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Thursday, August 28

    u got mail.

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    go to sleep
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Wednesday, August 27

    yesterday was the 1st day of the Gatsby show. it was quite a sight with all the super models and press and gays. it was such a relieve when i found out that all i have to do is stay pretty and glam in the Vip Lounge aka The Relax Room with free services provided like massage, manicure, make-up and hair styling. it was super duper bored but i have 6 long hrs to bear with. my only consolation would prob be able to ogle at the international models and stylish gays, but no boobies *sobs* walking in and out of the room.

    today, there'll be a new hairstylist. i hope i dun get tooo bored, but i will be visiting the manicurist for a free service. yay!

    ok, so bear with it. one more day, 6 more hours.

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    i will
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Saturday, August 23

    i stepped outta the train when i noticed i stupidly got onto the wrong side of the track to board the train. it was city hall's station and the crowd was buzzing from all directions, my company was skinDy complaining the whole world and pouring out her day over the phone. i had a huge blue all-in-one bag where i dump all my documents,books and camera that was hanging over my shoulder and pressing my mobile to my ear, straining to hear skinDy on the other end. when i stepped up to the escalator,i shifted myself comfortably to the left side and rested my hand(then holding my multi-purpose card holder) on the rubber handle i always love to scratch when i was young(haha). midway up to the station control, my card holder slipped and it dropped back down to basement 3 where i came from. it didn't get when i saw it slipped, it still didn't when i failed to find it, but i have to ask skinDy to hang up when even the security i approached was missing it. as i moved around frantically in search of my card holder, i was trying hard to recall what might have been important that was staying in it.

    i now have to go to the police station to report for my losses. my identity card, atm card, credit card(which i had already cancelled), ez link card(my public tranportation's card), my driving licsense, all clients and colleague's business cards and about a ten $10 notes.

    what a great weekend.

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    all i want
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Thursday, August 21

    olden/mordern transportations.

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    we never change
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Friday, August 15

    what's comming up :

    1) golf with tamarcus. *grins* my 2nd game!
    2) mummy pat for din din.
    3) VV with the gals tonight, im so excited!
    4) motorbike theory lessons tomorow. *mental note to bring jacket*
    5) din din with sistakinnies!
    6) photo sessions with comeone. *laughs* (you know who u are *points*)


    my splitting headache is killing me. its been days and i know i can't be popping panadols all the time. what to do, what to do? *tears hair*

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    special cases
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Thursday, August 14

    three words. simple, yet weighs a ton in my heart. the more one said it, the lesser its worth. i often asked "do people actually mean it everytime they said it?". i have doubts and insercurities. but i've never trusted these words before, i see them like an open door for pain to enter when one's vulnerable. i never allow any chance of that to happen. i was in such vitrolic state before.


    im glad that beautiful things have happened along the way. so it makes a more appreciative and happier me. its not how i am willing to accept these words now or how i longed for them to be heard, but now, i truely understand where i put myself and how i want to be appreaciated.

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Monday, August 11

    .Happy Tree Friends.
    ahaha! this cuddly animals whose daily adventures always end up going horribly wrong. no matter how innocently their day begins, it always ends in mayhem. traveling through picturesque settings and speaking in a kooky language all their own, the Happy Tree Friends never know what chaos lingers just around the bend. i especially like Milkin' It by the kleptomaniac raccoon brothers, Lifty & Shifty! also dun miss Eye Candy by the freckled-faced beaver, Toothy!

    ouch ouch Ouch!

    .Traffic Warnings.
    damn farny! from joel's!

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Saturday, August 9

    hey folks, it had a buzy week for me, so im being excused for my lack of updates? ahah, slacker me, full of excuses.


    today's mumsie's birthday! she never knew about my blog and so i'll save my birthday wishes till i see her in abit. trotted down to the mall to grab birthday prezzie with babyg for mumsie, hopped onto the bus and headed home to feed my poor kitty only to find out my bro-in-law had it taken care of *shrugs* , oh well.

    you know, i so feel like i need to rush to the toilet right now, but when u have ur kitty cuddling up to u on ur lap and making cutesy faces while he adjusted himself to nap comforfortably..well, i think i will still push him away and make my way to the toilet. Muahahaa! *turns to her cat* "sorry, wrong timing dude.."

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    nobody loves you
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Tuesday, August 5

    you know. i love my crazy bitches, always. if you wondered why..

    don't you dare steal any of my pics. you won't know wot i will & can do. trust me, you dun want to know. there's more, IF you're good.

    be good ok?

    *blows kisses*
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Monday, August 4

    three minute madness quicktime movie presented during the BD4D event, curated by Designforfreedom. The movie was created using still digital photographs and flash. the music was produced using Reason.

    .pegan poetry.
    one of my favourite gals.

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Sunday, August 3

    i saw a friend on the streets yesterday. she's not definitely who i considered as someone close, but that’s unimportant. i paused when recalled & recognized this familiar face who had passed me by and i stared at her as i silently slipped back into the crowds again. as i paced up and met up with my friend, i wondered & questioned how i had allowed myself to disconnect from the social world so subtlety.

    i’ve been hating myself and biting my lips almost everyday. i need to face some issues instead of shunning away from some of my clutter stress and seriously work on it. i feel so cowardly and so useless. i can’t help it but pray I can sleep better every night.


    you know what? i don’t even know what’s my point now. wotever.

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Friday, August 1

    found this from shirah, but wot the hell?! it even says i will die a day before my birthdate and will not live pass 51. *mutters*

    Happy Deathday!
    Your name:diana
    You will die on:Thursday, December 26, 2030
    You will die of:Skin Cancer
    Created by Quill

    WHY ME??
    coz those who are at a higher risk are those people who always burn, never tan, and are fair with red or blonde hair, green or blue eyes and freckles have a greater chance of developing skin cancer. i am NONE of them. also, heredity plays a major role in melanoma risk, which im quite certain there ain't no history of the above mentioned from my parents. *touch wood*

    oh well.

    i shouldn't even be bothered tho. *shrugs* what makes them think i will die at 51 and of skin cancer anw? hell.. then every DIANA should die of in a car accident since princess D did?

    so i found out i will NOT die of skin cancer, i feel like i had such a productive day today.

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