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Sunday, June 29

old women NOT.

    gig last night was fun and short, but i managed to do quick catch up with my two favourite people from the entertainment industry in between breaks, but pity we didnt manage to get some nice shots for last night was one of those "fat moments" and peeking the after shot was very demoralising. so, time for my diet soon (i know, its like on going for like, *gulps* forever), and yes, we can never quite be contended. :P

    manage to catch some sun yester noon with muse at the pool, and im in hope he is keen for some km8 la'er. *winks* (reminder : get extra PSP battery for flight [Grey's Anatomy!!])

    btw, a feeling of weight has been on me again.

    mmm. you know when you realised theres nothing exciting in your life now. :(

    i remember just last year, my schedules were tight with school, work, activities, short course, gigs, photo projects etc etc, and now i complain that i am living like an old women, who never plan for things and always looking forward to the weekends and holidays to chillaxing and rest. although like now, i can blog/chat with several peeps/shopping online and doing some research or reading on stuffs (super multi tasking), i really think i should get a life outta my comfy cocoon soon.

    during the convo yester while i was enjoying my chicken breast with eggs and berries salad (yum leh!) at our ususl breakfast place (our brunch actually), i was running a list of courses and activities that i can take up again. diving is defo on the top of my list, and i would like to explore on my holistic side and see there are any reiki course (mmm. maybe even a massage course!) relevant available, and by end july, will hope to explore on a new photo project and lets see if i gather help and get some things organised. with a million of things in my pea brain, i really hope it does not explode with too many in my basket again, so now i needa plan, prioritize and get connected again.

    *clasps hands*

    life is great when you have properly plan things ahead.

    background + dance department
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Friday, June 27

Hiroe Kobayash

    Hiroe Kobayash photographs visual poetry.

    she said that photography performed from the heart captures the truth. her work on flowers i feel so strongly over. (more here.)
    and they took my heart away. .

    with love,

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A Perfect Light

    my friend aaron did a photo shoot for Sony and they have finally launch it.

    always love his underwater photography (speaking of which, i should nudge him for a dive soon *smiles*), love to be inspired.


    .A Perfect Light.


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Thursday, June 26

Pop corn with cell phones : made by Cardo Systems

    received this email from someone and i still don't believe it. :P

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Wednesday, June 25

Spreading good energy.

    been reading alot about Reiki lately. a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. it is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive (being high on "energy", we are more capable of being happy and healthy and vise versa). however, neither the existence of ki nor any mechanism for its manipulation are scientifically accepted, and the evidence base does not support the efficacy of reiki or its recommendation for use in treatment. mmmmm.

    well, while i contemplate on the pending decision, i thought its good to share what Reiki teachers and practitioners aim to abide by ;
    these five principles, one translation of which is:
    "The secret method of inviting good fortune.
    The marvelous medicine for all sickness
    Just for today:
    Do not be angry
    Do not worry
    Be grateful
    Work with integrity
    Be kind to others.

    every morning and every night, sit in the Gassho position (hands held palm-to-palm. learn more bout the other 5 positions too if you're keen) and speak these words out loud in your heart. while Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. it has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki. in fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not, which im quite skeptical about, but nonetheless, its good to know and to spread positive "chi" (even without attending Reiki courses), since it can never be a bad thing really.

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Monday, June 23

Online bookstore with a voyeuristic twist

    Shoppers at BookRabbit can upload photos of their bookshelves for viewing by the community at large, fostering comparison, interaction and -- you guessed it -- more shopping.
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Inspiredeyes Updated.

    i remember this being my first sale of the day from the photofair last year. i need to snap soon.

    btw, some more pics up here.


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Sunday, June 22


    Dear Diana Chung

    Your order, 21806XXX, has been shipped out on 06-20-2008. The USPS Tracking No. for your order is EC500201XXXUS. Please go to http://www.usps.com to see the status of your order.

    To view your order details, please check under My Account at www.forever21.com.

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at mailto:online@forever21.com or call us at 1-888-494-EVER.

    Thank you for shopping at Forever 21.

