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Wednesday, January 24

MangoSearch.com - Get Listed For Free!

    heya all!

    my Ex boss created this website which allows anyone to post a classifieds ad free-of-charge!

    from 1st February 2007 to 30th April 2007, one $5 Starbucks voucher to be won daily for those who post! To sweeten the deal, if your ad is the top in the numbers of unique views every month, you will win yourself a free $100 voucher from Robinsons, Courts or Zara!

    spread the word! Come on, its effortless! There are a few ways to do it -

    1. pass this message around (cut & paste to all good friends) *nods*

    2. Put it on your blogs - blogspot, xanga, friendster blog *points to current post*

    3. put it on your friendster bulletin (i did!)

    4. Tell it to your friends and family members, especially those who wanna sell his/her stuffs. hey its good info!

    He's going to print out 100 MangoSearch t-shirt and if you like one, do message me!

    Diana Bunny
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Sunday, January 21


    .Who's Fish?.
    the question is-- who owns the fish? this brainteaser, reportedly written by Einstein is difficult and Einstein said that 98% of the people in the world could not figure it out. Which percentage are you in?

    There are five houses in a row in different colors. In each house lives a person with a different nationality. The five owners drink a different drink, smoke a different brand of cigar and keep a different pet, one of which is a Walleye Pike.

    try and see if you're the smart ass. muahah.

    .Hoff Soap.
    Think the ladies should have this? *winks*

    background + Canon in D major
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Wednesday, January 17

Zubbling Wanted.

    coloured bubbles!?! how much more visuals and fun are there! zubbles work just like ordinary blowing bubbles, but come in rich, vibrant
    colors that are nearly opaque
    . A world's first, the colored bubbles are the result of 10 years of kitchen sink experiments. i want want want!

    *stomps feet*
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Monday, January 8

Me, My Money and Waving Goodbye.


    well, thats what i ONLY do in this little virtual part of my life. coz people has been telling me that ive been dealing with this quite positively. what can i do about it? i just laughed it off and its an expensive lesson to learn from.

    i LOST my pay, in CASH last night. and to date, the status of my report is still to no avail. its more than 1k. you know? its stabbed right through my pocket and really manange to whizzle its way up to my achy breaky heart. ouch.

    *adds gruffly tone and narrows eyes* you lucky bastard.. i have bills unpaid, debts uncleared and insurance payment due. im lucky that ive still been cool about it.

    *inserts growling voice*

    *fakes crying*

    background + seinfeld's opening theme (show is starting soon!)
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