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Wednesday, July 30

    day out, day loud.

    background + radiohead
    brush the cobwebs out of the sky
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Tuesday, July 29

    i miss my dog dearly. i want to bring her for a stroll in the park, see her run and race me, she would love it. i wanna cuddle with her lying on the grass and feel her licking my face always so happily.

    i miss J.C.

    background + dizzy gillespie
    they can't take that away from me
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Saturday, July 26

    oh well. so i guess im the slowest to post up pics for baybeats, but what the heck. its better than nothing. sorry for those who wanted to see the other bands'. its only astreal for here.

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Thursday, July 24

    more pics from little india.

    demple (its temple, but do it the with the tamil tone)

    elephants on pillars

    flower moon above my head

    tragedy of out dated movie posters

    primary colour windows

    shop a shop?


    background + portishead
    acid jazz and trip hop (remix)
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Tuesday, July 22

    Things You Would Never Know Without Chinese Swordsman Movies

    1. Being the hero's parents will always be unlucky and will usually be killed by enemies when the hero is young, and the
    hero will become an orphan.

    2. When a man is wounded and dying, he always manage to catch his breath and speak a few sentences to reveal the killer before dropping his head and declared dead.

    3. Skilled people are able to fly over roof tops, up trees and across distances without any sweat. But when travelling to towns and villages, they still have to walk or ride horses.

    4. The heroes need not have to work for money, but will always have gold and silvers with them to pay for their dishes.

    5. The heroes and villians will meet each other very often no matter how big the country is and no matter where they are.

    6. Healing internal wounds in the body is as easy as sitting down cross-legged, palms on the knees and smoke coming
    out from the head.

    7. They can keep a lot of stuff in their sleeves and waistband and never drop them (carrying especially lots of those gold
    and silver ingots).

    background + lisa ekdahl
    vem vet
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Sunday, July 20

    people have been annoying me a whole lot these days. rude ones, unreasonable ones, arrogant ones and especially impatient (or should it be kiasu-istic?) ones. i had been crude and sarcarstic to those who never seem to understand the simple instuction of PLEASE stand behind the yellow lines, or follow it. whats more irking, are those parents, who instead of educating their children to practice basic courteousy and applying safety rules, dragged the innocent child to the rush of the fucking kiasu-istic world. two encounters today, i had two aunties stared at me when i sarcarstically pointed to my two sistakinnies "WAH!, this auntie VERY in a rush hor?" *finger pointing at them to make them regconisable for the public*. they tried squeezing their big fat ass up the bus, pushing their way through with the my-feet's-in-front-of-urs-so-i-SHOULD-board-before-u kinda idiological theory while i shot them with this crude remarks. haha, the look on their face? PRICELESS.

    background + nightmare on wax
    wait a minute

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Friday, July 18

    finally found time to scan and upload the pics i took in little india 2 sundays ago. it was the 1st time i had ever stepped into an indian temple, it was visually satiable for both my eyes and the lens of our cameras. then we trotted down to desker road (a hang out place famous for transvestites) after alyee subtly hinted me *stealing quick glances at albert* that we should take a walk down (reason, "since we're nearby"). don't misunderstand..well, i never despise trannies and has been very open bout it, so maybe he wanted to visit his/her guy/gal friends (?). hokay, im sooo gonna get it from him soon.


    i call this multi purpose poles.(dun ask)

    just another day.

    double clicks.

    desker road.

    coffee break.

    background + nightmares on wax
    mind eye
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    by the way, there are some awesome news!

    12:30am night of 24th/morning of 25th July.
    arriving Northwest Airlines NW11 from NRT (Tokyo) to SIN (Dianaville).

    i am waiting.

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Monday, July 14

    i've been thinking alot these days. years back, i had my wisdom tooth extracted. yes, the left bottom of my jaw/gum had been through some very traumatised period before. *inserting her finger to the back of her mouth to lightly pats on it* poor gummy.

    but what is it that's so mind boggling now, is that its i have the painful swell somewhere at the back of my gum again. yes, its the that poor left bottom jaw/gum. since, there's no decay acting up on my wisdom tooth(since i've happily bidded goodbye to it in 1998), whatever's happening?? i've never heard of re-growth of wisdom tooth on the same spot before and i surely don't ever want to hear it now *gulps*. i so cannot comprehend this dilemma.


    background + miles davis
    so what
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Sunday, July 13

