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Friday, September 29

First Mobile Blog!

    Mar-my got a new perm! Boing! Boing! Boing!
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Sunday, September 10


    P1010676, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    while the divers rigged up their gears and prepared for their dives. scurrying up and down and leaving footprints. i just sat there and snap.

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Tuesday, September 5

Life Before Death

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    it was taken before we left tioman last month. such poor souls were founded by us before they ended up on someone else's dinner table. brook coo coo kay. halleluah.

    oh yeah. finally. colour pics! more to come!
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Friday, September 1

Crazy Bunny With High Spirits.

    my spirits been up lately and im such a lucky froggy. amsterdam is 15 days away to be very exact *grins*, and i think it will be a good break for me. i have so many things in my list and still secretly hoping that i can squeeze in time for short course(s). crazy bunny me. how to hop hop with too many pops in my head? i wonder how much one will need to push the limit and see how she crashes. wont die lah. i think(?)

    i need to brush up my photography skills soon. has always wanted to try studio photography, but i dont have a dslr for the course. sigh sigh sigh. scratching my butt will help?

    school is starting very soon! im really excited about it! weeeeeee!

    background + stacy kent's
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