yesterday. my first asthma attack and silly bunny me thought it was just some wheezing that just wont go away. the doc was shocked that i still managed to go work and only visited him later at night when the condition got so bad. i still managed to make tortise steps to meet boss for an interview with this potential new person in orchard! *laughs* i just remembered the doctor telling me "my dear girl, you could've died if you did not maintain your breath you know?" . i just sat there. looking somewhat stunned. *gulps*

    i have been persuaded to stay home and now im just plain bored. muse had suggested for me to go under the sun, sit by the pool, and read my book. hmm. but i can't swim or do any excersise that will trigger the attack once again. wah lau eh. just so bored loh.

    *drums fingers on the desk and looking even more bored*
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Thursday, March 16

Fred You.

    so often i walked blindly. many times im lost and missed to see. so remember the time i have to free you are the one who kept me to beleive. it was so sad and teary. i did not see this but i sensed all similarities.

    all the harsh words. heart aches so badly. gritted and gripped. hanging on to me.

    background + tori amos
    cornflake girl
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Wednesday, March 15

Up In Kota Kinabalu

    Up In Kota Kinabalu, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    i did not edit to sharpen the picture a little. no time to crop or edit. it was low light and i insist with no flash. hmm. i like the composition, reminded me of the one and a half hour rocky ride up to KK mountain lunch and coffee with the breath taking scenic view while i had fun with my snapping skills. good memories come back to me.

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Saturday, March 4

Choice of a Happier Route or Not.

    today's tutorial was fruitful, her and i was glad that all is well. i just cant afford to fail anymore. i have not been performing well enough at work and i need to get back on track. preparations for the exams have been slow, and i need to speed up in order to catch up. my tight schedule is not helping at all.

    conclusions of the last meeting with the band gals and mr pan, march will be the time for us to hop back to the NTUC limelight fun. 2 nigths a week can be quite tedious, but it sure helps to pay my bills. im left with 500 buckeroos to stretch for the month since i just cleared 2 of my policies. seeing the SAM machine cleared 4 digits off my bank account just left me feeling helpless and pathetic.

    guess what. this is not the worst news yet. *forces a smile*

    i still have not settled my monthly bills.. all 4 of them, and i still have not made my contribution to mumsie. i have not been a very good gal for a very long time. sigh. despite all this, i have to stay positive. life goes on as we all know, and so the choice is mine to take the happier route. i will not summit to these negative surroundings thats testing my patience. >_<
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