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Thursday, March 31

Chapter of a Mistaken Love

    im having a bad throat, my voice is coarse and ive not spoken for hours and i still have to answer to silly remarks after someone took a peek to wot ive just wrote. pfft. hokay, i meant i cant hold a decent conversation long enough, or straining my vocal is not worth it for peeps like YOU. muahaha.


    i was sharing my views about marriage over lunch today. much as i dun believe in it, i dun seem to be able to comprehand those people out there, who vowed, shared, and produced their fruit of love, all in the name of LUURVVE, while they broke it up so disgustingly easy, thinking its A MISTAKE they've made. know wot? i'm reading about divorce and how it made the man in the book see true love after that. love that runs in the family (his dad, mom and his son), and of course, a new love with that somebody who made him realised how he wouldve missed this "one" if he didn't fail it the 1st time. at some point, looking at things positively is the brightest thing one should practice, but purrrleeeease.. don't suggest consolation for the mistakes you've made. *coughs* only weaklings replace excuses to compensate for their guilt. just when i finished the book during the journey back home, i was told that a man had decided to finally returned home for some settlement with his ex-wife-to-be. another bad chapter from my muse's friend. *shrugs*

    these sad stories just dun make me cry. ive lost my patience for weaklings who got away and thinking it's just a bad episode in their life.
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Sunday, March 27

Where are all the Fun?

    i was just sending text messages to joyce and telling her how much i miss clubbing. all the music, boozes, dancing and laughters. i miss them all. after we're done messaging, i sat there, wondering what had been wrong. i've stopped organizing or participating these fun events with the gals for ages.

    i miss the days where we hung out weekly for dinners and drinks or even karaoke sessions, catching up and bothering to know whats going on these days.

    what happened?

    *bites lips*

    background + random boring chill out music from the radio station that i have yet to gather enough energy through my laziness to switch it off. *sigh*
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Tuesday, March 15

I'm Back For All My Love.

    I'm back. *smiles* Thanks everyone for all the love and concern, it's people like you who made my whole always a better place than others. Thank you sweeters, you've been the best and standing by me while i rant and rave and gone all crazy. You've outdone yourself and blown away all my defenses. Patience is a virtue and I want to believe you're my miracle.

    I'm fine now. Smiling more frequently and making wary steps towards sanity. *breathes* Oh yeh, I wonder if I'm going low on my blood pressure again or am I just lagging behind for the pro-longed insufficient rest I've accumulated over the months, because I just can't comprehand with the constant sleepiness that's been hitting my daily routines to the high. Depending on the supplements that promised to boost my energy level is just wholesome shit man. My physical self has been deteriorating and I NEED to work my butt out again. *stares at bulging tummy* Sometime, somehow, someday, sigh..some lazy-bum-ass me. *shaking head in dissapproval*

    On a brightest side of ALL things. I should be departing to "krup-koon-kar" tomorrow. Woo hoo....!

    *prancing genie smiling silly*

    Background + the white stripes
    the hardest button to button
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