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Monday, October 29

Explore Japan. Explore Self.

    am still contemplating my december trip. japan or not? i wanna experience a different culture and do alot of self reflect. think about me, myself, and i - what to achieve, what to expect, and lesser nonsense. narssisstic in a good way. how bout chucking my old habits and not to bring them back? *sniggers at self* i think my playfulness is def a keeper. reckon? *giggles* in hope to better myself and come back more than a tad inspired with such rich culture there - not enough to exlore in 7 days im sure. anyhow, happy bunny cant be happier to be utterly mezmorized by this amazingly creative lil part of the world.

    *drifts away in thoughts*

    but the weather! winter is no fun. my slight high body temperature = very low threshold of the cold. dont think thermal+thick sweater+jacket will help alot. damn. it migh just mean additional cost for a leather jacket i need to invest - which i shouldve, like EONS ago. *rolls eyes*

    so much that i last posted that i should curb my spending habits - correction : no splurging on the unecessary, but invest wisely.


    i need to spend so much. i am always not earning enough. grrrr.
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Sunday, October 28

Tokyo or India?

    one more paper to go and *punches fist in the air* 2 more terms to go. nothing beats the thought of chucking all these text boks aside and i can finally read books for leisure. how ace to have that extra 4 figures in your bank account every month. think - more holidays and savings!*blinks*

    im contemplating to upgrade my sony ericsson to this. *taps finger on chin* i have to curb my spending habits before it get way outta hand. wots next? tokyo trip or canon 40D with housing for my sipandan dive? prolly trade my long awaited camera for tokyo - india seem like a cheaper option.

    caught StarDust at 2am with herman and his peeps. romping sense of humour. fantasy i like too. ooh lovely chantel is lending me her easel - ive already spent 150buckeroos on my A2 folder and not adding the other costs for the fair. ouch for my already broke soul.

    P/S : monetary donates of all kinds are welcomed, with my wide open arms - can even throw in kisses and hugs (yes, i am so cheap for now). drop me a msg, and lemme know how do i contact/reach/get the money from u. i promise - ur donation will be painless and effortless.


    hokay. i should go prepare for my next paper.

    damn. hate these subejects!

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Saturday, October 27

Joyce's Bday @ Lunar

    wanted to ciao at 10ish and stayed till 1230am. unbelievable.
    now, i have a paper in about 5 hours time.
    nuff' said.
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Thursday, October 25

Like Escape Become The Destination.

    how one navigates through the bushes and found no one but herself to weep with the companion of trees so tall so hard to reach. i begin to question why put her in such atrociousness.

    dont we all ponder. dont we all fall.

    such a wonderful thing; an archenemy.

    how one challenges life and herself, kicked, painted, stumbled and fall. on the contrary, she deteriorates everytime her heart skipped a beat. when she come face to face with destiny. she knows. but only when you least expect. Like escape itself became the destination. when u reached, u get lost all over.

    the road is along here.

    here here.

    while we all have a choice. silly one never sighs.

    u simply pick up whats left and anticipate come what may.

    with hope, not with dispair.



    i actually have a paper in approximately 34hours time.


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Monday, October 22

Getai Hop Hop!

    phew. just came back from getai. as i told esther, the only reason why i accepted this gig is becoz i get to perform with them again. it was all good fun. (managed to take quick snaps with the gals) *winks*

    alrighty. *checks time* need to get ready for bed since work will resume in less than 8 hours away. lunch will be studying and will be trotting down to objectifs to discuss about the photo fair. let's hope i have more time to study after that! *winces*

    time is tight. i should pace up and watch my step!

    love the adrenaline rush. the world is never enough.