    Best regards,

    Forever 21


    happy bunnnnnny!
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Saturday, June 21


    gisele bündchen is writhing on the sheets of a bed in one of those airplane-hangar-sized New York City photography studios. now I’m not a huge fan of Gisele’s visage, but she does have one of the most rocking bodies I’ve ever seen (yeah, you prolly have a higher chance catching me oogling at women than a men. that must be a known already if you know me. *winks*)

    beware for it's hot hOT HOT.

    youtube doesn't have the high res video, so for an ultimate eggsellent viewing pleasure for all my avid readers, please go here.

    there's no need to thank me really, although it would be nice. muahaha.

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Friday, June 20

Happy Rainy Friday.

    last work day of the week and most would've come to work drenched from the pouring rain at rise today. i was smiling and strutting to my usual breakfast place, beautiful rain ain't it?
    makes me a happier worker today. =)

    lunch was dedicated to my sisterkin because she has a blood clot growing in her overies. all should be well, love is all around. love the love in the family.

    *loves hugs loves*

    nothing beats a good laugh to end the hectic work day. and i have a date with him tonight.

    so please don't mess with my Zohan tonight. tee hee.
    happy friday! *grins*
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Thursday, June 19

Forever a women.

    i am USD$200 poorer from lunch today.

    too find out why, go here.

    now im not sure if i feel more depressed because i wasted money shopping or excite! upon receiving my purchases.

    so much for saving up. *tsk at self*

    sorry, but my name is women too.

    hur hur.
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Tuesday, June 17

3 Big-O to a beautiful day.

    while the flu bug has come and gone, bunny has already been too eager to have fun and frolics with every step she makes even before the clock strikes for full recovery. good vibes and the positive energy have indeed been great remedies for recuperation and that thing we call love(?) has never ever been underated and never siezes to amaze most. *winks*


    to start off a very beautiful day, 3 orgasms at the early rise today is all we need for one to hop in at work with a not only a happy face, but all that zest to last the day. lol.


    well. thats enough for now.
    *blows kisses*
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Sunday, June 15

We ARE Our Very Own Motivator.

    Đ says:
    u know

    Đ says:
    its suprising

    Đ says:
    that how ended up being a broker now

    Đ says:
    and i still have to face these issues about how to "manage" the team

    Đ says:

    Đ says:
    i left my previous job becos i dun really like management

    Đ says:
    not my cuppa tea

    Đ says:
    and now, look where i am?

    Đ says:
    back to square one

    Đ says:

    Đ says:
    hey i suddenly got something i think. mmmmm...

    Đ says:
    you know how ppl say that im sucha positive person?

    Đ says:
    and very motivational

    Đ says:
    actually, i dun really have to look at "management" per se

    Đ says:
    but how to bring the team together as a team and not as how "i", "i" and "i" want to make the team work

    Đ says:
    lol. i actually i inspired myself while i chat with u

    Đ says:

    Đ says:
    amazing. now i should still say thank you eh? LOL.
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Saturday, June 14

DIY-ing Beach Wears.

    haha. so i found one of my new bikinis that i bought last week (and this is the less yummy one!) and thought i upload here to whet your taste bud abit. keke. i reckon it will look fabulous with my golden tan from ibiza really. although mia insisted i should have a nice tan here and flaunt my good skin colour when we are there. wOooOoOo.. too bad, i couldn't find my other buy which i got, really a delish that piece. grrr.

    and im thinking to cut back some cost (ive been splurging even before the trip!) and head down to arab street or even spotlight for some material shopping and DIY something like this (so i can parade around with my cover up and still look fantabulous without baring too much (fats). if we can't afford to pay all the time to look good, im sure we can still walk that extra mile to make it happen. muahha. im even thinking of bling-ing them up! cyrstalize it maybe? mmm. just had an idea to sew some chiffon onto my sequine belts as skirts. omg i can be such a genius sometimes. :P. well see! *taps finger on chin pouting*

    muse came up to me today and said "4 more weeks to go!", its 6weeks to go to be exact, but what the heck.

    very excite!
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Nine Inch Nails - Me, I'm Not live in Europe Aug 2007

