"dysfuctionally inspired"

Sunday, October 23

02 mini

    finally. you are mine.
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Wednesday, October 12


    I will be the last to wish. happy birthday boss!
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Monday, October 10

Happy 1st Anniversary.

    yes im back. the whole trip was great, being able to see my muse again is always the best news of the day, till i have to transit at brunei, alone for 3 hours, with a running nose, scratchy throat, and a slight fever. i almost couldnt get to work today too, ended up with bad wheezing that refuse to leave me in peace the whole of today, not fun at all.

    though ive only manage to hit 5 rolls of films, im glad i have photos to upload soon again. i didnt shoot much, but ive learnt to seek permission before taking pictures of people on the streets now, which is good if you wanna take close up shots. maybe next time, i will chat them up before the taking pictures of them, probably have a short write up or short stories that they've shared. sounds fun to me. *grins*

    happy 1st anniversary again. you are not here and i miss you so bloody much.
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