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Friday, February 29

Massage for lunch.

    *stretches* good massage/nap during lunch.

    class at 630-103pm. then another party night again. whao.

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Tuesday, February 26


    it sucks! (courtesy of joei)

    Singapore to hold their only concert in Asia! and i have to be away on the 27th. suckers.
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Monday, February 25

Stopping To Ponder.

    when do we stop to think? how does one reflect on things? when will you ever stop? thinking bout things that affect me (or how it might eventually affect how i think) is constant and i never need to stop to ponder since i never stop pondering. often, people ask if it can be bad to be a thinker too much and too often, but i refuse to define them yo be either good or bad (i believe there's always a two-way outcome outta of situation and the understanding of things may just help us win the battle of doubts.) what triggers your thought matters quite a bit and a problems will not be resolved by themselves without planning a solution. random thoughts can be harmless if we reflect on how and why it happen and how we feel we should've handled it in a manner that has lower risk of us feeling regretful later.

    its been awhile since i last have a good solid conversation about ethics or philosophy. an argument is always worth to be fought when the different ideas are shared and enlightenment can always be achieved both ways. bunny yearns to be interllectually challenged.
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Sunday, February 24


    this is nice. *smiles*

    take a chill pill. its sunday! wanted to go for a dip in the pool but we cant posilbly cramped everything in such tight schedule of less than 4hrs. this lil muse of mine wants to do some shoppa and hungry buny me is crying for food already.

    dinner with sisterkins at suntec. steamboat sounds good and oh, i just love sundays. don't we all?

    tra la la, fa la la.

    back ground + water drizzles from the showers.
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Thursday, February 21


    one more CNY's dinner tomorrow night. wtf? CNY is over! *rolls eyes* am prepared for the gambling session after dinner and heard from boss that the dinner is just a cover up for the games with bets (big stakes!) later in the night. im just sqeezing my fat butt in the list and hope to gather as much fun as i can get. tee hee.

    after entertainment dinner, i IS getting my much awaited entertainment myself! party tomorrow! omg. dancing all night long. i can hardly wait. *snaps fingers, taps feet* her man said that the DJ's amazing tomorrow (im no big fan of tribal music at all tho), but im just bringing my party mood and enjoying myself no matter what. i need a real good party tho, somewhere outta here, somewhere we can dance like there IS really no tomorrow.

    *wears party hat*

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Monday, February 18

Right Track , Wrong Track.

    am planning for a trip to hong kong. miss all that cantonese already. dim sum and shopping can be in my check list everyday i doubt i will OD from them anyway. *giggles* tix at budget airline looks good for now for the summer sale period. *taps finger on chin* should i?

    i have questions thrown at me for that thin line between what im in now and being IN a relationship. with much annoyance, i simply cant be bothered to argue or try to convince anyone anymore. seriously, i do not have to answer to every, single, one of them. lol. we chose our paths and we run our own tracks right? *smiles*

    fear of committement? nah. i normally have no fear for even the pandora's box, but am more than willing to try new things and anticipated what are the many suprises to come. but seriously, if not im not prepared to be IN a relationship, and am very much still enjoying every bit of my life, i don't see why i have to join "the norm" just so im not outcast being alone as a single. i am good and happy to stay where i am. pronto.

    so much that a whole lot of peeps couldn't fathom my insistant to keep my single status (which i am really not- im just being fair to the other party, that i can't commit during this transistional period of my life with work and school and hopefully work on more photo projects soon. i really want to stay alot more focus in my goals in life), im also in the confused zone - why MUST we make our companion our official partner. if thinking that having annouced to the world you have him/her being your official partner, is at least some kind of security to be in a manogamous relationship, that they wouldn't cheat on u, think again. you're absolutely on the wrong track in comparison to mine. *pats your back*

    with my situation, having a companion will be less complicating if i decided one day to drop all things and move on without apologizing that im wasting their time. it is mutual and agreed upon from the start and while we still enjoy each other's company, we still treasure the time spent and have dinner/movies/any other activities like any other couples. the only difference - which is the best part - is that we actually focus on being a good company and just not expect highly of how one should reciprocate and the thought of us having the possibility to end sometime soon would make us appreciate today more and make effort to make everyday beautiful untill we go on seperate paths. i do not have a boyfriend, pronto, BUT i do enjoy every day spent with my companion who makes me laugh and am able to share my tears and joy and yes, we can talk about everything under the sun too.

    if being single can still be happy like me, you prolly need to reflect on your relationship and think about what constitutes to being happy? we need to know whats the meaning in life, and you'll be amazed that the purpose in life is REALLY just as simple as that.
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Sunday, February 17


    in the month of feb, fabulous news awaits and as they were reeled out to me, i was escalated to somewhere cloud 9 already. shoooo good to receive happy news!

    im going to the F1 Grand Prix in September! wooooo hooooooooo! *waves arms and swings head* not that i know the alot about the F1 or not even close to being crazy with it, but its just amazing that i got the tix to witness such a fantastic event that will be held in singapore this coming sept. just, so, ACE.