    "as a thank you to our fans for your continued support, we are giving away the new nine inch nails album one hundred percent free, exclusively via nin.com.

    the music is available in a variety of formats including high-quality MP3, FLAC or M4A lossless at CD quality and even higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE. your link will include all options - all free. all downloads include a PDF with artwork and credits.

    for those of you interested in physical products, fear not. we plan to make a version of this release available on CD and vinyl in july. details coming soon.

    enter your email address-
    your download link will be sent to this email, so please ensure it is a valid address. this will be kept confidential and never used for spam."

    go http://theslip.nin.com

    fuck'n awesome they are.

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Thursday, June 12

New Feed.

    - an international photography website dedicated to continuing the tradition of storytelling through a visual medium - this includes documentary, photojournalism, street and portraiture in the form of galleries and multimedia pieces.

    (new addition to my photography link feeds)

    chekkit. *snaps (with pun)*
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Ipod vs PSP.

    i love my psp.


    she hates her ipod.

    nuff said.
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Wednesday, June 11

Feverish Bunny.

    my health has not been the best and i was even on a half day after my visit to the doc during lunch yesterday.

    must drink barrels of water!

    and to brighten up my groggy day, i met mia for some theraputic session. >,<

    to sum it up , i bought two more bikinis for my ibiza trip. *slurps* i was even drooling at myself, because one of them was too sexy to be missed.

    i DID feel much better after those shoppa hopa and followed by a 2 hour power nap before dinner. tee hee hee.

    im so full of nonsense i know. lol.
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Monday, June 9

Quotes of the Day.

    couple of quotes that i wanna share.

    ""I aspire to inspire before I expire.""
    Author (Unknown) Submitted by Haley

    and i thought this is quite funny. :)

    "Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded."
    -Yogi Berra-

    favourite quote day. *grins*

    "We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same"
    -Carlos Castaneda-

    I CONCUR. tee hee. brighten up!
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Sunday, June 8

Jie Jie and Junior

    this was taken sometime back when we went for our family trip in bangkok sometime last year. the duo were eager to get in touch with the world on the other side once we touched down to bkk. i took some snaps and couldn't help but wonder, how we all have become victims of technologies.

    feeling dodgy on a scale of 7 out of 10. zouk last night and hung out at the pool till 6am. we must be mad. i rem the sun was up when i went to bed this morning, yeah, we crawled back to bed in the most patheitc way you can imagine. almost delirious. partying like no tomorrow can be as good as dead the day after. i asked myself if i will do it again, but being a big kid as my bunny self i really don't see why life can't be as crazy and fun. :P


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Saturday, June 7

Tonal Moods.

    busy gadget bee bunny me (omg im sucha oxymoron?) is going through the list of music and its striked me that the idea of photos in the form of tonal music can be good to explore. ideas need re-creation, reasearch enhances knowledge and i will see if i can do the magic in my head and through my lens, with the company of a selection of musics i want to work with.

    let it roll. let it roll.



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Friday, June 6

Adopt-a-designer program for crowdfunded fashion

    Catwalk Genius

    catwalk genius features fashion and accessories from independent designers. through Adopt a Designer, supporters of a participating designer can buy shares (or "elements," as it calls them) in their work for EUR 14—plus a EUR 1 processing fee—in the hope of sharing in future profits. once 5,000 such elements have been sold, the designer is given the resulting EUR 70,000 to create a new collection within 6 months. in the meantime, supporters receive a limited edition piece created exclusively for them by the designer. when new collection launches, all profits from its sale are split equally among the designer, the supporters and Catwalk Genius. if the collection sells out, a tidy profit goes to the designer's supporters, who can also sign up for Catwalk Genius's affiliate program and earn 10 percent of the profits from sales through ads on their personal web pages. by the Adopt a Designer program's mid-April launch, 50 designers had already signed up.

    cool. and i saw these delicious dresses with a nice price tag! they are designers dresses for a steal!