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Saturday, October 20

Wonderful Phase Of My Life.

    singlehood is a wonderful phase of one's life. you get more things done and it saves alot of my blood cells from the disorganized mankind, to make plans for holidays etc. i just pack my bag and go. pronto.

    well. on the brighter side at least. reckon?

    relationships bring joy and tears. running away from such is not me. its inevitable that love wil not always be beautiful, but i accept that they can be beautiful, just how we lay our eyes on it. but people whom i spoke to about topic of such knows my feet are stuck in this shit dirt and i have no idea how/when/why it happened to me - im not into marriage, just looking for the right daddy. hence, i have let go of some who don't seem to fit the bill *cringes* , it hurts me as much and i hate myself for being rational about this.

    although somehow i know there's this lil capricorn in me. loves to be loved and loves to feel in love. but i really dont wanna change what i have for now. thirst for drive and geting focused in life. i spread love to everyone and embrace love of all kind.

    i love life and i love you.
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Thursday, October 18

New Hair Cut!

    i stepped into toni and as usual *rolls eyes* rant to jan dearest how pathetic i look. yadda yadda yadda. and voolah! she laid her magical hands on my head and started working what she does best and within minutes, i became my love again. *wierd thoughts of how its like to be able to kiss self??*
    i love janice for numerous things. we have alot in common and i just found out she might just do photography to compliment her work. i love passionate people and she is more than just a talent. music! we're both performers and i still think its a pity we didn't get to work together when she had the time. we love to perform, its beyond monetary satisfaction. she even want to try and hook me up with agnes (somebody's wife), as i mentioned i wanna realy explore to see how much more i can improve on my vocal for english numbers. i smell a tinge of fun already. wee eee eee!
    after the school yesterday, ive finally decided to submit one of my photos of the ferris wheel to The Singapore Flyer photography competition for the fun of it, thanks emmeline and rest for the encouragement.
    wish me luck? *smiles*
    i wanna get this fabric laptop sleeves. i remember i almost bought it when i saw it at the raffles city months back with ej. i luuuuuuurve anything black and white and i think the black flora fits me goood. although i don't really know how to appreaciate (if u havent gotten me any flowers before, be glad ure spared from my screams IF ever i receive any) flowers, i still reveal some feminine touch of how to be girly.
    awwww. i wanna puke already.
    *laughs* but i really wanna get it. and i remember they have the sticker version for lappies. hmm. i'll just bring it to them tomorrow when i have the time.
    oops. bed time for me.
    *waves in a rush*
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Wednesday, October 17

October Fun.

    Scattering good and exciting news!

    1. Complete and submitted my photos for my 1st photobook! awww.

    patience is a virtue i have NOT. *giggles*

    although i do not feel that connected to my book tittle, i am happy for what has been completed. nw im sure my 2nd book will be better and ive promised myself to continue the project after this and to fufil my accomplishment with my very 1st photo project.


    2. i know its sounds crazy. albeit my exams and tons of work, ive registered for objectif's

    2nd Affordable Photo Fair!

    i really think its gonne be ace. at the same time, i get to showcase my works to new audience and increase my profile, even as a amatuer photographer. its a new level for me, and i get to learn about producing and marketing my works. i just love to look at the esppressions of my audience. wil they like it? i really wanna know what are my weaknesses and how to work around my strengths. be consistent, bold and look into and beyond images. we can never stop learning!


    3. i am going diving again!

    SIPADAN HERE I COME! wooooooo hoooooo! *punches fist in the air*

    this will be one of the best i reckon, coz its more than just diving! there'll be 2 evenings on underwater photography workshop, beach parties, 12 boat dives *jumps*..etc. its like a photographer's event and they even invited tony wu to be the speaker (am i will be flying with him *winks* . thanks aaron for lobang!)! my friend aaron is a fasion photographer and he takes breathtaking award winning underwater shots too. absolute gorgeous! go checkkit!


    4. halloween is coming! hmm. what am i?

    .Sneak Preview Here.

    *blows kisses*

    wadda ya think?


    need to work out my legs lah. *pinches cellulite*


    hokay. back to studies. exams soon!!


