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Tuesday, August 14

Visit To Our SIngapore Bontanical Garden.

    last sunday lunch and hung out at our singapore botanical garden. we already miss the lunch we had at Halia Restaurant at the ginger garden already (oh, we even received excellent service from Ryduan. adds more points to the day!). must do it again soon. walked and snapped abit and park ourselves under the shade near the stage where they played very lil mix of jazz and some pop and alternatives at the background, wierd mix, but we're not complaining at all. *smiles* took out Boogle which we bought last week and i had fun winning somebody hands down. tsk tsk. i thought i was average boogle player, he just made my day bestest. we snacked strawberries and grapes, good for our dehydrated selves.
    did some referencing at borders for photo projects and i really cant wait to start working on some already. it has been a good month so far and i always love term break. uploaded all my pics from bkk and amsterdam from last sept. its gonna be LOTS of work, lets hope u dont have to wait another 3 months.
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Thursday, August 9

Bangkok Highway

    Bangkok Highway, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    heading to the airport to go back to SIN. i already miss bangkok. highways link roads and lead you to places you sometimes wish you'll never reach. many times we plan our route, just like our life, but when you're finally there, you might never feel like what you've expect it to be.

    ive been on a hiatus for the same o'reason im really ashame of my inability to cope with school and work and my performances. exams are finally over, so before i get excited with stress for school next term (which is in less than a month's time), meanwhile i am reflecting what i wanna achieve by the year end (which is in less than 5 months!). no time to waste, need to prioritise and gather how should go about making them happen. one by one. woo. power rush is making me estatic already. *grins*

    as he've already moved on, i followed up and left his heart. i wasn't hurrying, but he wants me to get out quick i guess. men moved on faster than women. i just know how to freeze certain part of my mind coneveniently. not think and just walk. not that difficult really, but that dosent make me stronger. im just too rationalised sometimes and as ive told ej, i hated this part of me.

    i dont always like to walk alone. u know. *smiles*

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