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Thursday, June 5

Random thoughts.

    as i was at a hawker after work today for dinner, some where right opposite my office building for dinner. and to be at golden shoe during lunch hours, is never a pleasing experience with the mad lunch crowd, bad weather, and a very bad culture of seat reserving of tissue packets. *eyes rolling*


    with a cool breeze in the evening, the hawker has adjusted itself to a comfy, and (might i add) peaceful from the hustles and bustles from the day. i sat down with my nasi lemak (with an extra drumstick and ikan billies *yum*), and i pondered about something random, about the many things people can do, or have achieved in life.

    and like a boomerang effect, the question was thrown back at thou, but this time it returned with a slight differ from questions of the generalism. because it occurs to me, that questioning oneself, with the objective to be in comparison with another, is never a question about YOU, really. because it couldve subconsciously become a challenge to beat or to be in the list of people that other people would look up to you if you are even on par with. mmm. now do you see how you have questions about yourself that revolve about "the other people"? *smiles*

    implying that the answers in general to these type of questions, or even these questions of such lacks depth is not what i mean here, but i really wonder why do we always have to put ourselves in the field when we let other people set the benchmarks? competition is even more challenging when the competition is yourself , and the battle is ALWAYS a winning situation because you have prepared yourself to move to the next level to achieve better things than what you already have achieved.

    its not about what we can do or have done, but how we improve ourself to be who we really want ourselve to be. once this is crafted in you, you work on it at your own pace to excel and to study the process of development, rather than ticking the boxes hastily completing what you have in your to-do-list (while about half of the people in the globe shares about the same list im sure).

    more reasons to love yourself. :)
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Tuesday, June 3

This Week's NEW!

    new toy - i luuuuuuuuuuuurve my PSP!

    new look - egyptian girlie. pics will be up soon. :P

    new cravings - peabearry and prezel! *drools*

    new love - didn't i just mention PSP? o.O

    gotcha didn't i?

    so. whats new with you?

    tee heeeeee.
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Sunday, June 1

Fun (with Pun) Came When You Least Expected It.

    sunday breakfast with muse and ankush and the next thing we're hoping to sim lim to look at the erricsson K850 with 5 mega pixel muse thought i should get for our ibiza trip (to replace my trashy looking K800i and it can double up as a good camera phone for great clubbing snaps for the 10days in amnesia, space, pacha club etc etc..). THAT was the innocent thought, and practical for awhile because my trashy looking mobile i have was looking so bad, i found out the trade in will only cover $60 of a brand new K850 for $490.


    so i hesitated while we went on browsing about other things that we don't really need, like laptops?, laptop skins?, and finally got what he needs, a earpiece for his ipod.

    what happens later, happened all in 15mins after we walked into the last shop, and BAM! BAM! BAM!, we (rather more for him) became the proud owners of the below lists of pics.

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

    Wii Fit

    PSP Slim and Lite

    (P/S: i think it all started when i casually enquired about the PSP displays on one of the shops on the 1st level before we went for my coffee break. and later, made our way down to basement for the one last shop... )

    untill payment was made on the 15th minute (although i still insist that it could even be a mere 10mins), i was still in disbelieved, that he had gotten the PSP slim in the shopping bag (that was just brief enquiry for myself? *gasps*) , together with his WiiFit (which he later said he had wanted to get it all along *scratches head* ...? mmm..) and the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 game for his Wii set at home (which he haven't played eversince the last time he used the Wii game as an excuse to invite me over with ulterior motives for bonding and sex *LOL*. but it was a good move ok!! haha. because its better than getting me drunk, because i don't drink, but wait, i did! ok, but i wasnt drunk at all, and sex after wasn't regretted because "we were drunk and did silly things". mua ha ha if yes, then the glenfiddich he fed me must be like 1000yrs or something since we are still doing "silly things" and have fun at it after 8months. muahahaha.)!

    we trotted off with him laughing at my still puzzled face for how he had made me allowed him to get the PSP when everything else we bought (except for the earpiece) wasn't even the reason we went to Sim Lim for!

    now im home and having weeeeeeeeeeeeee fun with all our new gadgets, i am still astonished by the unexpectedly quick shopping ticks we had, all in 10mins.
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