"dysfuctionally inspired"

Monday, March 29

    i'd not been sleeping well. less than 7hrs since i departed for dayang on fri. this is one of the reasons why i am juggling 3 jobs at the same time, whenever i started to rest my feet and have some fun, i forgot how to rest and sleep. i tried (i swear), shutting my eyes, trying to slep but ended up tossing and turning in bed for like hrs and resorted to coffee the next morning. panda, is my name for now i call myself. *turns and stares at mirror* can u believe it, i am STILL awake at this hour. i had never failed to impress/astound/self torture (whatever u call it) myself, even to this point, and sometimes, it stinks to be this me.

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Friday, March 26

    torn and tattered.

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    and she close her eyes
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Monday, March 22

    so, we finally finished our scuba pool lessons, all in a days work. phew. im so looking forward to my 1st diving trip this friday. *grits teeth*

    dayang, dayang, wait for me!

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    benen i kors
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Friday, March 19

    eversince i last spoke to ck, alot went through my mind lately. focus, and everything will be alright. not the results, but what i would be proud of and wanted to be reminded of, the beautiful memories i will pick up along the way, so when i aged, i can tell the kids amazing stories just like how the movie- Big Fish tells it.

    little cantonese speaking companies

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    conflake girl
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Tuesday, March 16


    i went to SIR buliding to make an IC replacement and they told me since its the 4th time that ive lost it, i have to go for an interview for investigation. they even asked if i can recall how it happened the first 3 times. errr.. the 3rd time was like 7years ago, and i have absoutely no grasp of even a flash of memory of the accident. how can i remember the 1st two times?

    ive paid for $300 for the last replcement. i feel broke already. *whines*


    oh, i got this link from murmurs babe.

    cursor and greeting cards.
    too much of william hung for u?

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Saturday, March 13

    .trojan games.
    thanks vince for this amazing pelvic power lifting record found.

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Thursday, March 11

    hiding corner

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Wednesday, March 10

    my cat walked into my room, stopped when our eyes met, later, drifted to its own thoughts and strolled back towards my mum and sis' room for some attention. this happens alot and i'm begginning to suspect that he only walks in expecting anyone elsebut just not me. *drumming fingers on desk* i don't think..hmm..should reprimand him for his no respect in me? his rightful owner? whoa, maybe this fever is getting to me a little.

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Monday, March 8

    just recieved my orders from gin! four cds all stack on my desk. so u know what my speakers sings tonight. *winks*
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Wednesday, March 3

    i walked around the house wearing an over sized t-shirt and sang to the walls whom im not even sure if they appreciated me at all. but still, i did songs after songs. that's life(isin't it?). i have no words for u, but if u ring me, i might sing u a tune too.

    crossed wires
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Monday, March 1

    Jesuit College of St. Paul's- Macau

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    the moment you said yes
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