"dysfuctionally inspired"

Tuesday, February 28

Time to U-Turn

    *winces* splitting headache since this evening and i cant get to sleep. maybe i need some food. maybe something like dinner. i now regret. why didnt i eat the chips sammy boy offered. *pouts*

    ive got B for my assignment. so yay!! exams are near and i havent even started. *tears hair* so excuse me if i cancelled your appointment will ya? sick as i am, but i really like to work under stress. maybe i AM going bonkers.

    there will be some changes at work. *shrugs* all for the best i think. im keeping my fingers crossed. *nods to self*

    im keeping a very low profile for things i cant comprehand. i need to do self-reflecting and make plans for my better well being. i have not been loving myself. bad bad bad. *shakes head in disbelieve* what happened? i have only me myself and i for answers to such.

    i want to find that cheerier side of me, get the positive attitude in life back. i know i will do it. i miss so many things. i even miss fulfilling 4 trips a year, ive lost my tracks and almost lost me.
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Saturday, February 11

Facing It With The Right Attitude.

    i called in to cancel the 2 gigs tonight. thats bad. and here i am rushing like a crazy rabbit and hopping on the marketing materials for my soon to due assignment. i have not been myself lately, but i think i will cope fine. i cried and i survived, i did not die. phew.

    i want to thank those who were there to listen and even though it was only me ranting, i appreciate the time for me. nothing can stop me to take time to enjoy the breeze now. work will never be finished. the right attitude will survive.

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