    *screams* i sold 3 more prints! from inspiredeyes!! omg, i feel like i needa go to the temple or something to thank whomever, im so blessed or what what what?

    such FABULOUS FEBUARY this is.
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Friday, February 15

    valentine's day has been real nice to me last night. keeping it to a small and close group of friends i heart alot. 730pm for pax of 4 and venue :1827 restaurant, was picked in such rush but things unexpected always ended up a better suprise.

    trotted to work in the morning and texting the boys who made valentine's day all warm and fuzzy. love is all around, we just have to look a lil deeper within ourself.

    *tossing her afternoon tea to cheers for all the happy singles out there*
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Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day.

    spread the love! its valentine's day! so many things to celebrate for! reach out to those whom you've forgotten to share ur love with. i shall surprise mumsie with a text msg of love first thing in the morning. *giggles* i have also forcefully arranged for din din with people close to my heart and hermie has a firm stand to be at my top for now. *winks* we singles celebrate friendship! and tan tan has also willingly hop into our dinner plan which i've included babe yann and kelly cake to share hugs and kisses for this night to embrace love with celebration.

    im not forgetting to send more love msges reminder to my bitch gang bang since i can't be calling everyone of'em (ahem, that'll be good 15-16 girlies!). hmm. i should at least call both my sisterkinnies, mummy pat and teddy willy. *grins*

    i spread love and can also be your valentine. :D
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Wednesday, February 13

2008 - Quality And Not Quantity.

    Rainy Winter, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    so my new year has been good. some decisions have been promptly made and i am already organising and planning for some good and some unforseen-but-hopefully-positive list of events awaiting to make me a happier 2008 bunny. keeping my fingers crossed for all the good things coming.

    and my lesson learnt from 2007 - a pair of hands can only do so much and losing grasp of opportunities that are hard to come by might be a miss we regret and never have the chance to redeem back. pouring too many things into my cuppa will only result an average outcome and this year will be a year of quality, not quantity. slow and steady, i am watching my every step, leading a way of my very own, to a better bunny life. learning to let go will give a better grasp of what we have prioritised in our life. and taking great effort and careful steps to mould a better me, the achievement will then be fruitful.

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Monday, February 11

Trian Ride from Kusatsu.

    Trian Ride from Kusatsu., originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    one of the pictures that i took during my last trip to japan. still have loads to upload and not forgetting some better ones from the bali trip for the vanderbeek's wedding. i know, i am slow, and i apologize.

    this was taken on the way back from kusatsu and i was still excited going backt o tokyo with someone sickly and sweet. so much memories from the trip looking at these pictures. fond memories i must keep.

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Sunday, February 10

Still In a Very CNY Mood.

    girls crying in the cab. we see that alot or i think of it alot. the sorrows are so much brought in only when they have some time alone. the tears of joy not, we never wanna share this painful journey. what am i getting at? absolutely no freaking idea if u ask me. just random thoughts when i myself boarded the cab. just me being me i guess.

    i glanced at the taxi driver and started thinking what an interesting job they must have. the many stories to share everyday, or does it cause them to feel jaded by the random nonsense from the passengers they have to handle every day?

    its only cny's period that i get to see my granny as often as everyday for 3 consecutive days. i AM not complaining at all. her laughter is contagious and i love even her wrinkly face moe obvious since she laugh so damn lot. tee hee. somehow i know where i get my giggly genes from. *grins* loves family gathering altough this year i somehow shunned away from the usual questions of the boyfriend and marriage. phew. its not a god thing to be still collecting angbaos at this age of mine as well. sigh. well, albeit all this worries we single adults have to go through (its quite serious since i do have friends who'd rather miss the whole cny gathering altogether), i really still quite enjoy the good catch up my family and friends' family since its almost like once in a year that we get to it for 15days. :) not to forget the playing of cards with money involved - gambling issit? nah, just some more bonding by other means. :P

    hokay. time to go. esther's place today*rubs hand in glee* and off for another gig at downtown east.

    background + natalie imbruglia
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Thursday, February 7

Happy CNY!

    Happy Chinese New Year!!

    Fa La La Di La Di Daaaaah!
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Tuesday, February 5

Counting Down to Eveof CNY.

    ive been on holiday too much? im going bkk next month! was just last week when i came back from attending a wedding in bali?

    am i pampering too much?

    on the flipside, i had questions with regards to my focus this year and i am absolutely reluctant to but still in consideration to drop my part time distraction till school is over. i have been such a disppointment and i don't wanna feel depressed for being so unproductive.

    thanks for hermie, ive been reading alot of this astrology (not that i am all for these), but this particular sentance caught my very attention.

    "You are realistic, but highly ethical too, and any kind of promiscuity will turn you off, even if you are just dating your Aquarius."

    hokay. i needa prepare for bed. half day tomorrow. am shoooo happy it reunion dinner at granny's tomorrow.

    *throws confetti in red,pink and ornage* such auspicious colours!

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Sunday, February 3

To Learn and Re-learn - Motto of Year 2008.

    been thinking of doing some stuffs for this new fabulous year. tho not a great year for what most feng shui masters have predicted, this lil bunny me still is anticipating the good things coming her way, or even the bad falls and what she can learn out of it. a mistake make it only worth when there's a lesson learnt. what we must do when crisis hit is to learn from everybit of each of our own downfalls, its a year to pick up the pieces and read into the new perspectives, change what we must and rid those bad chi. *smiles*

    embrace a whole new year and living life to the max we must.

    i think this will be a marvelous new year for me. to learn and re-learn.
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