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Saturday, December 24

Merry Merry Christmas.

    first of all, click on this e-card from kellycake to me. so funny, so hokkien!

    we had our christmas dinner at sharon's last night and we had heaps of fun! the gals bought me this! for my birthday and the birthday card was the sweetest of'em all. making fun of D has always been the usuals and sharing the joys and loves has always been my favourite. oh oh, mummy pat is pregnant!! *jumps* merry merry christmas to you all!

    muse was behaving rude when we were at claudia's place for our christmas lunch and i really thought his comment was not appreciated. we decided to split just so i can have a merrier christmas eve. *shrugs* well, im at home and in peace. :)

    mery merry christmas to you all again. may all your wishes come true. *hugs*
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Friday, December 16

First Sight of Suzhou

    First Sight of Suzhou, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    my feet aches and my messy head is bumping along all ways.the weeks have passed by while i tripped and hopped, almost like a super funny bunny at a lost and still having quite a bit of fun.

    new office, new term, holidays, and more more joyous moments. *grins* it's all worth it and pay back for what you've done. be merry, feel merry, see merry.

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Wednesday, December 7

Finally Photo.

    one of the photos that ive finally uploaded from my shanghai trip. it was their national day and we were in suzhou. it was drizzling the whole day, and we really had a "chill" day. pun intended. always miss shanghai.

    im still contemplating if i should be down to zouk tomorrow. gosh. im never too old for anything, but i'll probably take my leave when they start to play the retro-ish. *winces* really not my thing. so just show face , shake shake a lil, and leave lah(?)

    my craves for spice just won't stop. *scratches head* so weird. because if you know me, you know im never a "chillie" person. never fail to impress self. me is always me. *laughs*

    background + autplum blossom (remix 03")
    li xiang-lan
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