    .Virtua Pikey.
    flash fighting game.

    background + el playing her new SENTIMENTAL HITS ?!
    *gulps* BAAAAAAH!
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Friday, July 11

    he told me he had no money to pay up. then he went MIA since last week. when i dialled his no. yesterday, it was an overseas ringing tone. anyone has any contacts with the bomoh? maybe i should look for the voodoo dolls and make him see my pain too. i am totally played out by this modafooka sonofabitch. he's soooo getting on my nerves right now.


    background + nine inch nails
    the great below
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    some photos that i took at market's wedding. she's so pretty. i want her big dolly eyes and tall nose. but she has no brains, like babyg. coz they think they have big nose. u want short flat ones? wait till u get mine. heh. oh, where was i? arh..yes, she's so lovely and it made me ponder for abit, is there ever an ugly bride? will ppl still pour praises to her even if deep down, they'd judge differently? but ive never seen one before, so i wonder if all brides, as long as they're happy, will wear a kinda glow and will shine through ever where they go.

    funny why i wanna say this when im posting pix of newly weds now. i never trusted marriage, various reasons involved. not that i don't see happiness after it, but it is too much a risk to take. i admire those who'd took the BIG STEP, but im reserving mine for good (for now). i give my blessings to you my dear gal, and hope that he will still be the one that holds ur hand, till death do you part. *hugs*

    background + flip phillips
    love story
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Thursday, July 10

    .Comedy Clips.
    extracted from Lateshow with David Letterman. the "top ten things you don't wanna hear in a fast-food restaurant" was played during my visit to the show when i went NY in april! i like them all! these are some you dun wanna miss.

    "Biff At Yankees Spring Training 2003"
    "Biff Henderson Looks For Celebrities"
    "Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Jumping Out Of A Helicopter"
    "Biff Henderson With A Bullhorn"
    "Steve Martin and His Singing Balls"
    "Jerry Seinfeld Performs Stand-Up"
    "Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear While Shopping At The Gap"
    "Jim Carrey's New Year"

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Wednesday, July 9

    - edit -

    beautiful lyrics.

    "once you were my blue eyed prince
    waking love from an endless sleep
    you made all of my wishes come true
    turning all of my dreams into you

    turning and swirling and whirling 'round you again
    twirling and curling 'round you
    turning and burning and yearning for you again
    all my life with you"
    Turning- from Suzanne Ciani

    - end -

    there are just piles of things ahead that have been squeeling for my attention, waiting for me to act on them and accomplish it. i now truely understand the meaning of "work will never be finished". i have to regconise that there's always things awaiting for you to be touched on, heaps of problems arising from every possible senario, so now i have to go meditate on it and rejuvinate myself because i believe that preparing myself for the bad times will inevitably cultivate me to be a stronger warrior to battle whatever that comes.


    i met up with alyee on sunday at little india for some fun photo taking session! and he caught this swollen lip girl in his lomo!

    *fidgets fidgets*

    more will be comming up, can't wait till thur when we collect our photos! *beams*

    background + david arkenstone
    arwen and aragorn
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Thursday, July 3

    dated 2nd july...

    dragged lazy butt outta bed and prepared for work. Coffeeeeee......!

    frantically waved for a cab when kana shocked by my lateness

    mumbled my way into the showflat when i see not even i freakin soul was punctual and sobbed at my wasted cab fare.

    checked this,
    checked that.

    amused by the gossipers sharing uninteresting details and throwing evil laughters.
    blah blah blah, AH! bleh bleh bleh...(wookay,now im starting to suspect they're going go on and on forever.

    finally finished the uncompleted inventory list (finished 1st half of misery!) and happily trotting out of office. *jumps jumps*

    during tuition..

    zombified me + books and figures + patient sumathi.
    = my bed.. + toothpicks? + pretending to pay attention.

    cab down to customer's place to finish of some goobah mistakes i made last night.

    home at last!! but i still have to locate my babyg for ticketing problem.


    *stares at the clock now*

    background + tori amos
    conflake girl
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Wednesday, July 2

    .Acne Be Gone.
    hated acne? squeez'em! a damn disgusting game, but i foresee some getting obsessed with it. *wince* eewww~

    alyee took a shot of me on stage (drop the idea to spot me doode, chances are too slim *smirks*) while he visited me in the club last sunday. nice nice!

    aunty mary.. when you're happy, im happy. *did a jiggy dance*

    background + nightmare on wax
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