"dysfuctionally inspired"

Friday, January 30

    here was wot should be here yesterday morning. erm, don't get it? nevermind then.


    as i stepped on the travellator at Dhoby Ghaut yesterday, i was disturbed by the annoying drilling sound form the constuction. i hate noise in the morning, especially not after my yoga (sound of waterfalls and the gentle voice from my instructor, slow movements and breathing..hmm.). then there was the pre-recorded announcement of the trains. i closed my eyes as i stopped at the escalator..argh..all the noise! pain in my ears!

    the mornings had been cold and i wish we can practice greeting people on the streets "good morning", smile and carry on our paths but with a warmer day to begin with. you can make it happen, you know?

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    i concentrate on you
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Sunday, January 25

    its a beaultiful day today even though i :

    1) had overspent (cab fares + expensive lunch + gambled away some money during visiting),
    2) had clumsily banged my head against the wall while i rushed to the toilet (its a glass wall),
    3) know im gonna be dead beat tomorow coz i need to be up and prepared by 545am for work and im still here typing away.

    its been raining the whole day. isnt it beautiful and nice out there? so cooling and breezy out there. if only i can cuddle and be warm and fuzzy, my life is all worth while..

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    i like u, you're nice
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Saturday, January 17

    i am so unbelievable. on wed, we started our spring cleaning. to date, my messy room is still living up to its name and WORSE! coz ive did the part one of spring cleaning (that is to dig out all the bits and pieces and trash out all the unnecessary schtuffs),


    now i have all the things that have been living with me for some good ol' years all over my room. *whines* this is shit, and its so not fun.

    *stacks* *discards* *wipes*

    *shift here, shift there*

    argh!!! *stares at the pile of junk* when am i going to finish it ?!?

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    where do i begin
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Monday, January 12

    here are some of the new year pics from hong kong, did i tell u i miss hk? i miss it that piece of heaven so much.

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Wednesday, January 7

    i started my new year with fever, flu and muscle aches, and now i lost $103(!!!!!!!) on my 1st majong game of year 2004. *sigh*

    so, i think i will have a smoother year ahead since i started it rough(life is all about bitter and sweet right? i had tasted the bitter part of life 1st and WILL enjoy life later right?). erm.. yes (?)

    *waves hands above head excitedly and cheers* YES! YES! YES!

    u know what?

    i think im pathetic.
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