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Thursday, July 12

Life's a Rush - CBD district

    ej and i wanted to do a photo project and we just grabbed our cams (we decided to swap our cams for fun, him toying with my lubitel medium format while i got his nikon FM10) while he trotted down to raffles place during my lunch hour for an hour of snappy snap snap. 30 exposure in less than an hour, pretty snappy (pun intended), although we werent please with the pics, we pretty much had snappy fun still.

    life's been rough and work can get quite anal at times. *shrugs* bitching about it after work kinda let relieve and im just <-this-> close to really look out for opportunities. im sure i can withstand the negative energy and how it obstruct my learning ability. its just to much too often i keep asking myself if its even worth it? damn the school fees and rent to come. i feel like a slave for money and shit darn sucky to be stuck here with nice anal people. i want to like people again. tell me off when i screw up at work, i respect and thank u for still willing to show me attention and allow improvement. but why prick on my personal life?

    stress. a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense. the tension can get so high its like OD in a really emo way. learn to cope it, deal with it. i just tell myself how life will still carry on tomorrow, and a better day is what i should look forward to. life is always easy, if you learn to look at it the positive way. *smiles*

    whats the rush in life? stop and breathe and wave tomorrow goodbye.

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