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Monday, October 15

Repeal It. 377A.COM

    Equality is a term is used by people of many disjointed political philosophies developed separately by political activists. This is about our societal view about gay lifestyles. Repealing the Act has one fundamental impact, it means that we accept the lifestyle as mainstream. Just like if we approve other behaviours like drug abuse. Do they hurt others? Yes and no, it is arguable. But it is clearly frowned upon by society at large. What does that say? It says it goes against the grain of our moral beliefs.

    Adultery is unequivocably sinful, as upheld in Christian conviction. Even with other major religious beliefs, it is deemed undoubtedly immoral. It has far-reaching social consequences which threaten our social fabric, but there is no legislation against it.

    So why this?

    The homosexual community is not trying to determine who is right and who is wrong, just basic recognition that they can live the lives they have chosen without prejudice or discrimination. Come'on people, what makes you think you're in any position to outcast anyone whom you deemed are "different" and "abnormal"??

    Morality refers to an ideal code of conduct, one which would be espoused in preference to alternatives by all rational people, under specified conditions. Therefore, if society considers gay lifestyle immoral, then it cannot approve of it in the laws which reflects our core beliefs. Unfortunately, this website is a reflection of a minority, who has great power over the sphere of media.

    Even IF homosexuals are a minority, the tyranny of the majority should not subjugate them. I am not one and I will not even think I am any different from anyone of them. The only agenda here is for homosexuals not to live under the shroud of a criminal offence, which Section 377A serves to enforce, for a life of their own free will, which does not concern anyone else.

    NOT EVEN YOU. *tsk tsk*

    Homophobes, racists and sexists live in the same sphere of pond scum! Help make this country better by signing the petition to repeal the irrelevant law! The only moral and just stand is to repeal 377a.

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Sunday, October 14

Blame the Media.

    Trey says: "The Netherlands are banning the sale of 'magic mushrooms' after a French woman died from jumping off a building after taking them."

    magic mushrooms

    Calls for a re-evaluation of the drug grew after a 17-year-old French girl jumped from a building after eating magic mushrooms during a school trip to Amsterdam in March.
    Other incidents involving the drug have included an Icelandic tourist jumping from a balcony and breaking both legs and a Danish tourist driving his car wildly through a camping ground, narrowly missing sleeping campers.
    "It's a shame, the media really blew this up into a big issue," said Chloe Collette, owner of the FullMoon shop, which sells magic mushrooms in Amsterdam.

    *jumps* I remember buying our stuffs from the FullMoon shop and it was also Chloe Collette who attended to us when we were in Amsterdam as well! Ahh, the good'ol days! *winks*

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Saturday, October 13

Naughty Bunny = Bad Student.

    wasted saturday and im still here typing away and not studying or doing any of my f**kin work. i should prolly pack my lappie and notes and leave the house because i seriously think i get more inspired to work with the buzz of this lil city as i warmed my seat with my still fat arse and caramel macchiato which i will prolly finished in 30mins time.


    *scramed off to the washroom*

    dammit. my menses came. argh.

    this - will only tell me 2 things:

    1. explanation to why i have been feelng wierd at his place earlier.

    2. no sex for the next 4 days! *growls*

    i am thinking of doing some travelling alone. though ive sold my canon *sobs* , im sure i can get my hands on something else and still have fun. hmm. diving trip or sightseeing? questions questions. wil go ask around for tips and advice. *rubs chin*

    hokay. so much for guilt feeling and still not working on my journal. i SHOULD really type at least some crap for a start. what the hell for Project Management? hmm..

    Technology Insertion -technology develeopment can be done with the project evolution..hence, kindly look up answer.com for queries with regards to this topic. . .

    whaha. i ought to be spank!

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Saturday, October 6

Life Turning On Me - Beautiful Way

    i raced like there was no tomorrow. live in the world of wonders. when was the last time i questioned. when was the last time i follow the flow. where were you when im in sorrow. i never need a shoulder to cry on, i never need anyone. maybe i want, maybe i desire. maybe the pace has created waves. we all procrastinates how life goes on, and we might end up chosing to live life with regrets. its all beautiful. embrace the unfirmiliar. it will be beautiful.

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